Black Moon Lilith And Women

Did I do that?”
–Steve Urkel

Black Moon Lilith represents wild woman energy. It can be anything ranging from fun-freak-flag territory to full-on experience of the feminine as demonic. How you relate to this energy can vary widely along those lines, both by how it is aspected in your chart and what it kicks up by transit. For instance, women with Lilith aspecting Neptune may have dark or wild energy that operates in a stealthy or hidden manner, under the radar of others, or it may be that they are not conscious of their inner wild woman. They may also be mistaken for exhibiting this energy when they do not. By transit you get the same effect but only for the length of the transit.

A man with this aspect may find the women he’s interested in have a Lilith nature of this stripe. Alternately he may attract, on a subliminal level, Lilith-type attention from the women in his scope.

Natal Lilith by position and aspect shows how this energy asserts itself in your personality and in your life. Transiting Lilith moves through the zodiac challenging us to learn about this energy in myriad ways as it hits each house and aspects each planet.

How your natal Lilith is situated shows your general response to transiting Lilith energy. Oppositions and 7th house placement can predispose one to the possibility of projecting this energy when it is experienced: “It’s not me, it’s HER!”

Lilith just hit Taurus, right along with the Moon conjuncting Jupiter this week. People with early Scorpio likely saw some Lilith action, possibly from the other, or could it be projected onto the other?

Squares can be clashes. Trines tend to show up as recognizable challenges easily mastered or just a wild, fun time. Conjunctions to your natal Lilith are returns! It’s a chance to see how you’re doing within yourself in regard to this energy. It’s a chance to gain a new perspective and a new lease!

Got Lilith?

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63 thoughts on “Black Moon Lilith And Women”

  1. Got a Gemini 7ยบ50′ BML…
    squares my 7ยบ54′ Virgo rising… actually aspects all my house cuspids!!! (equal)
    inconjunct my Uranus in Scorpio 3rd
    trines my Pluto in Libra 2nd

  2. I have BML conjunct Part of Fortune and Neptune, square Saturn; trine Chiron. I always thought maybe I should make my living as a pro-Domme cum ‘therapist’. hee, hee ; )

  3. Damn, you made me look. Now I have a headache trying to figure out how to make this make sense!
    Sextiles saturn,squares neptune, opposing uranus, creating a T square with the three, squaring ceres/sedna conjunction, trining mercury, inconjunct sun/pluto conjunction. Whew, that is one busy lady! Oh yeah, she’s in Capricorn.

  4. Oh yeah, and all my Neptune/BML/PoF biz sextiles Pluto. Makes me wonder why I’m going to school, sometimes, when I could be Queen Bitch-with-a-whip instead; yes ?

  5. In Leo in the 10th quincunx Chiron, semisextile Pluto and opposing Jupiter.
    Transiting Lilith is conjunct natal Venus at 28 Aries, sextiling natal Lilith. Paying attention, thanks, Satori.

    1. I have bml in 10th house with moon in pisces and bml is at 29,7 degrees near to Aries. It squares my AC, which is in Gemini and Venus in Gemini. Mbl has trine to venus, pluto, mercury. Does all of this my lilith prominent?

  6. Oh where do I start?

    BML on my MC to the degree. Minus 7 miutes or seconds or whatever.

    In natal chart, square my moon. Which plays into my sun/moon/mars t-square I guess… Loosely. And t. BML is squaring my sun and opposing my Mars.

    Want to discuss my mood right now? No. I didn’t think so. I have better thighs than Ms. Stone.

  7. Oh yes I have been watching this transit. My natal placements, BML one degree cappy, jupiter one degree virgo, a trine. This transit of jupiter conj BML completes a grand trine to my natal BML/jupiter trine. Houses 2,6,10. And yes I did fill out an app today and had a prelim interview.

    The head administrator is an woman, she was unavailable today, due to being held over in a meeting r/t the budget being blown by holiday overtime, the receptionist snickered and under her breath said, plus she missed her lunch and she gets cranky when she doesn’t eat. Ears up, head cocked, do I smell a hungry taurean who hates spending money.

