Why Is Scorpio Repulsive?

Scorpio necklaceRaven asked on, How To Raise A Scorpio Child, “Why is Scorpio so repulsive?”

I’m not repulsed by Scorpio. I’m attracted. But I understand why this quality is associated with the sign.

It’s because Scorpio is magnetic. A lot of people don’t like that.   Legions of people don’t like it.

They don’t like that they’re attracted when they want to be detached.

They don’t the feelings that Pluto-types stir in them.

They don’t like showing up at a party, dressed to the nines…and being outdone by a small figure on the periphery of the room, wearing nothing special but garnering attention, just the same.

They don’t like that Scorpio will not be controlled.

What they really hate is when they kill you dead as a door nail – hit you with their best shot AND a mack truck…then find you’re up on your feet the next day, shopping in the mall.

It’s not the Scorpio that is repulsive. It’s the power.  It makes people feel weak and they just don’t like it.

They know their feelings are ugly. Their jealousy and such. It’s intense and uncomfortable, so they throw their shadow onto the Scorpio.

This doesn’t work…and this too is repulsive!

Why do you think Scorpio is repulsive?

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  1. I am one of those attracted to whatever it is that Scorpio brings. I have always gotten along with them, I think they are incredible individuals. I love magnetism and charisma! I want a deep connection with someone else; I despise superficial.

    Elsa, this is very helpful, especially because of my little Scorpio daughter, and possibly a little for myself with my Scorpio rising.

    1. Me too, I love them and get on with them but have to say the transformation everytime I’ve had a relationship with one just about kills me…

  2. In the movie Kundun, which chronicles the Dalai Lama’s exile, there is a scene in which the young Dalai Lama arrives at the mountainous border between Tibet and India. The border guard asks him, “Are you the Dalai Lama?” To which he replies: “I am like the moon’s reflection upon the lake. When you see me, and I try to be a good man, you see yourself.”

    Scorpio is calm water with hidden turbulence underneath. As I do my best to manage my own energy, find peace inside myself, I am also a mirror. We are all like that. (Perhaps Scorpio is just dealing with “more”?) We become mirrors for each other to be able to see ourselves clearly. So, if you come at me with self hate, guess what comes back at you. I don’t hate at all. When I was young and tried, it was too severely damaging, so I learned fast to not do that. I can’t help whether you have figured this out about life. And I can’t not be myself. (Uranus is the closest to my sun, conjunct by 2 degrees.) But, I do know that I do this to people. Often being kind and still loving them anyway makes it worse. Until they hit that rock bottom and need my help. And I will still be here.
    We are not separate. We are all of one heart. You only cause pain for yourself and others when you make assumptions otherwise. I am built to stand in that role- the one you hate but can’t get out of your mind, smiling and giving love from my heart to the homeless man in my neighborhood because we all deserve to be seen, fearless because I have been walking this edge between what makes sense and oblivion for long enough to know that life has inevitabilities like water finding its level. I am right there with you, linked, doing my own work internally to unwind the misunderstandings and false perception of reality that led us to this space together. Using my power for healing myself and thus us all from unnecessary knots and confusion. The further we extend out into unhealthy, imbalanced choices, the deeper people like me have to dig in to root us all. Like Elsa says here, the repulsion is a reflection. How else would life balance itself out but to show you what you are doing? What an amazing mechanism to help us make things real!

    1. Your post has helped me understand my Scorpio energy better than anything I’ve ever come across! Just wow. And thank you!

  3. Your deep understanding of Scorpio helps more than you know Elsa. Thank you for this. I couldn’t love this place and all its information more!

    All my life I had been at a loss as to why people either love me tremendously or hate my guts with a passion. The haters want to put me out. Out of commission altogether. And I have watched people around me work hard to kill me as dead as a person can be killed. Then, when I get back up and they are shocked, and wont even look me in the eye. (huh? I thought she was dead) Like I am a leper…avoid her…run! All this leaves me deeply hurt, then I am angry. But I am never angry first. Its always a secondary emotion.

    It hurts to have enemies. No one wants them. I want to get along and love people and give of myself and my time. I feel like I am here (alive and on this earth) to be of service. I have never had a mirror put up to my face before. This place is my mirror.

    But, here is the skinny… when I get attacked or geared up there is this energy within me that I work hard to contain. It’s in here… and I have had to work hard all my life to contain it. It’s a definite strong passionate energy that is mostly directed at good and right. But, the dark side of it is, I have to control my thoughts and my following actions when I feel deeply passionate about something because even though I am a tiny, slight, little person this energy is like a hell fire. And it cant be pointed at anything without careful thought. Its powerful. I am so careful. And its exhausting being in a position where you have to police your thoughts and feelings every minute of the day.

