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How Or What Do You Present Yourself When You Meet Someone New?

In astrology, it’s common to refer to the ascendant as a person’s “first handshake”.  This is true outside of the fact it’s not nearly that simple. I’m writing this to pair with an earlier post. If you care about relationships and if what I assert in that post is true, it makes sense to consider […]

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Is A.I. Hindering Your Ability To Partner?

The idea is the social platforms are failing. To counteract this, AI steps in with fake personas to the bolster the illusion of engagement. I think this operation is well underway. So what’s the result? You go on a dating app, trying to find a viable partner. Unbeknownst to you, you’re under competitive pressure from

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Scorpio Moon Men

Hi Elsa, can you share your knowledge about men with Scorpio moons??? Thank you a lot, Sofia Hi, Sofia. I can try.  I’ll answer this from a personal perspective, rather than write something clinical or professional. The textbook stuff is all over the place. I think this will provide deeper insight. First, I have never set

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Where Are All The Men?

JR left a comment on Top Cheat Code For 2024 & Beyond.  She sounds like a stable, competent, responsible young woman, who’s at a standstill when it comes to partnering. I asked permission to address some of her concerns, because I feel they’re common to her generation and good advice is hard to come by.  This

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