December 2014

Am I Too Old To Have Children?

Hi Elsa, I know the moon, 5th house, Cancer etc are often related to children, conception and the like but I as a Capricorn, I’ve noticed that anything to do with my “womanhood” tends to follow Saturn. I got my first period a few days after I turned 14, first significant (mature, committed relationship) at

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Progressed Saturn Changing Signs

Greetings from the snowy shores of Lake Ontario in Upstate New York. What does it imply when Saturn progresses from Virgo to Libra? I have natal Sun and Saturn exactly conjunct at 22 degrees Virgo. Now at age sixty-four, Saturn is progressing into Libra. Hi there! Most people do not see their progressed Saturn change

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What Happens If Transiting Saturn Changes Signs But It’s Still In The Same House?

Hi Elsa, I know Saturn is leaving Scorpio in a couple of weeks but what if Saturn will still be in the same house (12th) when it goes into Sagittarius? When Saturn or any other planet changes signs does the lesson continue? I keep hearing the good news it is leaving Scorpio but is it good news

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An older woman’s perspective on her younger (work) peers

I was talking to one my clients, yesterday.  She’s got a stellium in Pisces and an easy way about her. She’s been working at a job that suits her, for many years. She’s well paid, but she says her job isn’t rocket science.  Mostly, she just has to be nice. I like talking to people who

She’s Losing Friends, Due To Her Aggression

Hello! I recently grew aware of how bad I was behaving, and I’ve been told some aspects of my charts do explain some. But I need advice to “cool it down” since to me I’m just a bubbly easy going girl and it’s all these other people that keep on telling me I’m actually awfully

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