September 2006

Coping With The Current Saturn Neptune Opposition: Psychic Pisces Sun, Capricorn Rising Clues Me In

So how about another story? This one concerns my sister who is a Pisces (Neptune) with a Capricorn (Saturn) rising. She also has Saturn in the 12th (Neptune’s house) and Neptune in the 10th (Saturn’s house). I told you it ran in the family! Anyway, my sister is psychic. Think what you will. I grew […]

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Violently Traumatized Family Trying To Heal: Venus Conjunct Neptune in Scorpio

Dear Elsa, I hail from a family of incestuous behavior and violent abuse. My brother and I got to be the “guinea pigs” so to speak. My sisters (for some odd reason) were spared the violent attacks but not the sexual abuse. No, I cannot say for sure that my brother was also perpetrated but

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I Have Trouble Maintaining Relationships Of All Kinds

Hello Elsa, I have never really been good at maintaining platonic friendships or finding and maintaining romantic relationships. Part of me longs deeply for closeness and intimacy. The other part seems to push people away when they get too close. Part of me aches for touch. But another part of me feels very anxious when

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