Is Capricorn Always Career-Oriented?

white goats capricornA question I hear a lot, particularly from younger clients and friends, is why Capricorn is so regularly described as career-focused. Many of them who have Capricorn placements either say they don’t identify with their sign or even worry that they are failing somehow if they are not putting their career first. This does a real disservice to a ton of people, so I’m here to dispel some myths.

It’s true that Capricorn can be career-oriented, but it’s not always the case. What Capricorn is, is goal-oriented. Ambitious. Capricorn is sharp, driving Cardinal energy made manifest in in the physical world. Capricorn is a sign that makes things happen.

Capricorn manages things, but not always employees. One person I know plans group outings and vacations for her friends every single weekend. People might not hire travel agents anymore, but with her they’ve got the next best thing. Another Capricorn founded book club that she rules with an iron fist. The expectations for members are high, but it’s wildly successful – there’s a wait list for membership at least 20 people deep!

Capricorn is often climbing, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re climbing a career ladder. They will, however, consistently achieve in the area of life they direct their energy toward. The house that Capricorn inhabits gives more information about exactly where they’re striving.

  • One Capricorn I know with the Sun in the 6th house has taken training his pet to new levels. How many Boxer puppies do you know that can be trusted to calmly walk off-leash regardless of distraction?
  • Someone else with Capricorn in the 9th has read easily five thousand books, and shows no sign of stopping. She’s only in her thirties, so imagine how big that number will grow!
  • Another person with their Capricorn Sun in the 11th has cultivated a huge social media following due to her stark, Gothic photography and persona. She’s the best out there in terms of her little niche.

The possibilities are endless! The point is, career is far from the only expression of Capricorn energy. I reject the notion that we can fail at living our charts. In fact, a Capricorn that is afraid of failure is…well, a Capricorn! That’s part of the package. But as long as Capricorn growing, climbing, and making their goals manifest, they are doing just fine. They succeed by being exactly who they are.

Are you a Capricorn with less conventional accomplishments? What ladder do you climb?

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  1. thank you for that! I do ,however, have a question. How would having Capricorn in the 7th house (natal) be ambitious or goal oriented? I don’t think that it would mean a main goal of pairing up or managing a union. At least, that has not been my experience.

    1. My ex-husband as of 6 days has Capricorn on the cusp of the 7th house with North Node, Mars and Chiron conjunct. He absolutely values a relationship but in incapable of bending within a partnership.

    1. Welcome, Stigmarelius! 🙂

      It would! With this placement, you do find people who are career-oriented, but just as often you find people who are interesting in developing themselves and their lives. The energy goes to becoming the best version of themselves.

      1. Thanks for the great article and broader insight into Capricorn and ‘career.’ I have Capricorn on the Asc. along with a Capricorn moon. “Interested in developing themselves and their lives” is such an apt description for my life. Early in my life, I explored three prongs of ‘career’in my 20’s I went for the outside the box version of my college trained teacher journey. Uranus figures significantly in my chart/Sun so innovation and breaking with tradition was evident; but a Capricorn moon like mean isn’t always sure of ‘who we are.’ In my 30’s and 40’s I branched out even more with the training of origin (tradition) and worked a corporate trainer’s life to support a family. By the time I was in my 50’s my energy and physical health was waning; that Cappy Moon needed to turn development inward. I am in my 70’s now and the meaning of a Saturn ruled chart is a map of less-traveled roads if viewed traditionally. And the definitions of ‘success’ continually challenge me to be kind to myself and love my efforts to be the best version of myself.
        Thanks for this, Midara!

      2. Ahhhh!!! Thank you so much Midara. This placement helps explains quite a bit. I am very much committed to becoming the becoming the version of myself I can be with the Capricorn ascendant.

  2. Midara, I ran into something weird today which of course doesn’t belong in the thread but I have a 12th house Capricorn mars and 5th house Chiron and want to share. Someone I know who is not from a western place really enjoys BoJack Horseman. We were talking about money and whether it brings happiness. She said it’s key. She said she doesn’t understand why BoJack isn’t happy when he has so much money and has been famous. Maybe it’s a cultural thing, I thought about the scampering search for meaning. First BoJack made that money, it didn’t cut it even though he reached his goal, then he got the money, didn’t cut it.. then other shit like running or spirituality.. still no meaning. It’s hard to explain to someone who I guess has not experienced having money like that or ..

