September 2013


The Worst Transits…

I was thinking about the careers of some Hollywood types.  Comedians in particular. Some comics have a long run. Rodney Dangerfield comes to mind. Others are hysterically funny for just a few years. These comics may may still be around, but they just can’t hit the heights there were able to earlier in their career.

Cruel Psychopath…Or Chess Champion?

“This is an extraordinary chart,” I told a friend.  “Detached. Cruel. Definitely brilliant. Might be a psychopath, given the family history. All the components are there, however there’s really no telling.” ::silence:: “Well, you can be brilliant and cruel and detached…and whatever. It doesn’t mean you’re going to go out a kill someone. What about


name  Elizabeth Turneletti name  Thomas Founder birth date  September 23, 1974 birth date  November 17, 1970 birth time 11:34 am birth time  9:40 am birth city  Appaloosa, AL birth city  Chicago IL Those are fake people. I made them up so I could ask if you could read that. I can’t. Uranus and Pluto are

Once A Failure, Always A Failure?

“Sometimes, a person does not want to humble themselves (Saturn) so what happens is they fail (Saturn). They fail (Saturn) at everything, over time (Saturn).” I wrote that on the post, Refusing To Do What’s In Your Own Best Interest. A lot of people reacted to it and I was not surprised as it’s a

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