March 2015

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The Peculiar Newcomer

My son and my husband will fly back to Denver tomorrow for school/work.  I’ll be here alone, for the most part until the end of May. I think it will be interesting. I’ve not been alone since 1995, when my daughter was born. Twenty years! I told my husband I would not have anyone to

Heebie Jeebies

Oh jeez. I have a new person obsessed with me. Dang it! I am in no mood for this right now. Er…I’m squatting in a rental house with no refrigerator, a broken stove and no bedroom door, after a very harrowing week. Having no energy for these games right now,  I call on Saint Michael the

scorpio vintage mug

Scorpio: Discerning A Person’s Motives

This is primarily a question for Scorpio, 8th house or strong Plutonians… Assuming that you can generally detect a person’s motives, how do you respond when something shifts and you’re no longer sure what a person near you is up to? Let’s say that one of your allies acts in a way that makes you wonder

overnighters movie

Solving Your Relationship Problems (So You Don’t Face Hardship Alone)

It’s difficult to take on something this stark but I feel compelled to try. Over the last few days, my husband and I watched two documentaries on Netflix. We saw, “Oh Saigon“, first.  It’s the well told, gut-wrenching story of a refugee family who came to in the United States in 1975.  It’s all about staggering loss

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