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School, But Wait! There’s A Knock On The Door!

Four years old. I don’t know exactly who got me into first grade, but it must have been my grandpa, because my parents were fighting and it sounded like this: “Tell her!” “I’m not going to tell her!  You tell her!” “I ain’t tellin’ her teacher, shit!” my father said, putting his foot down. “Well, […]

Pluto statue astrology

Pluto Transit Conjunct The Sun For A Child

What happens when Pluto transits the sun in a child’s chart?  My entire childhood was a Pluto transit; this included a transit to my sun. I never tried to isolate this particular part of my deconstruction / empowerment process…until this morning. Last night, I was working on another part of my story. It’s about an

Blue ribbon pig
Astrology, True Stories

The Blue Ribbon Pig

Four years old I was sitting on the floor with my back against the wall, silently raging.  I didn’t know anything about, God, but if I would have, I’d have filed a complaint, for sure!  What’s wrong with these people?   If I was my sister, I would read me a book, see? If I was

elsa heaven
Astrology, Real Life

Writing Idea, Odd & Unprecedented

I just got off the phone with a discriminating client. At the end of the conversation, she told me she’d read my book. My reaction when this happens, is silence. She broke the silence, telling me my book was one of the most enjoyable she’s ever read in her life. She’s got a stellium in

feb 16 2024
Astrology, Daily

Mid February 2024 – Erratic Not Tragic

You’re looking at the chart of February 16th, late in the evening.  Please click to enlarge. Note the Venus, Mars, Pluto conjunction as well as the exact Mercury Uranus square. The moon is also applying to square Saturn. Excuse me, but this looks quite eventful to me, especially if planets in your natal chart are

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