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Saturn & Pluto Conjunction Transiting Descendant Or 7th House – Heartbreak

I have a late degree Capricorn rising. Readers have witnessed the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the pain and devastation I suffered recently. I don’t care about this; believe me I don’t. It’a because Saturn and Pluto energies are featured in my natal chart. I know a lot about loss and pruning […]

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What Transits Trigger A Divorce?

I was reading reviews for the movie, Marriage Story.  It’s about a couple, divorcing. I’d heard the movie showed both sides of the conflict. My Libra was intrigued. One reviewer said the movie should be called, “Divorce Story”.  Several suggested that, Kramer vs Kramer was better.  Another said he’d just spent two hours watching people divorce and


Saturn Transit The First House, Square Venus

This morning’s client has Saturn transiting her first house while squaring her Venus in Virgo.  This is an example of a “double whammy”. Venus transiting Saturn as it opposes the Venus-ruled, seventh house. Some people don’t realize that any planet transiting the first house will aspect the seventh, but it you think about it, it’s obvious.


What To Expect When Saturn Transits 7th House Moon In Sagittarius

Hi, Elsa. My natal moon is at 15 degrees Sagittarius in the 7th house. Saturn is headed there in 2016, and will generally be mucking about in my partnership area starting in December. Moon in Sagittarius brings certain things that may not be conducive to partnerships, so I’m curious what to expect with Saturn. And

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