    I have never understood why I had to be born this way and feel these feelings that others don’t seem to have or understand. I watch people around me that are able to detach and pay little mind to children, elderly or animals abused while I am consumed with non stop thoughts about how to stop it. People who care little what they say or do to others. People who will walk all over anyone and leave their shoe print on their back.

    It seems to be something that others can see even though I have not said a word. They see it… like a bad suit. And I can feel them seeing it. Like as if they can see a look on my face or in my eyes and it is one to avoid. Don’t get too close to that stick of dynamite. That thing will kill you back. (in short, if you get close to her and take her lightly she will fuck you up) And, that hurts deeply.

    I don’t mean to have it, and I don’t want to have it. But its there and it always has been. The gift in it all is it helped me help my sisters when they were children. It held them up until they could hold themselves up. I was able to lend it when I was just a little child. It helped me as a single mother to raise two very strong men.

    The down side is that even though I am capable of being the best friend a person could ever have and I am willing to do whatever it takes to be that person… its just too much for most people. They want a light and breezy relationship and being with me is way too much for the faint of heart.

    It’s a curse in many ways. And it hurts. But pain makes Scorpio even stronger…so this thing is endless really.

    I was talking to my son one day about people and who is nice and who is not. I like to think of myself as a nice person. And my son says to me, you are not nice. I felt like a knife went though my chest. That was painful to hear and I didn’t want to continue the conversation as I have devoted my life to him. I have always lived for them (my kids) first.

    Two days later he called me and said he wanted to explain. He said I wouldn’t want another person as my mother and I meant it as a compliment. I didn’t mean to hurt you. You are my ninja beast. The person I call when the shit gets real. I know you can fix it. I know you can handle it…you can handle it all. You are stronger than my father, and you are stronger than my brother or my male friends. You are my warrior. I am sorry mom, you didn’t let me finish. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. When I said you weren’t nice its because I have watched you all my life…I have seen you in action. And I know…

    I could have taken it as a compliment but I didn’t. I am envious of people who are able to go through life being lighthearted and easy. I see them and I want to be them. They mingle with tons of people. They are the life of the party and have 50 people around them all the time. It looks fun. It looks so easy. They are smiling and laughing and enjoying everything while I am trying to unravel some injustice and fix it, or hold up one side of someone’s house.

    It’s exhausting and seems unfair at times…to be dealt all this. I have been told many times, why cant you just let it go… have a drink, go have some fun. How can I when there is so much work to be done?

    This came out of the mouth of my 30 year old son.

    1. Soup- Thank you for being you. You’re not alone in this. It makes me so happy knowing there is someone like you in the world raising good men that could potentially be in my daughter’s life. We could always throw a Scorpio party. That way there will be 50 people all around you talking and laughing lightly about the time they held up the side of a building and stared fear down!

    2. That’s so beautiful, I felt your pain. It feels good to see my story before me, I just feel nothing but love for you. I always wonder if there was anyone else like me in so many ways, I hear you so much in myself. Thanks

    3. “I am envious of people who are able to go through life being lighthearted and easy” – I know what you mean. And yet that type of person cannot deal with heavier stuff, as a rule. And as a rule life contains lots of that heavier stuff. Thanks for this lovely post soup!

    4. I am proud of not being nice. Yes, some people will not “get you” or understand or anything else. But I’m proud of being who I am. As should you, soup! You are so much MORE than nice… Anything but really. But honest. Brave. Passionate. A tiger in other’s tank. Good, high quality energy. You have the power to hike to the top of K2, and when done saying “Now, what’s next?!”

      That energy isn’t something to be taken lightly. As your son said, you can deal with the real shit – that’s what Scorpios do. That’s why people normally is wary of us, because we SEE – see all the real problems and if they’re lucky we’re on their side and try to fix it. People should feel LUCKY to have a Scorpio on their side to go to war with. But instead they just want to drink and have fun. I can understand why you’re sometimes envious of that, it’s like being the girl with the curls and wanting straight hair. But you gotta love your curls, lady, because they’re precious. Always remember that. Amen <3

  4. What makes a person a Scorpio? I get Sun in Scorpio… but what (if there are) the other… for lack of a better word, qualifications?

  5. It really bugs people that you can’t control a Scorp. They think they can annihilate you somehow, through money or public shame or really low blows- a Scorp digs in and survives..yes. Since they can’t win, they hate you..but believe me- they are still hooked, even in their hatred.

    You can’t control a Scorp, but they get you to where you can’t control your feelings towards them either..it’s maddening to people.

    1. If you want love – express hate. If you want hate – express love.
      The other side of love is hate. The OPPOSITE of love or hate – is indifference. That’s what people don’t get. Hating a Scorpio or loving one – it’s the same. If you can get to the core of your pain, you can turn the coin around and come back to love. Unfortunately only Scorpios (or very emotionally mature people) are aware of that fact.

