Mercury in aspect to Neptune. Square, trine, opposition, conjunction…

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Neptune Mind Tricks & Blurred Reality

It’s been a long time since I wrote about my hologram, but Mercury is and will be highly emphasized over these next few months. Things come to mind and some of them seem worth sharing. I’ve used the phrase, “mistake of the intellect” which tracks to astrologer, James Braha, who I greatly respect. He states […]

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Mercury Square Neptune – Unaware Of Lying

Mercury is currently squaring Neptune. This post is from 2012. There is no doubt that people knowingly lie and deceive others. But sometimes it’s not that clear cut. For example, an alcoholic with tell you something they may very well believe, because reality occurred while they were in a blackout.  Another person may have lied

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Mercury Opposite Neptune: Brain Slips

When Mercury opposes Neptune, information can be leaked, lost or simply misguided. Mental processes of all kinds are affected. While it’s possible to have an inspired idea, it’s more likely your brain slips on a banana peel. Like this: Client says she’s in Detroit. I respond, scheduling her in Central time. She tells me politely

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