    I have been practicing in my Sharon Stone voice, “This is what I have to offer and I know I can provide value to your company”

  8. 5th house; trine Ceres, opposite Juno, & loosely conjunct Jupiter. Oh, and at 29 Taurus, conjunct Algol! Yikes?

    Currently coming up on a conjunction to my Taurus moon in 4th.

  9. My BML is at 2 degrees 30′ Virgo within 18 minutes of my IC and conjunct natal Uranus 00 degrees 26 ‘ Virgo and opposing Chiron 1 degree 55’ Pisces.

    I associate Pluto with Shiva energy and Lilth is without a doubt Kali. Should get very interesting when this Goddess moves into opposition of my Mercury, Venus, and Neptune stellum in Scorpio.

    Thanks Satori love hearing about this wild woman.

  10. BML in Scorpio squaring my AC and conj Neptune ๐Ÿ™‚ Looks like Juno is about to bump into her and tr. Lilith is getting ready to oppose natal Juno (at 8 Scorp) from my third house.

  11. Lilith as an astro phenom is squarely in the realm of “things about which I know diddly-squat”.
    By virtue of this interesting post, I go toddling off to check my chart–golly whillikers…There’s my natal BML at 1 deg Taurus and the transit is perched happily atop at 2 deg Taurus today, Jan4.

    Not knowing how fast BML moves, but knowing perfectly well the date of recent “incidentes comme Griffin”, I dial back to check the transit for Dec31.

    Bingo. That’s the day I was “an unnatural shedevil” (actual TAB quote, though he said it rather admiringly).
    1) Went on a power-bitch cleaning spree via phone informing the crazy con-artist lady that she didn’t *know* from crazy and if her ass wasn’t down the road and out of town in two days? Well, it wasn’t like anyone’d come looking for the body now was it? (she’s gone. crazy isn’t stupid.)
    2) Similarly took off the velvet glove and gave the arrogant, disrespectful SOB at work a public iron fist pounding culminating in offering to speeddial the CEO myself at home on New Years Eve so Mr. Butt-hurt could explain himself. This unknowingly won me favor with the new VP lady who was lurking on the call.
    3) That night begrudgingly attending a party half asleep in my grubby jeans, no makeup/hair with a baby nestled in a corner chair, I caused an angry altercation. Apparently the drunk guy I was humoring in conversation was actually flirting with me? (?!) His woman lost her shit and it got ugly fast. At no point did I get that it had anything to do with tired, haggard, bored to tears little ol me…but I was informed by the hostess later that he was “making an ass of himself falling all over you”.

    Holy Black Moon, Batman…I think I’ll make a point ot pay more attention to this Lilith phenomenon, eh?

  12. She’s exactly conjunct my Cancer ascendant and opposes my moon. Does that mean I look like a bitch but don’t need to?! She doesn’t aspect anything else with the exception of trine my north node.
    I’ve tried the whole domme thing, but found it didn’t scratch my itch. However, I have absolutely no problem becoming the queen bitch if I have to… on a dime. It feels totally natural.

  13. I have BML rising in Cancer, conjunct Jupiter and Asc; she trines Uranus and trines/sextiles my MC/nodal axes.

    I don’t pay much attention to Lillith. I’ve found very little information on her, so I can’t work with her yet. What I can say, though, is that the vast majority of the time I’m shoved into HBIC (head bitch in charge) role almost immediately when I walk into a room, whether I want it or not.

  14. I’m having my BML return this week.

    It’s out-of-sign conjunct my IC and N node & opp my sun. (Trine Jupiter/Mars)

    …I used to think I married a man who wasn’t much like my dad but they both have Venus/BML conjunct, ha ha.

  15. Hi Satori, which Lillith should I be looking at? One is avail to select at astro on thier chart extras list, the other has to be added as an astroid by number (1181) one is aries and one libra. Thanks

  16. This is a hoot. I have never looked up Lilith before. What a miskate that was. 8th house babybeeh. Nothing else in that house, thought it was empty. Man, talk about being wrong wrong wrong. Oh and a very loose conjunction to my MC in the next house and sign over. ROFL. Who knew!

