freak accident

Freak Accidents

What is your take on the astrology of freak accidents? What planets are active to trigger the freak accident? Fresh question. Thank you! Mars in combination with Uranus is the number one combination, known to cause unexpected accidents. It’s a sharp jolt.  If you have these planets in aspect in your natal chart, you’re probably accident

soul in grave

Posthumous Charts?

“Hi Elsa, What happens to a person’s chart after they die? Do ongoing transits and progressions continue to affect it? Does the chart get “retired,” never to appear again in anyone else, or can its imprint be recycled and reassigned to another soul?” I’m pretty sure a person’s natal chart is sensitive to transits, after


What Drives A Person To Abuse Others?

Hi Elsa, I’ve got a question. What do you think drives people that go through life using and abusing others? Using any opportunity they can to benefit? I think the term ‘Narcissist’ is used maybe too often, I mean, can ALL these types of users/abusers be Narcissists? How can they move through life knowing what

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