      So yes, they hate us – but what they don’t know is that this hate is just the rejected love they felt and their own hurts 🙂

  6. I so looked forward to this post, Elsa. You promised this answer, and you delivered a full-body and soul-satisfying answer and the thread is thick as well!! Thanks a million and one. I’m savoring it.

  7. My daughter is a Scorpio. There are days when I wished I’d conceived in a different month! She’s secretive; criticisms and compliments roll off her back. I find her a bit negative at times so I call her on it. If I call her on rudeness or anything else, I get, “Mom that doesn’t bother me, you know.” Finally, I started replying, “No but it helps me to voice it.”

    If I’m painting a bleak picture, I don’t mean to. She’s got a Sag ascendant, Venus in Libra, Jupiter in Cancer and Moon in Taurus (oi the stubbornness!). She gives the best hugs!

    I love her to pieces and believe she secretly runs this house. I have Moon in Scorpio so I’m not totally unfamiliar with the energy.

    1. Ur daughter looks very much like me!

      I’m not sag acendandant, but I have sun in sag, and 4 planets in scorpio. The sagittarius thing in us gives us this uncontrolable tongue! haha

      My mom hates my nagativity as well (I’d rather call it reality awareness haha). I also have a taurus moon (thank god, at least my emotions are steady. I think I’d be in a hospice or in prison if I had moon in cancer or aries).

      I have been complimented for my hugs!

      And yes, my mom sometimes tells me: “it seems that you are the mom here, the boss or something like it. I dont like it and you should obey me more”. Obviously, the answer is something like: “then make yourself a leader”.

      I pitty you Kate.

      PS: Her sag ascendant and venus in libra must make her very beautiful.

    2. She’s lucky indeed. Not only to have a mom being honest about herself and her feelings – but also to have so many planets in a sign where they’re exalted (= the planet’s energy is at its best for expression). Cherish her!

  8. Yes, I think you are absolutely right about this. I agree that it must be the stirrings in themselves that are what is repulsive. They somehow feel diminished and weakened when they do not feel they are controlling the situation. Scorpio gets labled as a control freak but it is not them who is the one seeking control. It is just that they are the most authentic and original, true to themselves and people see this to a threat to the status quo and to their ego. You sure hit the nail on the head here, a brilliant analysisof the energy, Elsa.

  9. Thank you, Thank you. I am sending this to my daughter. She is a taurus, but she has a Scorpio rising conj with her scorpio pluto.

  10. Elsa made the best description of scorpios and their whole life in very few lines. This is a masterpiece in the world of astrology. You’re awesome.

    Thank you very much!

  11. Trying to understand and grow with insight as to the repulsive nature of my 20 year old Scorpio daughter. She has a Scorpio stellium in 11th house (Sun, Venus Jupiter, NNode), and 12th house Pluto, Sag rising, with her Moon in 1st house. She has an immense lack of self esteem for herself, as evidenced by self-harm, which recently escalated an attempt to take her own life. As her mom, with flaws I believe the enormous Scorpio energy has been turned inward

    1. Was your daughter born by the end of november 1993? I was, and I passed through these dark times. Her chart looks a lot like mine! (stellium in scorpio 11th house). Send me your email or facebook if you wanna talk. I sympathazise with your sittuation 🙁

    2. My daughter has this energy to grapple with, too. She’s a Sag sun conjunct pluto, mars and venus in Scorpio. She started self harm when she was 9, when saturn exact conjunct her scorpio planets. It was a compulsive act on her part, she had so much emotion pent up inside her that she had no explanation for and she used cutting for a sense of relief. It was so scary. She still has the scars up and down her arms 3 years later. I couldn’t understand where she had gone in her heart and mind to give her such a desire. I just kept telling her that I love you wherever you explore inside yourself. I showed her other ways of manipulating her looks: let her shadowbox her hair. She has a Mohawk now. I told her that what she is facing is older and bigger than she is, emotionally. Her Paternal Grandfather had committed suicide when her father was 8. Her father has scorpio moon/ uranus conjunct descendant issues. Completely avoids emotional processing in every way possible.
      When this all went down, I was in the heart of saturn transiting my Scorpio stellium, spending a lot of time sleeping and taking care of myself. But, I was sad and defeated. I see that time as the first glimmer of her individuating from me.
      Everyone around us kept telling me that I needed to put my daughter on meds and see a therapist and get her into school again. But, I knew better. She was grieving the loss of her childhood and her dear childhood friendships (that’s a whole other story). She needed the space and time to face these feelings and to be loved through them. All of which I could provide and did.
      A year later, we were driving to school and she expressed regret for putting me through that time. I told her: No regret! I am your mother. That is what I am here for, to be with you and love you through your rough times. I am so proud of you for facing your fears and your emotions head on. She told me that it bothers her that the urge to self harm is still there. She thought it was over because it was a year since she felt it and that she regretted that she put her dad through it, too. I told her that that things like this take time to cycle out. But, the urge is less than it used to be, right? (She conceded.) I told her that when she faces these feelings, they will become less and less hard to process through because she will master how to do it. And that when the feelings come, they are also showing up at the same time for other people. And you can’t help that they have their own ill or healthy ways of dealing with it. Those people’s problems are not for you to take responsibility for. But, please honor yourself for facing your fears and compulsion head on. It does get easier with practice.
      I needed her to face this now when she is under my wing because if this is what her saturn transits to that cluster are going to bring up in her, she needs to know how to self manage when she is grown up and away from me. I am laying the groundwork now in preparation for saturn’s pass over her natal sun/ pluto conjunction.

