Introduction To Ceres In The Natal Chart

“It is difficult for some people to accept that love is a choice. This seems to run counter to the generally accepted theory of romantic love which expounds that love is inborn and as such requires no more than to accept it.”
       –Leo Buscaglia, Pisces Ceres conjunct the nadir sextile Taurus Venus in the 6th house

The Ceres of mythology is the the archetype of the earth mother. The asteroid Ceres represents both our nurturing needs and how we nurture others. It is how we were nurtured as children and how we nurture our own children, as well as all the others we choose to interact with. The expression of Ceres energies ranges from controlling to permissive, cold to overbearing, just as human caregivers do. Just because it’s mama energy does not necessarily mean “warm and fuzzy.”

That may sound counterintuitive but one illustration of an unusual nurturing style is a child who has spent much time in a hospital setting. It’s not unusual for such a child to be averse to cuddly toys and warm embraces. Often such things are associated with painful procedures or the advent of another extended stay away from home.

So with Ceres placements by sign we can see the general flavor of this energy, the way in which someone feels nurtured as well as the way they tend to nurture others. By house we see the arena where this plays out. Someone with a Cancer Ceres may seem homey, while an Aquarian Ceres may be a cerebral nurturer. Now put that Cancer Ceres in the 12th house and you may not see that homey nature at all, yet it is still there. The Aquarian Ceres in the 4th, while still cerebral, may acquire more of that homey feeling by virtue of being in Cancer’s house.

One way to observe Ceres in the chart is in gift giving. What gifts do you like to give and why? Perhaps you can see that in your Ceres placement. An unevolved gift giver gives to others what they themselves would like to receive. One will tend to try to nurture others in the way they need nurturance. One way to “grow up” your Ceres nature is to observe the Ceres placement of others in your life and find how your nurturing style fits with their nurturing needs.

Where is your Ceres? Can you relate this to how you were nurtured as a child? How about your gift giving?

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78 thoughts on “Introduction To Ceres In The Natal Chart”

  1. Ceres in Pisces, 9th House. I need to be nurtured with Spirituality, Compassion and “big-picture” thoughts, and I tend to nurture people the same way.

  2. My Ceres is 12th house Virgo, and sextiling NN/Venus/Uranus in 2nd house Scorpio and squaring Jupiter/MC in 10th house. Definitely reflected on how I was raised. My Mother died when I was young, so my Dad was my primary caregiver. He put me before his career when my Mother died, although I think this was in his chart, overall (3rd house Moon, some 4th house, a 5th house Scorpio Stellium, so he has always been a familyman above all).

    Also reflects on how I’ve viewed work since I became mother myself, later in life than most women. I was a very hard worker before, and had a lot of frustrated ambition, because I never seemed to get anywhere (something I’ve written about here, over the years). After my maternity leave, I went back to a toxic work environment, earlier than required by law and even earlier than most parents do to keep my job, partially for financial reasons, but mostly just to prove what a standout employee I was. It was a disaster I’ve reported here on boards for many reasons. After a year, and becoming chronically ill, I realized I didn’t really care about how I’d be viewed as an employee anymore. What mattered was to be there for my daughter, and not just physically, but emotionally too. So, when offered a neat way to leave that job, I took the package offered, and have been on a kind of a sabbatical leave since early March. I am still chronically ill, and it can be harder to deal with a Cardinal Toddler and a Cardinal Husband than 20 angry clients a day. But I just thought another day that I haven’t been happier in my life, and if it wasn’t for the money, I could just stay home and study (I’ve been accepted to a fast track BBA program) until my daughter goes to school, at least. In fact, I’m slightly terrified at starting to apply for jobs again.

    But there’s that money thingy, and the fact that I like to give, materially too, as demostrated by that Ceres sextile to Venus. Maybe the Ceres in 12th house is indicative that one of my favorite mode of giving are anonymous donations. I’d hate to be that person smiling on photos handing over a big check to a charity, quite frankly! I have a couple of charities I donate to, and I’m a member of our State Church, meaning some of my income goes to the Church in taxes. I’m not a church goer, so I could well take myself out of the register, just as most people my age living in cities here have done, but I like charity work they do, here and Worldwide, and I also like church buildings and art in them.

  3. I read Myths of Ancient Greece in my childhood and associated Ceres with work, structure of work and something else, I don’t know because about Demetra there were not much myths. My favorite goddess was Athena.:) And this is very new information about Ceres. Didn’t know. Mine in Sagittarius in 9th conj Uranus, so I like to give gifts with sence and that can to expend concious. Or simply give chocolate of another food, according my Moon in Taurus.:)

  4. Ceres in Aries, 9th house, sextile Moon in Gemini (10th) and square Sun in Cancer (11th)

    Firstly, it describes my mother to a T. She is an Aries Sun who’s from a foreign country (9th). She lived with her twin (Moon in Gemini) who both raised me and stuffed me silly with their culture and exotic foods.

    I feel most nurtured when I get my freedom and independence to travel and explore and to also immerse myself in whatever new studies strike my fancy. I’m a lifelong student. And I nurture and encourage others to do the same. Break out of your mold! (Aries)

  5. Ceres in Aquarius exactly opposed Moon conjunct Pluto in Leo.

    Gift giving is so hard for me. It fills me with anxiety and dread. I spend way too much time on it and rarely does it work. I often try too hard to make something or find something unique. I am not sentimental and sort of resent Christmas and present-giving times.

