December 2019

Pluto old card

What Planetary Energy Do You Strongly Represent?

Maureen asks on Rotten Things Happen: “Elsa, would you say you are a Plutonian character?” maureen, yes. I have a packed 8th house, but I am also very Saturnian, very Mercurial and have a pretty strong Jupiter streak as well. Er.. my Mars is notorious and I even manage to be pretty strongly Neptunian. If […]

Neptune cuff

Tips For People Having Neptune Transits

In working with clients having Neptune transits, I’m cautious in what I say. People are suggestible under a Neptune transit. It’s important to realize you have free will. Beware an astrologer coming ’round telling you that X and Y and Z was going to happen, as if your life is completely out of your hands. Under

lion leo moon

What is it Like to Have the Moon in Leo?

Recently I’ve had a streak of clients with the Moon in Leo, and there seem to be a lot of misconceptions about that placement. It’s Leo! Leo is shiny and bright, so these natives must be walking rays of sunshine, right? Leo is bold and confident, so they must not have to wrestle with insecurity

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