moon in Aquarius

my aquarius moon mother

My Aquarius Moon Mother

I thought my double Aquarius mother the other day, just out of the blue sky. Sounds Uranian, I guess. But Saturn in Aquarius is conjunct her sun at this time. It coincides with the timing here. My mother died in 2011. And the thoughts that came be were regards to the home. To our home.

my mother

Uranus Transit Your Natal Moon: Just Because You’re Attached, Doesn’t Mean They Are!

With Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto transiting my Moon, things are poppin’ like popcorn in my home and emotional life. Things shocking, stabilizing, healing, killing, hopeful, expansive, you name it. My roots are electrified, I’ll tell you that. Some of this is painful which I consider to be inevitable. Today I dug out pictures of

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