    I think Ceres in Aquarius alone would just not worry about it; I suspect MoonPluto contributes the angst.

  6. OMG! Isernia and I are identical Ceres in Virgo 7th House “twins!” Ditto, ditto, ditto!!!
    Isernia on March 20, 2012 at 8:54 am said:
    Ceres Virgo 7th. I believe a firm foundation is crucial to growing up happily. I always made sure I did what someone is “supposed” to do in a relationship. When my ex refused to do his part, I overcompensated being father and mother to my kids to give them a stable home life regardless. I bring stability by fulfilling as many roles as possible. I want my kids to feel a solid foundation. I like to give gifts that I know the person will actually use, so I won’t buy something without asking them what they like.

    This morning, I noticed Tr Ceres is in my Taurus-ruled 3rd House. This week, I am helping a close girlfriend (who is like a “sister” – 3rd House) move (my practical Virgo Ceres gift/Gemini – short travel in same city) into her new, beautiful (Taurus) home.

  7. Ceres in Virgo in 2nd house conjunct Sun and square Saturn. I try to get the perfect gift that fits the person and that they will actually use (practical). I have to admit I don’t like to spend too much though (square Saturn)!

  8. 12 th house. But tightly conjunct my ascendant.

    I really enjoy giving gifts… I put weeks planning, deciding and/or making (includes food) a gift that I hope will be useful to the other person.

    I was recently told that as a kid I had once spent a whole day getting gifts for every friend attending my simple birthday party and gifts for party games winners and then I had banned them from getting me any gifts because I just wanted them to come, play games and enjoy a good time.
    For some reason I still don’t like getting gifts, don’t know why.

  9. Chiming in with my 2 cents…

    Ceres in 7H veeery late Virgo[trine to my Aquarian NN and Cancer Chiron, in different directions as well as semisquare to Leo Jupiter], so I suppose that would be triplets or enough for a club of us?

    Childhood nurturing did involve being read to and cuddling, but there were other factors at work which do include emotional abuse. My poor Pisces mother did the best she could but I was quite the prickly pear, naturally.

    I nurture others in practical ways — making them packed snacks or making sure they have gas money.

    Gift giving is def my Love Language, I would rather have dental work done than verbally express my feelings. I try for thoughtful things over practical but if it is a useful item I try to select the most aesthetically fitting one. If I do select a whimsical item it is based on ‘they will see this and make high pitched joyful noises’ rather than any inborn appreciation *for* whimsy. It is the sentimental value of said object.

    Also, [here I attribute Scorpio, Stellium #1] I am a gift ninja — extremely secretive about the process, and many times people have been surprised I recalled when they expressed interest/need or encountered the gift together, OR the process of packaging the gift, that is getting a gift bag and card together and so on.

    I prefer gift giving to gift receiving, again because I am uncomfortable with displaying human emotions.

  10. Ceres in 6th house Pisces conjunct north node, sextile Mercury and Chiron. I can’t tell you how many times I raised my children as if it were my career. My husband is military, we moved every three years and he was away a lot. It was me and my 3 kids. I nurtured by helping them find their place wherever we lived. I drove, I cooked, I hosted, I volunteered. But it was never a chore. They are all in their 20’s, independent and we remain are close. Now I look at retirement (nurturing myself) as my next career! My mother had Ceres in Scorpio trine her Pisces Moon, Venus and Uranus. She was a she-bear of a Mom, overly protective with high expectations.

  11. Ceres Retrograde in 3rd H (Cancer) conj Uranus & Leo Moon.
    I nurture people I care about with careful and precise communication. (3rd H)

    Plus I’m super protective of home privacy and who can visit and who can not. (Cancer) Super protective with home security too. I’m guarded and cautious with whom is welcome to even stay overnight.

    I rarely give people bought gifts, have always felt uneasy about buying gifts, as I feel I give precise, insightful communication as my contribution/gift to their lives instead.

  12. I have Ceres in Taurus on the north node in the 11th. I always give practical gifts, plants, kitchen appliances, things that have a practical use! I’ve also noticed Ceres tends to feature in life and death milestones in life. I see it being aspected by the transit nodes, eclipses, including progressed Ceres.

  13. Ceres concerns contracts, like the marriage contract to name one. So a bad aspect from Saturn will mean the end of the marriage.

    Personally I have to perpetually be on the look out as Ceres in my chart sextiles both Saturn and Mercury. Even though its a sextile as Saturn is involved.

  14. Ceres concerns contracts, such as the marriage contract.

    A bad aspect from Saturn will mean the contract in this case marriage is over.

    I have to be particularly cautious with contracts as I have both Saturn and mercury sextilling Ceres. Even though they are sextiles Saturn is involved.

  15. Ceres in aquarius 1st house conjunct lilith. I like giving gifts, the only ones having a problem with it are shopkeepers, there too many commenting on my taste, calling the item I pick ugly and shoving other things in my face. I’ve never given up in shame=lilith or bought their suggestions. Went with my gut and people end up loving it. I have aquarius ruling my 2nd- uranus in 1st conj moon and neptune and it’s very easy to envision and feel what my friends or family would like or need as a gift, not necessarily because of this planetary combo but because I pay attention and have good memory.

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