  12. Soup, I can see where you are coming from in what you feel. I sure wish that I had the words to make you feel good about your experiences with others heck, I wish I could feel better about it myself. I know it will not help much but you are not alone in this. I know that you are correct and truly good in all that you do and who you are. Your sons are very lucky indeed to have you showing them the way. It is easy to see by what you have written that your thoughts and actions come from a place of love. You are perfect exactly as you are even though the world has not allowed you to experience this and in no way affirms you. I think you are like the pioneers who headed west in the early 1800s. It was a lonely existence, the elements were harsh, they knew depravity of every kind. You have taken a path not followed by many and only the few who follow that path know what a burden it is. I feel that burden. The frontier broke many a pioneer. A great many were attacked and they lost their lives in the struggle. It was no journey for a pansy. I feel weakened by the struggle and I know that you do too but we just simply muster up some bravery and strength to continue on. I am not sure how to do this but we have come so far that we can not turn back now. Westward -ho. The others will be following your lead when they are strong enough for the challenge. The journey is long but you are a bad ass pioneer woman and you just exemplify what built this country. Where the hell would we all be without the likes of people like you?

  13. Trying to understand and grow with insight as to the repulsive nature of my 20 year old Scorpio daughter. She has a Scorpio stellium in 11th house (Sun, Venus Jupiter, NNode), and 12th house Pluto, Sag rising, with her Moon in 1st house. Help me understand; Is what I thought was an immense lack of self esteem and love for herself, as evidenced by self-harm, actually her attempt to mirror back to me, my own toxicity and my own depression? I know she’s a work in progress at the tender age of 20, but wonder how I can help her, if a Scorpio can’t be controlled? And I’m not so self important as to think I am the only cause of her pain, as she has verbalized issues with bullying, sexual abuse, sexual identity triggers. As her mom, what can I do to help her become the masterpiece she’s destined for, if only I can convince her of that, before she self-destructs?

    1. Controlling her wouldn’t help anyway because she has to learn to self control. I showed my daughter how to flow through feelings. Feel them thoroughly, dig deep inside and let yourself be upset, and treat yourself like you have a cold- but it is an emotional cold. Sleep more, create a routine of walking, eating regularly, and creative pursuits to keep your body chemistry in equilibrium. If you can’t do this with her, by her side, then find therapists, healers that know how. That’s what I told my baby: if I’m not alive the next time you face this, here’s what you do.

    2. I know this is old but it triggered something in me about my own mother. It always bothered me that she worried about me. I never worried about myself one bit. I just wanted her to have faith and trust in me that I could survive and thrive.

  14. I respect “evolved” Scorpios a lot and usually find them more magnetic than repulsive unless they’re strongly Venusian. But I also think the sign is highly overrated.

    1. I love Scorpios and have my moon in Scorpio. However, I agree with WeCareALot and think the sign is overrated. Happy Thanksgiving! : )

  15. I think it’s fear because Scorpios are mysterious. The unknown can breed fear in many people, which in turn can turn to dislike.

    Great writing by the way.

  16. From High Plains Drifter with Clint Eastwood;
    Sarah Belding: Be careful. You’re a man who makes people afraid, and that’s dangerous.
    Clint: It’s what people know about themselves inside that makes ’em afraid.

    1. I’ve found there are a certain people who just cannot be okay with me. They just can’t be okay with the fact I exist.

      It’s very strange. They are driven to harm me.

      I’ve been watching this for about 35 years.

    2. that is an amazing quote and so true. people don’t like the “ugliness” they have inside; they hate the truth about themselves.

    3. That dialogue makes me think of recent events in our neck of the woods. It’s about ‘potholes.’ We live in the woods, along with others, and we get to our private domains via a gravel road. Time and tires wear the road out. Maintenance is required. When asked for help with the repairs a strange reply comes from the land-owners: NOTHING! Time passes, the potholes get bigger, rather than pitch in, and collectively maintain the pothole, people drive around the hole. The road gets wider, the hole deeper. One day, the only renter of the community does what he has done for years — goes to the gravel place and buys a truckload of the stuff. Shovel by shovel-full he fills in the holes. The neighbors drive around him, never look at him, never stop to contribute. Strange ways!

