October 2022

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The Ability To Forgive

Hi, Elsa, A lot of crummy things have occurred in society at large and on a more personal level with my family. Terrible things have been said and done relating to the pandemic, vaccine status, etc. I know how astrology relates to the actual events but how do I forgive? Or will I ever even

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How To Choose A House System

Hi, Elsa, I had been using the Placidus House System to learn astrology until I read you use the Equal House System, so I decided to investigate since I thought eliminating those pesky intercepted signs would help me out. So now, I have some planets in new houses that resonate with me but I also

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What Rules Bad Luck?

Hi Elsa, Is there such a thing as bad luck in astrology? I’m curious, because we’re often told to persevere in face of difficult times but I wonder if it wouldn’t be smart to actually call some things `bad luck’ & move on. What are some signs/aspects/transits that mark bad luck, if you believe there’s


The Matriarch Of Your Family

The moon-ruled matriarch of a family has a lot of power and influence.  I was thinking about this in terms of astrology and landed a simple idea. Do you think the qualities of the matriarch color the  character and the behavior of the other people in the family?  It seems this is the case. As

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