Eris: Bad Fairy At The Christening

“Until you make the unconscious conscious it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”
— C.G. Jung

Eris (ee-ris) is a dwarf planet farther away from the sun than Pluto. Its revolution around the horoscope is even longer than Pluto’s. Because of this, everyone alive today has Eris in Aries or Pisces. With such a slow-moving planet the focus in interpretation will be on house position and aspects to quick-moving planets as everything else will be generational. Its sign association is yet to be named, though I’ve seen Libra and Virgo mentioned. It seems pretty Scorpionic in my estimation.

The mythical Eris, the namesake, is the goddess of Strife and Discord and the sister of Aries (Mars). She threw the golden apple that resulted in the War of Troy. Most of us are more familiar with the story of Sleeping Beauty which is a derivation of this basic archetypal character. To put it simply, she is the Bad Fairy at the Christening, a female representation of negativity and the disowned shadow which comes around to bite one on the butt.

Shine a light on Eris in your chart. Invite her to the party and you’ll get a better gift than if she shows up uninvited and PISSED.

Where is Eris in your chart? Do you embrace the shadow in this area of your life?

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75 thoughts on “Eris: Bad Fairy At The Christening”

  1. HA HA just last night I was reading up on Eris and my first thought was “I need to become friends with this bitch” She is in my first house and I don’t want her spoiling my coming out party. I would like for her to sit nicely and play nicely with Jupiter/Uranus

  2. Hah! I’ve been looking at Eris recently – turns out she’s in my 7th. Wouldn’t you just know. When I was younger, I would get bored in relationships and start arguments just to, well, just because ๐Ÿ™‚ I never quite understood why till I found dear old Eris…

  3. with the summer night sky shinning so brightly Eris has come up as the topic of conversation for me and some friends this week,, but i didn’t know she was in the astrological club already! I will definitely be reading more about her now ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Wow, amazing. Recurring theme in my life – anger at being excluded. Eris conjunct AC 6 Aries. I guess I do own it, but can I sell it?

  5. In my 4th House, conjunct Venus (and Mars, with a 7 degree orb). In a Grand Trine with Saturn/Neptune.

    I think I own it. I’m pretty aware of the shadow side of my home front–both the one I was raised in and the one I live in. I find in my case there is always something to learn, tho.

  6. Avatar
    Mariana (Mex)

    Defending Your Life (1991) – Albert Brooks, Meryl Streep

    A Flock of Seagulls โ€“ The More You Live, the More You Love โ€“ Video … The More You Live, the More You Love

    “If you don’t want a big problem , don’t touch it,”
    Aquiles hit an apple and this getting bigger.

    I think this is Eris.

  7. Thanks for the Eris ephemeris Elsa!

    Eris is in Aries at 10 degrees (4 degree conjunct to Venus) in the 4th house. *fist bump to Chrispy*

    After re-reading Satori’s post, I’m getting the full effect of Eris now…my home life growing up with corporal punishment (mother), and how I’m not doing that with my kids…making a better home Life (I think) for my kids so they aren’t afraid if I raise my voice (never with a fist…)

  8. Eris (6 degrees from my DC) in Aries 7th house . . . between this house and a packed 12th I don’t know if I ‘own’ even the shirt on my back.

  9. Conj my chart ruler Saturn in the 4th.

    4th house is genetics, so maybe Eris is my mutant collagen (Saturn) gene.

  10. Right there with ya Elsa — 8 degrees, 3rd house, and opposing my sweet old Venus in Libra. I’ll own up to a nasty vicious mouth that can shock big-time, especially when I’ve lost what little patience I do have….

  11. In my 5th making an unholy number of aspects (sun, moon, mercury, pluto, saturn…) And all this time I was worried that it was my Scorpio rising (conjunct neptune in the first, heavy sigh) that lit up the projection screen with bitchapalooza movies.

  12. ThankYou Elsa P. and Satori !!!

    Great Post in My 9th 9ยฐ from Mars Anger in Childhood!!!

    Blessings !!!

  13. Eris in my 9th house Aries, squares mars & squares saturn. So, chaos and strife shall manifest themselves … I don’t know. This is tough.

  14. For anyone else wondering about their Mars squares Eris placement I found this helpful article:

  15. Exactly opposing Pluto(-Venus-Mars) and 2ยฐ from my angles. Still have reading to do on her, though, so no interpretations. Yet.

    Thanks, satori! Reminded me to put this on my to-do list. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. Eris is conjunct my Mercury. I definitely think chaotically! Chaos chose me and well, you just gotta go with it.

    Always respect the Eris. I make sure to invite her, if you know what I mean.

  17. In my 9th house Aries, sextile moon. I am familiar with the shadow side of religion, yes, I’d have to say.

  18. In my 7th, exactly conjunct Chiron. Why yes, I do have some bitter “disagreements” with my partners and feel wounded by them (both by the disagreements and by the partners). In the process of learning to own it. It’s been a long process…hahaha.

  19. 9 degrees Aries, 9th house (but five degrees away from the MC), opposing Venus, trine Asc and also trine my Mercury/Jupiter conjunction in the 5th. I think I own my shadow for the most part but there’s always more to learn.

  20. Eris stands in opposition to my Sun by less than one degree. Shadow, indeed.

    (with Pluto conjunct my Sun as well, I figure I embrace my shadow by wearing it.)