      Clint, you old sod, seems you’ve got it right. No one likes to see the potholes in themselves. And the one who fills ’em in? Well, like Dickens’ Scrooge said: “”Aren’t their workhouses? Do I not pay for them with my taxes? Well, let them do it!”

      What a hearty thread of conversation to chew on to get the deep digestive Scorpion juices flowing. Stories worth feeding on.

  17. The power of Scorpio is the power of life itself. We are able to do something that only life — ecological life — and the gods we believe in can do: breakdown, fall apart, die, and be reborn and revived. Scorpios have the power of resurrection in us, and it is the most natural life force there is.

    So the question is, Why are people repulsed by a natural, organic, ecological form of power?

    Really, why?

  18. Avatar

    Aries with lots of Cardinal signs and Pisces in my chart. Scorps latch onto me from a afar and then pull me in close over time. I have a Scorp dude that has been slowly reeling me in over the past year. I am scared too date him. He’s fine as a person but, the Scorp quiet intensity is nerve-wracking. He observes intently and then surprises me with something that I mentioned in passing. I am so scared that I am going to let him down or piss him off. I have even said “Hey, let me know if I am crossing the invisible Scorp boundary.” lol. He is so loyal and that’s what I need. No more flaky Aquas or Sadge dudes.

  19. Thank you Elsa and thank you Soup, great writing, truly relate… you’ve said it all. I’m in it too, fixing it, getting the shit, being nuked but just getting back up and doing what’s right by me and the hell fire that just keeps burning! I love your honesty and open heartedness, thank you for sharing.

  20. Thank you LN… and to everyone that had something to say here. I love reading all these comments. Some people get it. 🙂

    I was watching Zooey Deschanel on something. I think it was celebrity mean tweets..(which is funny btw) and the comment about her was…. I think Zooey Dechanel is overrated! (she is adorable) I know she is not a Scorpio but I loved her response! She read it, paused a minute, and said ‘Hey, I think I am underrated’!!!!!! 🙂

    All I can say is this…for as strong and hard as I love, I should have a whole lot more friends than I do. And it has been a very confusing life. So, I completely get that repulsive thing. It’s hard when you’ll give the shirt off your back, then in a week while they are wearing your shirt they will tell someone else you are way too much to deal with… really? I just rented a tow-truck and pulled your ass out of a deep ditch. Fuck you. Don’t ever call me again…and keep the shirt by the way, I don’t need it. But you will…

    And also, I completely understand the daughter that takes the complements with a grain of salt just as she does the insults. One thing Scorpio knows for sure…they will love you today and hate your guts tomorrow so someone making a fuss about me doesn’t phase me in the least. I cant fall for it because they will hate me as much tomorrow as they love me today and if I let go….and fall for it…I will be devastated 🙁

    I know we are way too much. But we don’t mean to be. And I know Scorpio broods… I am living with 5 planets in Scorpio and I invented brooding. But it doesn’t come from thin air. It comes from being stabbed in the back so many times that there is no where else to go with all the water. And, I also get that what I call stabbed in the back, someone else wouldn’t even notice. I have learned that I am going to give more with little reciprocation.

    I hate to read that a daughter is feeling low on self esteem.

    There are two people in my family that understand me without a word spoken. One is my Pisces husband who feels my pain before I do and tries hard to build a wall of protection around my heart. And the other is a 6 year old child with a Scorpio moon. (my g-baby) She is so little and she already gets it. (she’s an Aries sun, asc with a Pisces Stellium and Cancer sprinkles) I have watched the kids at school try to pick at her, and she is starting to use that Aries (YaY) and they back off. You can see the pain in her eyes though. When something hurts her…it goes deep.

  21. Oh soup you just bring tears to my eyes when I read what you write. We people stuff down so much hurt and pain, not because we don’t want to deal with it but because there’s so much of it, it overflows. I’ve got cappy sun in eighth house with merc there too. Pluto’s dragging me through his hell as he transits capicorn and your words have sunk deep into my overflow. The pain of trying to bring much needed change and the isolation of trying to do this are often overwhelming, thanks for sharing so much. We need to access the overflow to ease the burden, but only with those who get it and don’t add to it. Thank you once again so much for sharing.

  22. I want to add that I think some people fear Scorpio because some of them are rather psychic. My partner has Venus, Moon & Rising in Scorp and you can’t expect to get away with anything if you live under the same roof as him. He just knows things. And sometimes that ‘knowingness’ can come out in conversations with people he barely knows. And it comes across as creepy. He isn’t aware of it though. But people visibly back away from him when it happens.

  23. Thanks for this Elsa. I kinda knew all this but was curious as to what you thought. I have also heard it put that because Scorpio rules the root chakra and life and death sex etc… it brings up peoples survival fears. Being around a Scorpio is like facing your own mortality. And your shadow stuff(all of which has been said far more eloquently) Thanks everyone for so much depth of expression.

