Sun In Scorpio, Mercury in Sagittarius

LucyTo be is to do. -Socrates
To do is to be. -Plato
Do be do be do. -Sinatra

[an old Peanuts comic]Mercury is always within 28 degrees of the Sun. This puts it in sign with the Sun or one sign ahead or behind. This interesting relationship between the Sun and Mercury is indicative of the relatedness of their individual function. Generally the Sun is said to personify the ego and Mercury the senses, communication and the mind. How you take in information and process it has a lot to do with how you experience the world as an individual (ego). Expressing yourself, how can you communicate the personal without an ego, something to express? “Cogito ergo sum,” I think therefore I am, wrote Descartes.

Recently both the Sun and Mercury have been in Scorpio. The ego and the mind energy have been in concert, reserved, deeper, concerned with and oriented to things below the surface. Now with the Sun remaining in Scorpio as Mercury moves on to Sagittarius the energy begins to shift. The ego energy is still in fixed, enduring depth but the mind and the thought processes are picking up a fiery, mutable quality: truth, philosophy, blurting. The Sagittarian Mercury trend to speak “truth,” sometimes at great length and without provocation, is not always in tune with the Scorpionic trait of holding one’s ego cards close to the vest. It certainly is, however, in tune with taking what one learned (Mercury during its Scorpio transit), mulling it over internally and logging some illuminating philosophical truths.

Eventually the Sun joins Mercury in Sadge. That’s the time these mulled-over truths are likely to emerge, good-naturedly, mostly likely, but all over the place. Then the Sun hits Capricorn and gets serious, with Mercury still in jovial Sadge. And so it goes…

Do you see the cycle? The mind and ego travel together through the zodiac, not just in birth charts but in the sky, affecting daily energies. Each day’s energy is so powerful as to imprint a whole personality on a newborn baby. These same energies affect us as adults as well, to a much smaller degree of course, but they do. The Sun and Mercury traveling in revolving signs illuminates timely food for thought for each of us. Certainly it is in a very individual way, given our individual charts, but we we are all experiencing the same daily energy. The Sun shines on the just and the unjust alike, and Mercury tells its tale.

Are your Sun and Mercury in the same sign, or one sign ahead or behind? How does this blending express in who you are as an individual, even within your Sun sign?

11 thoughts on “Sun In Scorpio, Mercury in Sagittarius”

  1. Sun & Mercury in Libra…

    I notice that I am more consistent than others as far as what I say I will do and what I do.. I know myself a little better than others do. I am a strong & careful speaker, sorting out and considering viewpoints from all angles.

  2. I have the sun and mercury in Pisces and Mercury is my ruling planet. I love to go to bars and shoot the shit with the people there. I’ve learned so much. Mercury is a great planet.

    Her’s a quote for you!
    “When I’m good I’m very good but when I’m bad I’m better” – Mae West.

  3. sun in virgo, mercury in leo (and conjunct jupiter). i think it helps balance the virgo and gives me a taste for putting on a show sometimes.

  4. Cool I’ve never thought about it like this! My sun is in Taurus and my Mercury is one step ahead I guess, in Gemini. I often find that I figure out the truth behind things I’ve done, much after I’ve already done them…specifically noticed this in making art and sometimes the things I say. And I utilize this process to learn more about myself. Makes sense to tie the two together in that way…

  5. (((Satori))), While I knew that Mercury is always close to the Sun in people’s charts and that the majority have their Mercury in their Sun sign, I never knew about the “within 28 degrees” part. I don’t have Mercury in my Sun sign nor do some people close to me, and your post brought all this together in one light bulb Neptune smiling moment.

    Everyone has the horoscope they are meant to have and hence, the Leo Suns that think like Virgos and Capricorn Suns that think like Sag’s and when Mercury hits these planets by transits, well it’s all very interesting.

  6. “Each day’s energy is so powerful as to imprint a whole personality on a newborn baby…”

    We all know this, but when you say it your way @Satori, you always shine a whole nother light on things!

    Too cool =)

  7. Sun 12th cancer conjunct both mercury 12th and mars 1st. Come to realise quiet time very important to me. Had hearing problem 2yrs. Fainted this week. Saturn transit is square natal mercury. Progressed mercury 2 degrees off progressed Pluto. I wonder.

  8. Also gob almighty let loose yesterday. I’m now in hiding. Funny though and a relief after all this pining and brooding. See what happens now. 🙂

  9. My Gemini Sun and Mercury are conjunct in the 12th house. I guess I’m a beam of light shining through the morning fog 🙂

    I’m known for my unusual information. So who I am seen as, is tied to my mind.

  10. Sun and Mercury are in my Scorpio 10th H. Deep and closely held beliefs are mine. With Chiron up there with my ego and my thoughts, it’s those transits through and into Sag (that you described meaninfully!)that draw me up and out. Venus in the Sag 11th natally is my birthright JollyTime,turning on the light(en-upness) I need. Like you said, Satori, the energy of the charts is enough to imprint a signature … and then there is the new and every day energy to feather the ground/air/water a bit.

    Good perspective, Satori. Thank you.

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