    I value Kleos and creative achievement. Being known when.. like even though Mac Miller.. too scared to complete that sentence. My people who do crave Kleos in the creative sense say in the same breath that it’s pointless and doesn’t yield happiness. That Shakespeare will be forgotten. I say yeah, but not yet. They talk about good relationships and a good life and bullshit and I just can’t put my stock behind that. I know that reaching some goals is its own reward. When you think youre weak.

    But to be an achievement seeking bloodhound you have to not rest til you get it. And you can’t be so in the moment, can you? I always saw people who were at the top and said it didn’t do it for them and had to actively brush that away after the years I didn’t try.

    I thought about that wait but why post about millennials and their exceptionalism.

    Maybe it’s this privilege and indulgence that enables them to seek themselves and make less money and try to write that novel. People in other cultures do idealize money because they don’t have the luxury to go beyond it.. and yet, I’m not convinced they wouldn’t go on the treadmill of meaning.. but privation makes one focused..

    Anyway, I just can’t can’t believe that being rich makes people happy. I know having enough makes people happy. But her perspective opened up something for me. Maybe the existential search is indulgent. But Mars in the 12th is prone to see trying as indulgent and a meaningless treadmill. Which is of course not true. But dissatisfaction seems so important to achievement. But sometimes people visit extreme lifestyles and don’t live in them and that is paternalistic as fuck. Man do I feel sad about all this.

  3. Basically what I’m trying to say is she misses the point of BoJack horseman and I wonder what that reveals about the culture that created him. They say people in WWII didn’t have time to get depressed. I know the narrative of specialness is deep in my bones.. but is the narrative of discontent..

    1. i don’t think it’s a cultural difference about money because most people in most cultures want it. i think your friend just doesn’t understand the show.

      bojack horseman is unhappy because he hates himself. money can’t make him happy because being poor isn’t his problem.

  4. Where she’s from, they value the fuck out of money. That it gives you the freedom to travel and all this other stuff. That people who earn more are seen as being worth more than others. Or that how much you make in your job determines how you’re judged. Maybe it’s our privilege that has made us go beyond idolizing Trump and Branson or not seeing new money as gauche.. but in Britain having and being showy about money is also embarrassing. I can’t explain what I mean, it’s like maybe we’re so comfortable were too good for the pull of money. Now we want more.

  5. My Mars in Cap dips his toes in the 12th. He is practically places ON the divider between the 11th and 12th.
    He is a shape shifter I guess.

    But that has to do with meaningful dreams for sure. Meaning is a big theme for me. Goals must have meanings, that answer to Jupiter in Scorpio (Mars ruled). So, in a way these two are sorta do a Ying Yang movement all the time.

    What my Mars deeply wants, needs and dream about is deep partnerships and all consuming love. He is square my Libra moon in the 8th. No rest for the wicked if you have been deprived of motherly love…. Nuff said.

    1. Hugs

      Do you ever feel like when you start pursuing something you imagine it all the way through to the conclusion (like dropping a pebble in a pond and watching all the ripples) and decide it doesn’t have much effect? Sometimes though it’s good to just do it if it has some residual positive effects.

  6. Just saw Mark Hamill’s twitter bio..
    feel like it nails down wtf a Mars in the 12th is like

    Believe in yourself! Work hard, never give up & anything’s possible! OR: Kick back, relax & aim low: You’ll never be disappointed…? NO DMs!

    ..fills me with anxiety

  7. I’m Cap sun. My impression formed over many years of observation of myself and other Caps is that we must work. The ones who don’t are not happy. This doesn’t mean all Caps who work ARE happy, but it’s a fundamental building block, finding the right work. My sun is not in a work or career house, but this is still a requirement. The Caps I’ve known who depend on others for their wherewithal have been uniformly unhappy.

  8. I have a strong Saturn, and a Capricorn stellium; I relate to this article big-time.
    Prior to commencing my education at a mature age, I was not career focused. My managerial/executive abilities were still evident through my organisation and approach towards my daily tasks and social events. My motivation and work ethic is often referred to as ‘military like’ ?.

  9. Avatar

    Wow. I appreciate this! I have Capricorn Jupiter Moon and Mars In 9th … and my career can be said to be meandering and not very stable, ambitious or “accomplished” as compared to my parent, older sibling (and don’t forget so and so’s kid from down the street hahaha).

    Still, I really like to do a good job. At whatever I’m doing. I do get down when I mess up… But I care.

    I think I have always felt the drive to learn new things even in my free time. I feel like my Capricorn makes it so I just cannot have nothing to do. I commit a certain degree of time with a certain teacher, school, hobby/skill, improvement project or volunteer org to find out how much I can happily progress/learn.

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