Weekly Forecast: January 1-5, 2024 – Happy New Year!

party at satori'sEarly Monday, Sagittarius Venus perfects its square to Pisces Saturn, and the squeeze eases. Venus in Sadge wants more, wants to get away; so once the brakes are off, perhaps we won’t have to work so hard for love.

Monday’s Mercury-ruled Virgo Moon trines retro Uranus all day long, as Mercury slows to station and turn direct by night. Overnight, the Moon squares direct Mercury in Sagittarius. While we’re ready for the details to straighten their curve, I wouldn’t expect smooth sailing just yet. However, the mood of the day benefits from last minute surprise tidbits sliding in under the wire. Making sense of it all may keep us awake.

Even with Mercury direct, clarity is still a ways off as it heads right back into square with Neptune. Both are in mutable signs, foggy but fierce. Nothing stays hidden forever. Eventually the fog clears. All week long, misunderstandings, misspeaking and mishearing will continue… but there are also bits of magic taking place, hidden messages that unravel in time.

Tuesday morning, the Virgo Moon forms a t-square with Mercury-Mars and an opposition to Neptune before moving on to trine Pluto. Take things as they come and power through what’s right in front of you. Satisfaction hinges on not getting lost in what DOESN’T work – rather, momentum feels the best. Keep at it; don’t be afraid to clear away obstacles.

By afternoon, the Moon moves to Libra, Venus-ruled. It opposes the midpoint of the Saturn-Jupiter sextile and sextiles Venus as Venus quincunxes Jupiter. It sounds messy, but what we feel is well-metered hope! We just might get a chance to win! That’s how it feels. What it needs is a hope-fueled extra push of investment. A little bit of charm and sweetness and a little bit of adventure go a long, long way. Don’t overdo it, but definitely respond to the dance.

Wednesday’s Libra Moon perfects its sextile to Venus early on, then heads into a t-square with the Sun and Chiron – the Moon opposing Chiron across the nodal axis. The Sun goes on to close its square to Chiron Friday night. Wednesday’s mood shows the difficulty of capitalizing on our investment as we’re still leveraging learning into knowing. Keep at it, keep your chin up: seeds slumber underground.

Early Thursday, Mars marches into Capricorn – from Jupiter rule to Saturn rule. The pace slows but oversight increases. Mars moves to sextile Saturn, exact early Friday. It makes more sense to do things right even if it means we slow things down. We’ll soon catch up as Mars also heads into trine with Jupiter. We don’t want to scrimp on quality, particularly in the foundation. Big projects are coming.

Thursday’s Libra Moon sextiles direct Mercury then heads into square with Pluto overnight. It feels reassuring as plans promise rewards. The intensity ramps up at the end, but we’re up to it.

Friday morning, the Libra Moon finishes up its square to Pluto and heads into Scorpio. The Scorpio Moon sextiles Mars and trines Saturn as Mars perfects its sextile to Saturn. It’s easy to say we dig in and go… but it’s more than that. It feels right to go, and the perfect action emerges in the perfect time: a rare opportunity for commitment.

Friday afternoon, the Scorpio Moon opposes Jupiter and cruises on that juice all night long. Sounds like a celebration! Generosity is the impulse, so deeply consider what you’re giving. When it’s right, it’s oh so right.

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  1. Happy New Year, Satori and Elsa! Grateful for you both and this wonderful website. Keep up the fantastic work!!

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