Can You Pick a Philosophy?

philosphyThe other day I was talking to a friend about something that’s changed in my spiritual practice. It was a minor thing, but the conversation got off the rails pretty quickly. Something like:

“Yeah, I’ve found that, for now, my ancestral practice is most meaningful when I work through my own end of the generational trauma rather than attempting to engage directly.”

“You mean if all of that is even real.”

“Okay, fair enough. But even from a purely non-spiritual standpoint, working through the same kind of pain that my ancestors did feels really powerful.”

“Yeah, but a totally non-spiritual view doesn’t seem like the whole story either.”

“Right. But for the sake of the conversation, I need us to at least temporarily agree on a worldview. Otherwise I can’t get to the information I’m trying to convey!”

We laughed it off, and later engaged in the lively debate they were looking for. But it did occur to me that this happens every time. I chalk this up to their Jupiter in detriment in Virgo.

Jupiter rules our worldview. It’s the overarching philosophy we operate under. It’s the goggles we wear as we go through life. It requires commitment to faith. And Virgo clearly isn’t the best match for that energy. Virgo needs to be correct and have all its information lined up in neat little categories. It needs the details to make sense. And Jupiter isn’t especially concerned with details.

And so a discussion of something I experienced in meditation turns into a conversation about what meditation even IS. Everything must be endlessly dissected, and in the end, there’s never a resolution.

I don’t think this is a bad quality, by the way! There’s a reason I keep coming back for more. Their questions are smart and incisive and they force me to really think through my beliefs. If only we all had a friend like this to pop our bubble from time to time! The world could have been saved from a lot of zealots!

But I do think that it has got to be exhausting to wade through that mire of questions before getting to any of the Jupiter goodness. Then again, for my friend, I think the questions are the worldview. I think the relentless interrogation is the way they engage in belief. In a way, questioning belief systems IS their belief system. And that if that isn’t using Jupiter in detriment to your advantage, I don’t know what is.

How often do you question your own beliefs? Where is your Jupiter?

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  1. Does your friend have Saturn in Sag too? I find that placement also can make accessing faith more challenging (but with high potential). My Jupiter is in Pisces and I have a 9th h Sun and Mercury, yet also Virgo rising so I do apply critical thinking to my world views constantly which is probably a good thing or I would just fly off. My partner has Jupiter in Virgo. He struggles with faith, he just doesn’t feel it but would like to. I can see that his Jupiter in 12th is very beneficial, he has some sort of protection but he can’t seem to connect to it consciously. The analytic aspect of Virgo can foreclose on the sort of numinous spaces you need to entertain for imaginative philosophising, probably out of fear of losing the self. He’s interested in trying plant medicine though so maybe that will help loosen those mental bounds!

  2. I don’t question mine as much as I’m actually looking for understanding and the reasoning behind everything. My Jupiter is in Leo, but my saturn is in Virgo. 🙂 I like learning about new philosophies and ideologies but I have a real fear of falling for any of them. I don’t like having to follow someone else’s rules (a true Aquarian here). 😉

  3. I have Jupiter in Virgo and will for the entirety of my life. I find that the endless questioning and morphing is a matter of understanding. And with the conjunction to the sun, questioning myself, learning about myself. The better I understand myself, the better I understand others.

    The Jupiter goodness is in the ahas. The Jupiter goodness is forever joy. I learned that from mother. Through her worldly limited existence due to the times she lived, she exuded joy in her everyday existence. I have a niece that is like mom, like me, in that. We all have our NN in Sag at the same degree. Coincidence? The stuff we work through is just one piece of life. But the joy, which can be annoying to others, that will always reign supreme. Laughing now at my sibs again. ‘Look at you, you have nothing, are nothing, how can you be happy?’ Or ‘I did what mom and dad wanted me to do. You did what you wanted and were honest with them and they still love you. It’s not fair.’

    So joy, maintaining that state, is what life is about. Learning to allow myself to experience joy. That it’s okay. Isn’t that the goal of meditation, Nirvana or something like that?

  4. A local person once told me, ‘you are always happy’. I asked him, ‘why do you think that is?’ To which he responded, ‘it tells me you have suffered alot of pain in your life.’ I guess that is one of the noble truths, suffering exists. But like another of the noble truths, there is way out of that. However, I do not agree with some who aggrandize their ‘faux enlightenment’ and think by intentionally causing pain, they can advance another. Ploys like that do not work and just cause confusion.

  5. I have a sister with Jupiter in Virgo. Sun in Sadge. She always took great joy in criticizing me. We’ve moved past that for the most part, but sometimes she slips back into it and now I just let it fall flat or I have to tell her ‘I gotta go and do a thing’. If Virgo is stuck in criticizing, she would be bereft of gratitude. Gratitude and joy go hand in hand I think. And when one is grateful I believe the goodness pours in. Sometimes too much. Like Elsa’s potluck scenario. Okay, I’m done now. I think.

    1. One more thing. ?. My sister is a staunch Catholic. When things go good, ‘god has a plan.’ But god never takes any blame when things are not good. She is a natural follower. Voted like my dad. He was her life. Since his death she votes like her son. He is her life now.

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    Hildegarde's Noviciate

    “If Virgo is stuck in criticizing, she would be bereft of gratitude”
    Not quite sure what you mean Notch. I know alot of people confuse criticizing and critiquing which are different things.
    I dont know your sister, of course, but it doesnt necessarily follow that we are bereft of gratitude if we point outinconsistancies, inaccuracies or possible issues or concerns. Though I can certainly understand why you would think that. We strive to be realistic and grounded and,yes,can be alarmists given our nervous natures. I call us pessamistic optimists.
    We dont hope for the best because we want to be prepared just in case it doesnt turn out as others hope but you betcha we are grateful when it does turn out for the best. More so. Lol!

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