June 2023


Saturn In Pisces: Immersion Singularity

Saturn in Pisces blurs boundaries. We talk about confusion with this but some people seek immersion.  This was brought home to me in a marvelous way. I saw a commercial. The short Neptune-ruled film shows people seeking to be immersed in a game. It’s brilliantly eye-opening and hey.  Neptune is also associated with escape of […]


Projection Conundrum

I was thinking about the Conundrum topic. This is one of the problems people have forming relationships. You’re told and shown that you can have it all. You believe it. This your hope and also your expectation, if you’re going to stick around. So you meet someone and initially, they’re perfect. You have very little

Santa long list

On Being A Conundrum

I wrote the newsletter about the planets in Leo and the Uranus square… plus moon, Mercury, Neptune. It’s been less than an hour and something utterly new to me, came to me, about myself! Okay, I think that’s funny. Me, me, me. But I’ve been performing self-exam, both formally and otherwise for many years. It’s

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