December 2019

human beings

How Do You Weigh Transits That Conflict?

Recently a gal bought a transit report. She was happy with it but unsure how to interpret two transits on the same day.  They seemed to conflict with each other, so she emailed me. This is a common question! People (and their lives) are complicated.  The way I feel now is not the way I felt when […]

mars bottle cap

MARS! Is Your Anger Overt Or Hidden?

When I think of Mars, I think of raw male energy. I like Mars. For example, I married an alpha male. I love a hero and I respect a person who can lead. I written about Mars from many angles over the years. This energy is best expressed in an upfront manner. If you let


Who is Lilith?

When attempting to get a sense of how to interpret an object in a chart, traditionally one of the best ways to go about it is to look to the historical and mythological origins of the body for which it was named. Mars is the god of war, and so we interpret that planet as

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