September 2017

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Insanity Trumps Astrology

Loonsounds’ speculated what the astrology might be with these types: Internet Trolls, Ted Bundy, Exhibitionists, Narcissists, Stalkers, The Usual Suspects. I don’t think you can identify something like this from a chart at all. If someone is a troll or troublemaker, you’d be able to look at their chart and determine their methods or MO pretty readily.

Is Bitterness Shown In A Natal Chart?

Anger -> Hate -> Bitterness Is that that it goes? I’m not a bitter person, by nature. It’s easy for me to forgive and move on.  If there is an astrological signature for bitterness, I don’t have it. I lack insight in this area, but I have curiosity. Are you a bitter person? Can you

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