Gifting And Mars

dylan “It is better to have loafed and lost, than never to have loafed at all.”
–James Thurber

Mars placement is indicative of how one acts. Venus expresses your esthetic, what you like and value. I’d say Venus plays a big part in the types of gifts a person is likely to pick out, but Mars, its placement and its aspects are most reflected in the way in which you give.

With my Mars in the third house in hard aspect to Jupiter (generosity) and uneasy aspect to Saturn (responsibility) I sometimes have difficulty “pulling the trigger” when it comes to gifting. I mull it over to the point where I’m late or give up. I’m uneven. Sometimes I give big (Jupiter) gifts and sometimes I don’t even leave myself time enough to send a card. Let’s just say I’m hit or miss and lucky enough to have gracious people in my life who love me anyway.

What kind of a gift-giver are you? Where is your Mars?

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  1. Very like you Satori – sometimes big gifts usually when not expected! I’m fairly hopeless at Xmas and birthdays… there are only a couple of people whose birthdays I never forget… Can I blame Mars Rx in Cancer hahaha

  2. I have Mars in Libra in the 9th and will give over the top in most cases BUT. There is a Mars flavor to everything I give – sort of like getting a present from a caveman.

    I apologize for this but can’t seem to do anything about it. People get HIT with gifts from me, I can think of no other way to put it.

  3. Mars conjunct Venus in Libra. Uneven is definitely the way to describe it! Though I do try to remember.

    Hell, I was “married” for eight years and never remembered my anniversary for six. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I don’t claim to have the best head for dates.

  4. my son did the above art for a poetry book three years ago. I just pointed it out on the screen and he said, “eh, that means nothing to me.” sixth house aries mars. he did it; he moved on.

  5. mars opp jupiter & uranus (trine MC)… my bf says i like to give gifts that I would like to get but most of the time people like the gifts i give as i also try to be practical and get them something useful.. so i don’t see anything wrong with having good taste and sharing it with friends ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. I’m very good at remembering what people say that they like and try to buy it for them even if it is above the set price. My little cousins always wanted me to get their name! LOL

    Mars in Taurus in the 12th, Venus in Aries in the 11th.

  7. Mars in 10th House Cancer. I am hopeless with gifts. I can never keep them a secret. I will tell someone I bought them a gift while I’m at the shop and then sometimes I won’t even be able to wait until home to tell them what it is.

    I have to buy Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve because otherwise I will give it early.

    I never quite get the right gift for people but the thought is always there. Gift giving is my expression of love. I will sit up all night long and hand make a gift to show my love. And when people reject my gifts, it’s like me saying ‘I love you’ and getting a response of ‘I don’t love you back’. And it’s SO painful.

  8. I like giving gifts and I’m pretty good at it, esp. thinking about what the person would really like and then finding the perfect item.

    But I’ve always felt uncomfortable *receiving* gifts. To the point that when I was a kid I would literally lock myself in my room during my birthday parties at present-opening time and refuse to come out! This is documented extensively in family photos. ๐Ÿ™
    As an adult I tend to handle it more gracefully and resist the urge to run and hide!

    It has something to do with having people think I didn’t like the gift when I really did, and never feeling like I’m acting “grateful” enough, and that made me paranoid about it. Not sure of the relevant aspects for such a thing?

  9. venus/mars in 4th–tonight i went to a party and i brought the pregnant host sparkling blood orange juice (she loves her wine usually), and super fancy italian crackers.

    i like to give edible gifts.

  10. I love giving gifts and making people smile.

    I put a lot of thought into choosing items that I know the recipient would like. I make mental notes when I hear people say that they like certain things and file it away until it is gifting time.

    I have Mars and Venus in Taurus.

    1. I also have mars and venus in Taurus (in the 7th house). And I also love to give gifts. Sometimes I don’t even wait till it’s an occasion, like a birthday or whatever. I’ve noticed that a lot of folks give what they want rather than give what the receiver wants. It’s important to think about what would make someone happy, or at least smile.

  11. I’m a proper drama queen – mars in leo – so love creating theatre around presents.

    First off getting the right present is a matter of great pride! Then presenting it is the creme de la creme. I once set up a treasure trail for an ex-boyfriend, starting in a medallion box (which I know he would have hated), leading to a signed A3 framed print of his hero (1 of 100).

    This year, I’m buying a flying lesson for my SO but to add some drama and give him something to ‘open’ I’ve tracked down the same plane he’d be flying in in model kit form, and I’ll add the voucher into the packaging to surprise him.

    We’re both 30. It’s tragic. He also has leo in mars though and decided this week to put my present under the tree to get me excited ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thing is while I love giving presents, I really don’t like receiving them, bit like Jennifer. Maybe this is because mars is bang on my descendent?