  17. Thanks so much! Its 6h aries cnjct the hubs nnode and mc. Sq to my merc on 9th and opp my libra mars in 12h. I will read up on her this evening! Thanks again.

  18. I don’t tend to see Lilith as feminine energy alone, although it certain has a feminine archetype. Rather, I see it as energy in the person that goes to the “dark side” if one’s own shadows are not under some sort of check and balance.

  19. If this is not the one in the list on that says Lilith (I did some reading and there are several relatives called Lilith), could someone please advise as to it’s number for adding it into my chart, please. Is it h13 or h21? TIA

  20. #25 as I reread I found the answer. In my 7th in Taurus at 8 degrees opposite neptune and square my sun. Need to investigate.

  21. I have lilith in leo on my MC… square pluto. I know this is kind of a scary placement, so I most definitely try to keep a careful watch on my ego so it doesn’t get out of hand. I’m a bit paranoid that I radiate arrogance even though in everyday, I tend to struggle with many self-esteem issues. Pluto doesn’t let me get away with much as far as BML goes.

    I found my relationships with others got easier once I started to fully own up to and acknowledge my ”stuff”…

  22. “Oppositions and 7th house placement can predispose one to the possibility of projecting this energy when it is experienced”

    BML is alone in my 7th house of Cancer. Exactly trine my NN in Pisces. Sextile my SN and Sun/Pluto. I’ve never really investigated BML, but can say I definitely have a “wild woman” side, at times!

  23. I have BML in Scorpio along with Jack Nicholson and Stanley Kubrick. Morbid fascination with sex, some say – certainly a great need for it …

    And since it’s in H3 I only communicate fully with men with whom I’ve shared great sex, or at least a sexual rapport even if not physical. I feel something for them, even those who proved to be shits, that I don’t feel for any other people in my life

  24. My BML is conjunct the MC and SN in Capricorn square my sun/merc/venus.I think that means I’d be a great dominatrix lol

  25. Does anyone know anything about Algol conjunct Bml? I can’t seem to get any answers online, and this placement is really confusing me ๐Ÿ™

    Help would be much appreciated!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. my friend’s hubby has BML conjunct Sun at 0 deg. Its in Libra, his 10th house. He has money, no fame. And personally he is aggressive person. His Libra has gone to shadow and BML has became promonent.

    2. Catherine, which house and what sign, that will be imporatnt too.

      My idea is Algol represent by excess violance. I just read the astrology news letters… not a experienced one.

  26. Thank you for this article! I didn’t realize transiting Lilith could affect us so much. I know I’m waaaaay behind on this, but I just looked up my (what I believed to be unaspected) BML: 25 Virgo, 5th House. She is conjunct Nessus and Pan, opposite Ceres and Casanova, square Psyche, Nymphe and Uranus, and trine Mercury, Jupiter, PoF, Bacchus, MC, ASC, and Aphrodite.

    Don’t really know what any of that means for my personality (can you determine if someone is a wild nymphomaniac by astrology?), but I’m pretty sure it’s not her, it’s me.

  27. Lilith is conjunct my sun, Pluto and mc. It’s manifested in many ways. Many painful ways. Starting with my father who hates women. That certainly shaped how I felt about myself for a long time. I don’t understand a lot of the rules that surround male/female interaction. I think men sense that I’m uncontrollable and that scares them. It’s led to a lot of loneliness and a lot of mixed feelings about men. They are attracted to me but do not see me as a potentially good partner. I’m too challenging.

  28. Libra noir, I, too, have Pluto conjunct black moon Lilith. Mine is in the 8th house. I *am* the personification of “an iron fist in a velvet glove”. This conjunction has given me extraordinary perseverance regardless of the painful ways it manifested in my life until I was emotionally mature enough to own the energy. I don’t listen to pop music, however, I heard a song on the radio lately that I think the lyrics really puts a finger on this conjunction’s energy in a woman’s chart (especially in the 8th house or conjunct an angle). It’s Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse”. I have learned to harness the energy over the years and have lately come to realize that it allows me to manifest things in my life.