  21. the wee planet is doing the toga dance with half my chart…

    fwiw, the Discordians have a very different perception of Eris… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. could be scorpio. could be sag. or aquarian, really. letting go of hoping to be included (fear of being excluded) and just expressing myself has given me frighteningly large upticks in my sense of self empowerment.

  23. Eris is in aries, my 9th house, less than four degrees from chiron, exactly (by 1min.) sextile saturn, opposite uranus (1degree), also exactly inconjunct bml as well. I think I should do a little more study on her,

  24. Woah! It’s part of a triple conjunction in the 5th with my Aries Moon and Chiron. It’s one minute from Chiron and exactly conjunct my Moon. Which means it’s also opposite my Sun/Mercury/Uranus conjunction.

  25. Avatar

    Well she’s conjunct chiron in my 11th and I’m not really sure what to think..

    I had a session with my old instructor a couple weeks ago that was helpful but something she said seems just out of my reach. She asked me to forgive myself. I have felt the need to but for what I don’t know. Maybe its really old and deep and covered over… maybe thats her conjunct chiron. Feels like if I could dig it out I could get on with 11th house stuff.. hopes and dreams and such..

    Is there something to read that will give a brief discription of Eris through the houses?

  26. Hmmm…. 10-degrees Aries in my 7th , and conjunct Jupiter. Guess that explains why my “Luck” tends to be a bit fickle.

  27. Interesting – Not sure what Eris in the 9th house would mean. She participates in a yod to my neptune and my mercury (Neptune in the 4th house). When that gets activated – things happen. Part of my healing with the break up with the Ex (I am not there yet – but working on it) was two fold – was to read over at WillowWeb on the Via-Combustiva (that’s him) and to realize that Eris is exactly conjunct his descendent in a Yod to Pluto and Neptune. We started I saw his Libra Ascendent and Moon, he became Neptune, Turned into Pluto and the night he broke up with me (a horrible conflaguration) Saturn was conjunct his ascendent – opposite his Eris.

    I have been learning to try to understand her better – as she does want attention.


  28. In my 2nd (Aries) conjunct my chiron and opposing my mars. Makes sense. I’m one evil bitch when I’m hurt or pissed off. Actually, the pissed off/hurt kinda go hand in hand.

  29. Eris conjunct chiron in the first. I’ve fought with my hairdresser. I no like what you did to my hair, i no pay. ๐Ÿ™‚ ….and oooooohhhh, i hold a grudge. Kinda skerred of the woman now. I’ll fukk up my own hair, thank you very much! ๐Ÿ™‚ lol.

  30. Oh yeah. She’s the first part of my shadow I claimed – anyone abandoned, rejected, forgotten, but finds out and shows up to the party uninvited anyway? Yup!

  31. Eris is exact conj my Anti-Vertex in the 12th (which also means it’s opposite my Pluto/Vertex combo). She trines my 8th hse Neptune(exact) & 5th hse Saturn, sextiles my Sun/Jupiter exact and is 8deg off my S.Node. There’s so many “shadows” involved in this equation, I’m not sure where to begin:-) Although I will say that I teeter btwn embracing this 12th hse shadow and being very nervous about what its potential is.

  32. Wow, what a great post and perfect quote to go along with it. So true. My Eris is 3 degrees above my DC in Aries. In fact I have quite a few asteroids in my seventh. This is what I need to learn more about… because I don’t really know what this means at all. Thanks for bringing this post back, probably never would have seen it otherwise since it’s from 2010. <3

  33. Mine is in the 11th house. Ooooo I see I see. I’m considered one of the friendliest people you’ll meet but I steer clear from groups of any kind. I’ve always noticed the darkside of too many like-minds in one box! Am I translating my eris correctly in this case?

  34. Ouch, at 3หš Aries in H7, opposing Neptune in Libra and squaring both NN in Gem and Merc/Ceres in Cap. Probably quite a little trouble-maker for me… will have to do some reading.

    No wonder I have to live alone…

  35. “bad fairy” is so judgemental ;P

    i have an exact (to the minute) conjunction with an interior planet. makes it a bit hard to parse, but i think there’s a transfiguration from pain to rage to destruction/purification involved. a very female kind of destruction, though.
    but, eh. my eris is all aries/8th. i’m not sure how to pull the aries/8th out of the eris…

  36. Eris in my 10th House, and yes, I used to resent not getting more recognition! Didn’t start any wars though….

    1. It seems like a very powerful combination. NN being the most important (Life mission. Soul contract). I hope you are harvesting the good fruits this combination promises.
      My Eris is conjunct to my NN only. And i thought i was in trouble. ๐Ÿ˜€

  37. Everyone who was born or will be born between 1926 and 2048 has Eris in Aries. Mine is in the 9th house. I’m not sure how it manifests in my life.

    1. So seems like Eris feels really very well in Aries. Like feeling at home…
      My natal Eris is conjunct my Chiron and the asteroid Nemesis in house One.

  38. I have the femme shit stirrer extraordinaire in my 11th H. Have shot myself in the foot many times over the years by lashing out at groups/tribes of people if/when I felt I was being treated unjustly or disrespectfully.

    To quote Cuba Gooding Jr from “Jerry Maguire”, “These are the A-B-Cs o’ me, baby!”

    Live and learn (and sometimes burn) …

  39. Eris is in my 3rd house. No wonder I have so much trouble with siblings. There are sudden eruptions of hostility. Felt this more when Uranus was transiting 10 -11 degrees of Aries.

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