    As I won my own Scorpio power (Rising and Pluto on MC, and Venus in 8th)…especially now with Saturn Return peaking… I find I am less defensive/repulsive and more interested in how to use this power. Paranoia comes with Scorpio territory … so its either own your own power or be destroyed by it.

    1. Couldn’t agree more, not only is that power hugely transformative (I think for the Scorpio and the person involved) it can be like staring death (and life) in the face …

      I’m spoiled though now nothing but that intensity cuts it

  24. One more thing I experience as a Scorpio Rising… with Pluto at top of chart. I trigger people’s stuff to come to the surface … and they open up to me (as an empathetic Cancerian) and tell me their deep dark secrets… then later they feel over exposed and I get the backlash. Not fun!

    1. When I think what my Scorpio pal knows about me it makes me shiver!! But I’d never backlash because I dint know anyone else who could be the holder of dark secrets like he could..

  25. I think that my Scorpio Sun is a target for the people who have been wronged by other scorps. The past few years, I’ve been in relationships with people who have not realized or asked me what my Sun sign is…they have assumed Aquarius(my asc) twice and one misheard that I was Gemini. When the truth came out (which was not actually being concealed as far as I was aware) the way they related to me changed. Mr. Capricorn decided I was sneaky and secretive like his repeatedly unfaithful ex fiance Scorpio…so much so that I was probably hiding my Scorpio identity intentionally by failing to admit and declare it this proving the sneaky and secretive nature and I ended up taking the punishment that was earned by the previous mate. The Gemini guy wasn’t repulsed but he was disappointed that I wasn’t an ambitious nymphomaniac. And the Leo just was happy that I came with my own financial security and didn’t want to be involved in joint investments or require jewelwlike his Aries ex for every holiday and anniversary. So much bad press for Scorpios. I’m $elf destructive at times but I try to keep that under the secretive radar because it bears it’s own repulsive weight to myself and others who might discover the depth. I was a self mutilator from age twelve until a couple years ago. I’m forty. Its like there is too much feeling to keep in or not enough proof of the ability to control the numbness I was forced to produce to survive the overload of emotions that a Scorpio teen can be drenched in.

  26. You know what repulses me — scorpios that are all like — I heal people. You are jealous of me an want to be me. I am the most powerful sign. My sign rules. I’m stronger, more powerful, more sexy, and blah blah” I just imagine some douche bag wanna be wearing sunglasses at night staring at people for an uncomfortably long time because he has it in his head that he’s the most “mysterious” dude around.

    When I see a guy wearing sunglasses at night I want to punch him in the face. I’m just being real.

    But you know…we all like the archetype. Its just that I have rarely even seen a scorpio live up to it. 1 in 12 people are scorpios. Even more than 1 in 12 have scorpio in their chart. 1 in 6 either have a scorpio Sun or a scorpio moon. Even more than 1 in 6 have scorpio elsewhere in the chart. Just saying.

    1. Ifs funny how everyone’s experiences with Scorpios are different. I’ve never been scared of the men. I think they’re hilarious and pretty unassuming and really goofy. I can’t take them seriously honestly. I mean that in a good way. I haven’t encountered a lot of Scorpio women in my real life. I did work with one for a while. I didn’t appreciate constantly being watched and analyzed. She didn’t let me get away with anything. It was exhausting. And she would literally corner me. She would also ask trick questions. Like “what are you doing this afternoon? Oh, nothing. Then you can do this and that for me.”
      I think I made her more uncomfortable than she made me though. Deep down I was that she was like a wounded little girl, so I showed her compassion. She was so wound up all the time and I felt bad for her. I mean I’m intense but I can’t imagine what it was like to be her. I never saw her relax. I just didn’t see a great power in her.

      I’m thinking about another double Scorpio woman I briefly knew. She was an incredible person. I’ve never met anyone like her. Im ten years older than her but I totally admired her. She was so centered and so calm. She commanded the room. Just a beautiful spirit.

      So I haven’t seen a lot of power in all of them But I have seen an amazing survival instinct in every Scorpio I’ve known. Amazing survival instinct.

      1. Well Scorpio is just another person trying to survive in the world. Remember more than half the people you’ll ever meet have a scorpio Sun Moon or Asc. Everyone wants to be important though, ya know? I do NOT believe every or even most Scorpios can look at me and make me feel anything. Lol. Like no, I’m not magnetized. Not in the slightest. Keep trying. Sorry if this sounds mean.

        There are a few powerful scorpios though but there are powerful people of every sign.

        What I like about Scorpio is their depth. Some of them have a lot of passionate deep feelings. Some of them.

