April 2020

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Saturn & Pluto Conjunction Transiting Descendant Or 7th House – Heartbreak

I have a late degree Capricorn rising. Readers have witnessed the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the pain and devastation I suffered recently. I don’t care about this; believe me I don’t. It’a because Saturn and Pluto energies are featured in my natal chart. I know a lot about loss and pruning […]

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Pluto Transit Means Let Go!

In my last post, How to Handle Pluto Trauma, Kri had a fascinating comment: “…My friend told me an anecdote about a man with his hand stuck in a door. Another man came up and said I can help you get your hand unstuck. The guy said it isn’t stuck, I’m holding an apple I

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Astrology Community & Chat Board

I understand there are regular readers of the blog who do not know we have a message board here. Well we do! It was established, ten years ago. We have a large community of truly extraordinary people of all ages, from all over the world. The Forum @ ElsaElsa Anyone can join! It takes less

8th house

The 8th House & Healing Ability

I have a packed 8th house. I am headed for spine surgery soon. You want to talk about “unfathomable”, this will be my fifth surgery in five years!  I’m talking about major surgeries. To be honest, I don’t think I noticed. My spine surgeon noticed.  He asked about prior surgeries and I just started rattling

my aquarius moon mother

My Aquarius Moon Mother

I thought my double Aquarius mother the other day, just out of the blue sky. Sounds Uranian, I guess. But Saturn in Aquarius is conjunct her sun at this time. It coincides with the timing here. My mother died in 2011. And the thoughts that came be were regards to the home. To our home.

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Can Planets in Detriment or Fall Still Function?

When we initially learn about planetary dignities, it’s normal to immediately scan your chart to see which planets are dignified and exalted and which planets are in their detriment or fall. We naturally want to know if the “good” or the “bad” interpretations apply to us. But what does it really mean for a planet

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