December 2008

Henry In His Own Words: Double Capricorn, Desert Philosopher and Authentically Interesting Person – Part 4

Henry on relationships: Letter to Toombs May 6 1959 “… Sorry to hear of your son’s unsuccessful marriage. However, I think your attitude towards the experience indicates motherly wisdom. My daughter and her husband both have hot tempers and bad dispositions. Neither of them believes in divorce, but they have some terrible disturbances at times.

The Stellium In Capricorn… Personally Speaking: The Little Match Girl

Kingsley wrote: “I think you mentioned the twelfth house previously Elsa. Things come from out of the blue in the twelfth. Its hard to say what might be “going on” in that hidden house. All will be revealed when one planet after the other crosses the ascendant. I guess you will have to trust your

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