Alcoholism, drugs, sex…

garbage in wind

The Internet and Cigarettes

When I open the door to “the internet” these days, I see a typhoon of garbage swirling around.  This is good if you’re trying to quit! I came across a fairly passionate rant, I published in the forum, some months back…. “The curtain can be pulled back and the machinations, revealed, because our society is […]

mother and sons

Mothers Estranged From Their Adult Children

Holding a grudge has become a way of life for many. I don’t know that my perspective is trustworthy on this as my family is given to blood feuds!  Also, my parents were both hard-core Aquarians and not prone to clinging. I’m going to offer it anyway, just start this conversation. I just mentioned, Longstanding


Saturn Square Uranus: Snap Of It!

“Are you prepared to buy her cocaine, booze and other drugs?” I asked a client this morning. He’s a regular, I’ve worked with for years. “No, I’m not buying her cocaine.” “Well then she’s not interested in you because that’s what she wants…”

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