        1. Technically about 1/3 of all people have a Scorpio Sun Moon or Asc. 1 in 12 chance of any person you meet being a Scorpio since their are 12 signs. So 1 in 6 chance of having either a Scorp Sun or Scorp Moon. 1 in 3 chance of being either a Scorp Sun Moon or Asc. Then if they’re a Libra or Sag Sun there is a strong chance of having Venus in Scorpio since Venus stays within about 48 degrees from the Sun. Some Virgo and Cap people have a Scorp Venus too. I mean this goes for all signs of course.

          So there are a lot of Scorpio influenced people walking around in this world along with the same amount from every other sign. There are a lot of Pisces influenced people and a lot of Libra etc…

          Don’t get me wrong, I know this Scorpio archetype exists because I have experienced it, but it’s rare. And I know, because I unconsiously seek this energy out since I have a lot of 8th house energy and Venus opp Pluto. I don’t recognize it in many Scorpios unfortunately.

          Maybe my 8th is just a bottomless pit that can’t be satiated. Shrug. 🙂

          1. “I do NOT believe every or even most Scorpios can look at me and make me feel anything. Lol. Like no, I’m not magnetized. Not in the slightest. Keep trying. Sorry if this sounds mean.

            There are a few powerful scorpios though but there are powerful people of every sign.” “Don’t get me wrong, I know this Scorpio archetype exists because I have experienced it, but it’s rare.” – Very well said and it is not mean at all, – in what you have said.
            I like every sign, especially if individual is evolved or thriving to ‘perfection’, at least. I find it striking, – when you see the representative of some certain sign shining the best qualities in to the world. About Scorpio’s being ‘powerful’ i, as someone ‘above’ in comments has said, – find it overrated. I like them – Scorpio’s, when they are humble, but they are not, because they are hungry for power and seeking approval all the time. To have the recognition they act very powerful, and yes,- they might have the charisma and use it and yes, some people might find it attractive and can be drawn to them. To me it’s looks ‘clown’ – like, foolish…I am in ‘awe’ when strong people are humble…no, not shy, humble…that’s true power and deep charisma.

  27. They are afraid of Scorpio because they are afraid of what we KNOW when we look at them.

    They hate Scorpio because hate is just love being rejected. They hate Scorpio because scorpio make them feel like they’re loosing control.

    Pluto is a deep and harsh taskmaster. But only Pluto can make us rise from the ashes and make that power REAL – and nobody does it better than Scorpios. We make it seem so easy, when in fact we’re hurting just as much – if not more – inside.

    Still – there’s no going back. When you’ve kicked a Scorpio down, you can never go back and make it undone. You will forever be on our shit-list. The only thing we respect is deep and profound transformation. Not for ourselves – but in you. And thus for our forgiveness.

  28. I thought the exact same thing as you did Elsa, its the power of a plutonian person that scares them. Also, deep down inside, they know you cannot bullshit Pluto in any way, size, shape or form! People don’t like it when someone can see right through them. I have Pluto on my ascendant in Leo and people either love or hate me right of the bat and I know it!

  29. I don’t find Scorpio repulsive, then again, I’m water ruled with Pluto in aspect to 8/10th of my chart. I was thinking of it this way,
    Fire signs don’t like to be controlled
    Earth signs don’t like to have their depths plumbed
    Air signs don’t like to be out shined (out maneuvered)
    Water signs ??? that’s my blindspot, I guess
    or mixing it up a bit…..
    Cardinal signs don’t like to be controlled
    Fixed signs don’t like to have their depths plumbed
    Mutable signs don’t like to be out shined (out maneuvered)

    Just food for thought,

    1. Water signs don’t like to be stopped. If you think about it it makes sense. Water can erode and o erflow anything. It can bring life and nurture earth, it can create fog with air and douse the fire.

      So the one thing water don’t like is for its force to dry out/be stopped or hindered it’s “flow” of feelings in any way…

  30. Lol, muscic4m ::laughing::
    Maybe, maybe so. My Taurus (fixed, earth sign) Sun is in my 8th house.. I get along well with plumb-ers. Hope for them, in fact. Skilled, ethical ones, I mean.
    That said, I love lists – like the one you made! Really. Your list delighted my Capricorn, 3rd house Saturn. 😀

  31. I’ve never found Scorpio repulsive and I’m pretty airy. I know a few and they don’t come off as strong and vengeful as I always read. It might be that they save other placements that soften them up but I definitely see the obsession In them.

  32. I do not know whether people with intensity are convincing. They come off as intense. I have a Scorpio friend, wears a goggle. His stare is intense sometimes and you can feel his eyes boring through you. They hold a grudge for long time unless they are sure they are not threatened. They are successful if they are born in money. They are good sleuths and have good intuitive ability. They rise through ranks as they are fast in getting to the heart of the matter. Very loyal friends. They will bury you alive if they catch you back stabbing.
    I have an 8th H Aries Mars. Very self destructive. Mars energy is self defeating when unscruplous. A leader in abilities. I have attained rank mostly due to perseverence and giving all in studies. I have the ability to know sexual manifestations.

