September 2014

When The Energy Around A Person Changes

Recently someone told me they’ve been having a lot of bad dreams. This person has not their normal upbeat self.  You can sense the distress around them and it’s no wonder why. If you’re tormented at night over time, it’s inevitable that the stress seep out and show itself in your waking life. A few months ago,  I wrote about Signs That

Pluto Stationing and Shadow Work

I like to show the side of me that is kind and measured and does the right thing, even when I don’t and I’m acting like an asshole (because it’s for a good reason or whatever). JUST LIKE MOST PEOPLE. Just like I don’t go out in public without pants, I also regulate what I

The Concept Of Compensation (Currency) In Life

arachne wasn’t sure what I meant when I used the word, “compensation” on the last post – Do You Feel You’ve Been Compensated?  Here’s a video about how there are different types of “currency” – things a person might value (Venus). I always think in terms of people being individual. What one man considers worthless, another man

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