  29. Jose 8-29-1964 7:30 am mexicali , Mรฉxico I have Mars 19 deegrees with venus 20 deegrees cancer conjunction on the 10th house. Trine neptune 15 degrees in Scorpio on 2nd house which at the same time Trine chiron at 16 degrees in piscis making it a grand trine. Can any one tell me what it means??????

  30. My experience with BML is that she is as “normal” as ocean tides–subtle, powerful, and perhaps even predictable–until there’s an earthquake in Japan and you’re standing on the beach at Malibu and then you notice there’s a tsunami on the horizon, coming in *fast*.

    I have BML @ Libra 7 conjunct Sun at Libra 8 (both 4th house), opposing Eris @ Aries 10/10th house. Apparently my “demonic” Lilith energy is that of the “homewrecker.”

    “It’s 99% her and 1% me, so why am *I* the one being demonized?! All I did was be in the right place at the right time!!”

    I’ll tell you why. Her BML is in Libra also, but exactly on the cusp between houses 11 and 12. I think the 12th is a good place to hide something amidst a vast backdrop (in this case, explaining away her own history of adultery, conceiving a child with her lover while she was still legally married to–though separated from–her former husband, and prostitution–yes, actual prostitution–as the product of her diagnosed bipolar disorder), and the 11th is a place where you can project things onto a friend or acquaintance (who has no such baggage of her own(, and yet it stains your reputation with the whole social group. I equate it to walking into a house with light-colored carpet and suddenly realizing you have tracked dog-doo into the house on your shoe.

    It’s so unfair. ๐Ÿ™ It’s not fair that she gets away with doing this shit. People have said to me, “well, life isn’t fair,” and I retort, “no–*people make a choice* not to be fair, and that is unacceptable.” People have also said to me, “it’s just karma, and you can’t change it,” and that makes my head explode.

    Apologies for whining. This is in fact really painful for me. I’ve had all of the fallout, yet none of the actual fun, so to speak.

  31. I got lilith transiting Virgo 8th house about to conjunct south node, mercury and Pluto in orb. Feels potent. Anybody have an experience of this?

  32. Do I know about Lilith?? Well, I have BML in the 1st (Leo) square natal Mars (10th) and trine Neptune (5th).. Plus, I have asteroid Lilith on my rising. Zero orb. ?

    Letโ€™s just say that if Iโ€™m not conscious of my energy, I unwittingly attract all manner of perverts, stalkers, weirdos, and bullies towards me. However, as I grew up, I learned how to own her energy and wield it far more wisely. She gives me a lot more confidence in my sexuality but also a ton of primal instinct regarding my surroundings and an acute sense of danger. I use that to protect my kids. I also use it to help my girlfriends recognize red flags where they canโ€™t see it. Unexpected benefit.

    Thatโ€™s sort of how it works with a prominent Lilith. Own her wherever she falls in your chart or be continuously steamrolled by what that energy draws in. ??โ€โ™€๏ธ

  33. Apparently, the crazy bitch is me… at work.

    BML at 22Can07. Conjunct Retro Mars at 18Can37; opposite Saturn 15Cap46, Moon 19Cap23, 2nd house.

    BML in the 8th, hmm.

    I can hear a Heart song, comin’ on…

  34. BML early degrees of Pisces, 4th H (or 5th in equal), no aspects = whole lotta nothing going on.
    Gone for a walk. (& never came back)

  35. BML and PMS are like one in the same to me- they’re both even three letter abbreviations- that’s fitting.

    BML in my chart is the focus of a t-square involving Venus and Pluto. My mom was scary to me when I was growing up — that’s putting it rather mildly though.

  36. Where can I see the Lilith transit? I have Lilith 25ยฐ34′ ะฏ Scorpio, in 1st House. I hear this hard? It doesn’t appear to be aspected to anything else in my chart though so that’s probably a good thing!

  37. Hmmmm my bml conjunct my sun… men find me intimidating..

    Also tend to rub wives of my married friends off too. It’s like dude what did I do

    1. My mean BML is also conjunct my Sun. This is why I know that it is meaningless, only oscillating BML could be worth a look.

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