  12. I have Mars in Libra in the 8th. My gifts are usually unusual but they rock..but I often put myself under a lot of pressure about it. I literally take mental notes all year about people I will be buying christmas presents for. My memory sucks, so I have a little calendar that I have kept for years with birthdays and stuff in it. I think my Libra allows me to step inside someone else and see what it is they would really like.

    Only thing is, I do procrastinate (thank you Cap rising–I always think a job is bigger than it is b/c I’m obsessing about it being perfect, so I put it off til last minute) so my packaging ends up much like what elsa describes. I just hold onto “u can’t judge a book by its cover” and pray they forgive me for not following through with a pretty package.

  13. I like to give the perfect present. Virgo mars in the 12th. I plan and think and squirrel away ideas. I really think about the person and what appeals to him/her, what is important. People ask me all the time to help them pick a gift. I don’t know if I’ve ever really missed on a gift idea. I don’t think so. Also, I tend to make sure it is appropriate, not too big or too little, and consider how the person will receive it so that they get the right message.

  14. I’m a terrible gift giver, I admit it. *slaps.head* I forget birthdays… I even forgot my own wedding anniversary last year. I’ll give randomly, but when I feel ‘pressured’ and it’s ‘expected’, I can’t help but rebel. I don’t know how the Astrology plays in all that… I’ve got Mars in Pisces, Jupiter in Aquarius and Venus in Aries.

  15. I have Mars in Scorpio in the 4th house, conjunct the Sun and square Uranus/Chiron. If I’m giving a present to someone I really care about, it’s chosen especially with them in mind, and people seem to like my presents very much. Even things like the Secret Santa at work are personalized if possible. Venus in Libra, in the 3rd. And I love choosing presents for kids and watching them unwrap them to see the delight on their faces. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. I have both Venus and Mars in Gemini in my 3rd house. I don’t know if that affects my gift buying. I try and find something special and unique for each person. I’m a True Taurus that way…..

  17. Mars in Libra 2nd House. I’m a big fan of “what can they use?” I hate to dust, so I am not one to give cluttery knick knacks and such. Talking with people, I can usually get an idea of something they are needing to make their life easier.

    Doesn’t always work out, though. Lee has dropped/lost countless little metal connectors when working in the shop and then it’s chaos as everyone is hunting around in a huge area looking for a “thingy”. heh So for his birthday this past year, I got him a magnetic bracelet like thing to hold the tiny nuts, bolts, screws, etc. He had something else entirely in mind. Different gift giving ideas, I guess.

  18. Mars and Venus in Scorpio (11th house). I’m at a total loss as to how that plays out in my gifting… Will have to mull this over ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Mars conjuncts my MC. I hope that doesn’t mean I gift in order to increase my reputation/standing because that would mean I’m such a jerk!

  20. I’m very meh about forced gift giving on occassions…i’ll put $ and thought in sure, but I don’t love it. I really enjoy giving ppl gifts unexpectedly (mars trine uranus?). I give when I think of something perfect for the person even if there’s no occassion (venus in the 7th in virgo & mars in cancer – I know a fit when I see it). I sorta mildly resent the organized gifts that come less from the heart but I do it anyway.

  21. Another 6th house Gemini Mars here (Square Saturn, Sextile Jupiter/Mercury). I do usually give practical gifts, I also have a habit of “gifting” my work skills for this or that. I’m an uneven gifter, I confess โ€”- mostly as I don’t like feeling forced and/or when gift-giving becomes a chore. In an ideal world, I’d only give a gift if I found something I think the receiver would truly love. The best gifts I’ve given are ones that truly “fit” the person I’m giving it to. That must be my 7th house Gemini Venus talking.:O)

  22. Mars in the 1st in Cancer…sometimes its better when I don’t give away everything…limits with my resources have kept me making more homemade things. I don’t want to brag about self-harmfull giving trying to make up for all those times I get gifts & favours and feel too obligated to give too much that I don’t have.

    I have Mars Sun and Venus conjoined. Jupiter in Virgo sextile Mars/Sun.. Sometimes I suspect what I can’t give in materium, I give much in service. I even give a place to stay sometimes at my own detriment. But I wish I knew just how to make things that didn’t just clutter up people’s lives.

