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Midara has been a consulting astrologer for over a decade. Whether you’re struggling with relationships, personal growth, tough transits, or whatever else, she’s here to help.

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Effects of Mars Retrograde in the Natal Chart

One of the most feared planets to have retrograde in the natal chart is Mars. People hear that and think they’ll never get anywhere in life, that they have no drive, or even worse, that they’re in danger. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. In my research, among the 10% of people with […]


Effects of Venus Retrograde in the Natal Chart

Whenever I talk about natal retrograde planets, the people who experience the most fear are the people with Venus retrograde. You hear all kinds of terrible stuff – Venus retrograde people never find love, they break up and get back together but never commit, money never comes to them, etc. And I understand the fear.

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Effects of Mercury Retrograde in the Natal Chart

Whenever people ask about the meaning of retrograde planets in the natal chart, Mercury is always the first planet they mention. This makes perfect sense given how fearsome and frequent Mercury retrograde periods can be. People wonder if having Mercury retrograde means their business or mental affairs are going to be difficult forever. Related posts:

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Effect Of Retrograde Planets in the Natal Chart

Recently turtle made a request in the forums that I write a series on natal retrograde planets. I let her know that she must be psychic, because I was in the process of working on exactly that! Also, I LOVE requests like this, so I am happy to oblige! Related posts: Effects of Mercury Retrograde

Taurus Change

Can Taurus Change?

With Uranus in Taurus, everyone has been talking about what a difficult fit the planet has there. Uranus, after all, is the changemaker. And Taurus is arguably the most fixed of all the fixed signs. But is Taurus really as unchangeable as people think? Related posts: Interpretation Of Solar Return Ascendant For Each Sign Interpretation

Jupiter in Pisces Sleep

Why You’re Exhausted Even With Jupiter in Pisces

Jupiter has come back home to Pisces! After years of planetary pile-ups in Saturn-ruled signs, a dose of the Greater Benefic operating at full force from his home sign is some much-needed relief! But one thing I’m seeing from clients, friends, on social media, etc, is that everyone is shocked at how exhausted they still

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