  33. One of my notifications – people with Scorpio influences are the greatest artists, especially musicians. The most dedicated, devoted, passionate musicians. I have the 7th house Scorpio, and i have a lot of Taurus in me. I have a strong will power. I am in my beginning “forties” – years, so i will not be too humble to say,- yes, everything i am , – is thanks to my Taurian sense ans sensibility and enormous will – power, but…i lack the ‘drive’ the Scorpionic people posses in enormous proportions and there for i am prone to inertia. So, thanks to my 7th Scorpio house i am around people with Scorpionic energy. I have learned to thrive from them and i appreciate the Scorpio archetype a lot for that. I would not be Taurus without Pluto and Mars, i would be too mild of the Venusian type. The beauty of Astrology and the Universe…

  34. I completely agree with this post. Scorpio is either loved or hated, and Scorpio decides whether someone will love or hate. I don’t have a Scorpio sun but instead have a Scorpio ascendant, so I’m not sure if people react to me the way they would react to a Scorpio sun. All I know is that a person will only find me repulsive if I allow it. In true Scorpio fashion I can charm and manipulate the best and brightest ;D but maybe that’s from my PLuto placement….

  35. There is nothing wrong with a Scorpio. I’ve been around scorpionic people all my life. Only Elbe can be bad, but that’s only if you truly deserve it. Seriously this click bait shit…

  36. Wow! All of these stories are magnifique, and many of these words were as if I wrote them. To truly and unconditionally love yourself is the light to any Scorpio. In so doing, I would rather be feared, than to fear.

  37. I don’t know about all this, from experiencing the beautiful libra child’s sun progress into Scorpio. It was a change alright. I think her sun progressing into sag down the line is going to be stellular for her. I get what she is experiencing since mine own sun progressed to scorpio.

  38. It used to be 90% of the people that crossed my path were Scorpios.

    That is now up to 93%.

    They sidle up to me. Not the other way around.

    I think it’s my energy.

    And, yes!!! I have been dealing with people’s shadow and mirror all my life.

  39. Plutonians also tend to arouse primal/sexual instincts in others and this can occur in taboo- type situations. A usually cool and controlled individual may suddenly have inappropriate desire for the Plutonian. On one hand they find this exciting but on the other it is uncomfortable as they may lose control. They then feel ashamed, and their desire turns into repulse as they push the “dark” one away.

  40. My dad was a Scorpio he was
    Wild , he was a tremendous man
    it was hard to be near him and not be attracted to him; he broke our hearts as he kept a girlfriend for 40 years but my mother was caught in his web she defended him she made us cry too, they are in the afterworld now and I hear them dancing when there is thunder; they were this wild crazy two. I cry every time I am alone and reflect how it affected me all thru my life ,I am still crying, why
    Do we cry, why does it hurt that some can love so many ,and some can love without limits, I am not sure
    Who I cry for my mother my dad
    Or me, who can’t understand it.I guess the 70 ‘s had Pluto playing a hand .What year is it? Should be in my rear view by now.

  41. Scorpios don’t seem repulsive. Some are very smug about their power(ful vibe) but power is a cycle, you’re up, you’re down. It just seems that to the scorpio their power cycles are rotated easier and faster than with other people. What I do like about scorpios is that most of them will have a great quality or a skill coupled with unavered determination and it’s probably how the scorpio house is placed in my own chart. In real life with actual people, scorpios have that vibe that are in a corner of the room and still get attention but they aren’t as ”scarry” and some of them don’t like the annotations that come with their zodiac sign, and some really love it and take advantage of it, outwards or more discretely. The only 2 scorpios that personally make me wanna jump out of my skin ever, are Bjork and Mads Mikkelsen but these are through a screen. And, for some reason, I’d still want to meet Mads, haha.

    1. Yeah, Mads Mikkelsen really shone in that psychopathic Hannibal role 🙂 .
      The few men I’ve had attractions too or been involved with, have all had Scorpio sun, moon or rising. Besides being sexy AF, their unwavering determination really appeals to my venus in Capricorn.

  42. “They don’t like showing up at a party, dressed to the nines…and being outdone by a small figure on the periphery of the room, wearing nothing special but garnering attention, just the same.” Elsa⬆️
    I really like Scorpios. Remember that a few of my friends convinced me they where cunning ect when we where younger, all of the scorpios I know are great, so I think it’s a unfair reputation. This sounds rude but right now I’m in a place where people who take up more space than necessary annoy me, Scorpios rarely do.

  43. I think for me Scorpio is the only sign who makes me feel absolutely comfortable with all my ugly and bad side. It’s so easy and naturally for me to show them who I really am with all the good and bad. They are such tender and understanding souls. I never feel judged with them, only accepted… this is so liberating for me. They also taught me a lot about accepting myself with all the good and bad.

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