  23. Avatar

    Mars in Taurus in the 12th. I want to give meaningful, beautiful, and usually costly (either time, money or emotion wise) gifts. I have not bought 1 gift yet for Christmas I’m waiting for money and Jupiter in Taurus is rx conj my natal Aries 29 Venus. Hoping things break loose soon…

  24. 2nd house Mars in Aquarius square Uranus which conjuncts my 4th house Venus in Taurus. Love to give, but erratic, often get it wrong. I blush to remember the faux pas I’ve made over the years. One time it worked, though, I did an eccentric thing for three female work mates who were off to Indonesia together. I secretly made them caftans which they later appreciated, saying they’d loved wearing them during the hot siesta time each day. My gay Aquarius brother always loved my gifts.

  25. I listen to people all year and they tell me what they want. I make a mental note and try to buy it for them. I usually have several things for the people I buy for at any given time. In fact, when my ex broke it off with me three weeks before his birthday I still gave him a couple of his gifts because they were things that I couldn’t imagine giving to anybody else – they were bought so specifically for him. I think that surprised him. I have Venus conjunct Uranus in my second house (Gemini) opposing Jupiter in Sadge. Mars in Leo – I do like to make a big deal about giving my gifts. I enjoy watching people’s faces as they open just the right gift.

  26. Mars in Scorpio but like you Satori with Saturn in my first house I feel uneasy that either they won’t like what I pick (it will be too much and make them uncomfortable)or I just crap out and get a gift card for loss of any other ideas. I WANT to give and give big (Jupiter in Libra)but Jupiter is also square my Saturn so I go see sawing back and forth. When I was young I used get paid and then take five or six friends out for dinner and pay the whole tab. I didn’t realize the value of money. But my Venus in Cap is teaching me now.

  27. Totally over the top and too generous, I’ll spend months thinking of the right thing and paying attention to detail, usually get something custom made for someone special – no one outdoes me on presents (this is a pathetic problem I’ll admit and it has actually made some people uncomfortable so I have recognised this and reined it in a bit)

    I can accept gifts but I honestly much prefer giving. It gives me the biggest kick to find the right thing for someone.

    Mars in Libra, Venus in Virgo, Moon in Leo

  28. venusflytrp I know someone just like this and is Mars in Cancer trine Uranus (scorpio) and Venus in Virgo! I really like it, I think it is much cooler than the “expected” occasion thing

  29. I just read my response #11 from a year ago – love giving, hate receiving, used to hide in my room to get away from opening presents as a kid.

    This year, I’m sending a box of gifts to a friend who’s been an incredible support to me thru hard times this year – something for her and each member of her family. She will be totally surprised, completely unexpected.

    Mars in 12th @GC in Sagitarrius. So I just made a connection – hidden or secret gifts = 12th house?

  30. funny you should mention the fact it’s a rerun, Josephine… I felt
    kind of bad doing a rerun but I started writing this whole thing out
    in my mind this morning and realized, hey, I think I’ve said this
    before… searched, and this came up! I guess it’s like recycling,
    regifting. ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Mars in the second house in Sag – even though I personally have a bunch of squares to it – I overdo the gifts when I give them. Spendthrift is what I am. Right now I have no bucks so the gift well has run dry but I always would spend more than I needed too or I overdo it somehow. I always feel like what I buy or do for people is never enough.

  32. I am famous for giving special gifts that people adore. I love giving presents, and wrap carefully,
    Mars in Leo. Venus /Saturn in Gemini.

    I love thinking about what others would like and then finding just the thing and giving it to them in the way they would like to get it.
    Whether, they want to be fussed over, or just slipped something casually, I like to get that part right too. Virgo Moon could play a hand here in the choosing.

  33. Mars in Aquarius in the 7th. I like to give unique or personalized gifts. I really try to pick something specific to the person. My laziest gift is “making” a card and giving them money.

  34. 1st house Taurus Mars. I always buy gifts that I would like to receive… I noticed this year that a lot of the Christmas gifts I bought (or made) are food related. This Christmas I bought too many gifts for the number of people I have to buy for. I don’t know how that happened… except maybe Jupiter currently transiting my 1st house.

  35. i was just reading instyle magazine and in it jennifer garner’s talking about ben affleck’s gift giving. she says he knows when to “swoop in with the gesture” and that he likes to give her diamonds. i know ben is a leo so i was figuring he’d have mars in leo or something. well he’s got venus in cancer and mars in very early virgo (but mars is trine jupiter so maybe that accounts for the drama).

  36. I love giving generous gifts, planning them out, wrapping them beautifully. Mars in Aries conj Jupiter and Chiron trine Venus in Leo. This is something I’m good at.

  37. Mars/Venus conjunct in Cancer in the 2nd. I don’t give gifts, I give care packages, usually with food that I’ve made as well.

