What happens when Saturn transits your Moon? Get insight here!

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Single Mothers Facing An Empty Nest

The empty-nest-thing hit me like a brick.  Once it happened, it was easy to understand why. I’d spent twenty years driving kids to school – now what?  I didn’t see the shock of this coming, even though my husband had warned me.  Among other places, I mentioned this here: Empty Nest – How Do You

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Suffering Saturn’s Transit Through Scorpio In The 4th House

Hi, Elsa. I have a Scorpio sun, moon, Venus, and Pluto. Moon, Venus, and Pluto are all in the 4th house. Last year or so maybe two, I have been battling the worst depression thinkable to the point where I can’t go a few hours without crying. Almost feel like I’m bleeding inside or depleting somehow. I have tried

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Do Transits To A Child’s Chart Affect Their Parents?

Hi Elsa, Would you care to look more into important moon/Saturn transits in a child’s chart and to what degree the aspects involved affect the parents? e.g. if transiting Saturn opposes the natal moon in a child’s chart, would this affect the child, or the parents or both? Best regards, Been Thinking Dear Thinking, It’s

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What To Expect When Saturn Transits 7th House Moon In Sagittarius

Hi, Elsa. My natal moon is at 15 degrees Sagittarius in the 7th house. Saturn is headed there in 2016, and will generally be mucking about in my partnership area starting in December. Moon in Sagittarius brings certain things that may not be conducive to partnerships, so I’m curious what to expect with Saturn. And

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