  38. Mars exactly conjunct Neptune in Sag, tenth house… I give without boundaries! With Venus in tweltfh house, I always know what kind of present someone really wants to have, or really looooves when it’s unexpected. Unfortunately… the things I get I never like…

  39. Further my post number one – I also do have Mars square Jupiter hahaha!

    I’m usually broke so giving eg Xmas gifts to my very wealthy relations always came hard. I like to give gifts of food or wine, eg preserves etc I’ve made my self or luxury items like good walnut oil or special liqueurs or whiskeys. Moon in Taurus.

    I usually give very good presents when I’m flush with money, and very little when I’m not.

    But I do give ‘non-occasion’ gifts quite often as well – I see something which a friend would love, and get it for them. I like the element of surprise. Uranus trine Jupiter! I once spent months finding something for a racing friend that he’d been looking for, for over 25 years; I packaged it and chose a special occasion to give it him, with quite an audience in attendence… it was a roaring success. In fact he was so thrilled he game me a share in one of his racehorses ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. Venus in Libra, 3rd house; Mars in Scorpio, 4th house.
    I love giving presents, put a lot of thought and time into them, and have gotten compliments on my good taste in present-giving. The holidays aren’t nearly as fun without getting to watch someone opening their presents. I appreciate it when someone puts obvious thought into a present they’ve chosen for me, too (but don’t actually expect it).
    When my mother was alive, she and I used to go shopping a fair amount, and throughout the year she’d go back separately and buy my Christmas gifts… they were usually things I’d admired but didn’t get for myself. The year she passed away, I found a few items she’d hidden that were clearly intended to be for my birthday/Christmas. My father was all “put something you want on the MasterCard”, which wasn’t nearly as enjoyable.
    I can’t relate my Mars to the manner in which I give the presents at all, really, except for the joke ones.

  41. Geez!!! This is such a good question, and my answer ties to how I CONSTANTLY grapple with gifting my art, which are packaged in story. Mars and Saturn are conjunct, tight, in dramatic 8th House Leo. In square to my Scorpio Sun. I wonder just how those gifts are received (they’re usually so dense with meaning, it’s taken a life-time to soften and flow more often).
    Yes, what a good question to look at gifting from a different angle. xo Thanks, Satori

  42. I had this discussion with a work associate once because we all gave each other gifts for Xmas. She said my gifts were thoughtful because she never would have thought about it like that. The ‘like that’ was about how I decided what to give was based on what the person was into. I don’t know how I could give a gift without it being a gift I thought the person could use. She tended to give everyone the same thing across the board. Mars in pisces. Mars does oppose Jupiter in utilitarian Virgo which could explain it. Mars also trines venus in cancer and saturn in scorpio. I am not correlating to this. Just considering it.

  43. Mars in Taurus 11th house. Iโ€™ve always loved gift shopping, and for Christmas I always go beyond my budget.This year is going to be hard( for many probably). Also overly concerned with the wrappings. I go to a specialty paper shop and usually use about 100-120 dollars each Christmas on paper and tags. Also I hate Christmas, but it is the only time one can through gifts give people love, and itโ€™s maybe not the most advanced love language but Iโ€™m not familiar with alternatives. Love finding the little people in my life gifts , and I give them many small things , I would never buy a single thing, unless someone specifically asked for it, like I fill a box with weird novelty items ( not that anything is novelty anymore) and a book. Or tickets to stuff , but right now , that is not really an alternative.

  44. I try to pick out gifts that have some type of sentimental value unless I know the person wouldnโ€™t appreciate, then I get them whatever it is they would want. Venus in Aries H9 trine Neptune. I think Neptune is one of the most sentimental planets outside the Moon. But when I give I just sort of give it to the person in a hurry. Iโ€™m also really bad about saying โ€œyou want you gift now?โ€ as in early because itโ€™s hard for me to wait to give someone a gift. I have Mars in Aries trine Jupiter and Uranus in Sag.

  45. Retrograde Scorpio Venus- first house, in a square to Leo Moon in the 10th. The gifts I give must be personal- I hate those “top ten gift ideas” articles. I read them only to make sure I don’t get any of them. I shop at antique and thrift shops, as well as unusual local stores, searching for something that whispers the recipient’s name. That’s probably the retro Scorpio Venus- nothing superficial allowed. The trouble comes when I can’t find the right gift and spend weeks thrashing around until I end up buying them something I like, which doesn’t always work out… but I meant well. As far as Leo Mars, I can relate to the other comment here about wanting to give the present immediately. I struggle with that too. Part of that feeling is a tragic fear that somehow I might not get a chance to give it to them later, at the proper time. That’s probably not Leo Mars talking, but maybe Scorpio Venus again.
    Great thread idea- I’m enjoying this one!

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