Pluto Enters Aquarius In 2023 – Dark Side Of Innovation & The Internet

Pluto in AquariusRecently I wrote about featuring photos in blog posts that I have no right to use. This site has been here for years. I’ve spent many hours trying to bring this blog into compliance with the law.

I came across this article, while researching this problem: Google Program Can Automatically Caption Photos. It’s pretty impressive on Google’s part.

It doesn’t matter if people have lifted pictures for two decades. Pretty soon there’ll be nowhere to hide.

There is a lot of talk about “machines taking over”. It’s a dramatic statement but the fact is, my Kindle Fire has a pretty good idea what I am going to type. For example, when a new person come to the site, I welcome them. As soon as I put my cursor in a comment box, the word “Welcome” comes up.

How long do you think it will be before a machine can write in my style?

Continuing on the same theme, Google now endeavors to identify content written by a machine. If you ask me, most content is written by a machine!

For example, recently I searched a news story. I read fifteen versions…they were all essentially the same.  Individuals aren’t actually writing this stuff. Pluto in Aquarius – death of the individual, birth of the autotron.

Men are also looking to replace flesh and blood women with machine versions. We’re already half-way there, with men choosing porn over a real-life woman. On the flip side, women have replaced men with dildos…in large numbers.

There is no denying that our workplace is becoming more and more automated.  People want $15 an hour to make a hamburger. Meanwhile, the industry is developing a machine to make the hamburger. I expect the machine to win.

I say that because a machine (a plugin) can run through my entire site (blog posts, forum posts and comments) and find every broken link, in about an hour.  Can a person do this? Not a chance.

Singers voices are machined.
Actors have been replaced by CGI.
Industry is trying to get rid of the UPS man/woman at this point…delivery by drone.

I fully expect a machine to decide who gets to live and who gets to die, in the near future.  Plug your height, weight and DNA into some kind of algorithm. The machine will decide whether you’re worth fixing…or not.

What do you think we’ll see with Pluto in Aquarius?

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  1. My sun, moon and Mercury are in Aquarius. It would seem like I should be worried about all this advance level tech that’s about to be unleashed on humanity but really I say it’s about time! I read an article about buses in China that drive over cars and traffic. How did we not think of that before?
    PS the comment about men choosing porn over real-women… Ah no, you sound like a woman who doesn’t know nor understand the impact porn has ALWAYS had on society. Remember when going down on a woman was taboo… Porn helped women get head! Remember that. Watch the judgemental comments, compassion will be the word of the centruy and tech will help us all reconnect to what it really means to be a human being. Ironic but comforting all the same if you ask me. Power to the Aquarian humanitarian watering the earth with its nourishing knowledge and COMPASSION ??
    PPS CGI can never replace human performance with computer animation. Ask Andy Serkis who’s earned a hefty living getting motion-captured playing an ape…
    I feel like perspectives like yours need to step into the light no disrespect. You make sweeping judgements with no factual foundation… But hey perspective is everything.

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    Whitfield Palmer

    I think when Pluto enters Aquarius, we will already be seeing the consequences of these things of which you speak. I think we will have to blow them up. I think we will have to get back to our organic selves.

  3. I am a true Aquarian, I have 5 natal planets in Aquarius, sun, moon, mercury, saturn and mars. I can say that i am very rebellious against being controlled by anything. I love people more than money. Money is a necessity to live life only. I love technology unless it starts taking away my freedom, my privacy, when its used for t he wrong reasons. So I think when Pluto moves into Aquarius we are going to see more extreme freedom fighters. We are going to see more humanitarian efforts in big business or a fight for it.

  4. I’m terrified of Pluto in Aquarius. I think it will bring out the dark side of government control via information technology. Thought police. All the freedom of Uranus in Aquarius will come back to bite us as everything we’ve ever put out online will be used against us in a totalitarian regime. I certainly hope I’m wrong, but I’ve been worried about this for many years and all signs point to this fear becoming a reality. At what point do we enter the shadow period for this transit? I’m surprised this isn’t happening for six more years…

  5. Aquarius and Uranus also rule electricity and with Uranus in Taurus soon and Pluto in Aquarius next I think about the possibility of a major cosmic event that could interrupt electricity in different large parts of world.

  6. One thing we have that a machine doesn’t have ..we have a choice , we have a soul ..we are a spiritual evolving being .Change is essential so we can continue to evolve and we have now all of us to choose which way we will go .. a spiritual path or to go down the road we are going .I choose a spiritual path .. the other path is not sustainable and is leading to death on every level . Its madness , its insane and it will end badly .. so who are we . Are we going to compete with robots like women have tried to compete with men … women and men are different ..they have their own unique path . Yes there will be a revolution and ppl will have to choose which side they will be on .

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      Whitfield Palmer

      We have a lot of people on this planet, particularly those in tech, that idolize the human intellect and denigrate those who believe in something higher. These same people harbor, perhaps without realizing it themselves, a neurotic fear of death. I think this is why they are trying to create artificial intelligence.

      1. I rather think that men try to create artificial intelligence because Sigmund Freud told them that they can’t give birth. I wonder whether women knew this already before. Mary Shelly understood what men are trying to do. There is, however, still a long way to go from constructing some machines to creating artificial intelligence. The various machines are already men’s attempt to create life. It would be great irony if this would mean denying something higher because being the image of a creator god is what makes man want to create.

  7. Tengo a Neptuno (grado 2), Luna (grado 5,09) y Urano (grado 11,3) en la primer casa en Acuario. Cuando Pluton transite por el signo de acuario, realizara conjunciones a esos planetas y ademas, realizara un sextil a Pluton en Sagitario (grado 5, casa 11) y cuadratura a Saturno en Tauro (grado 2,3, casa 4). Luego se opondra a mi Mercurio en Leo (casa 7) y hara una cuadratura con Kiron en escorpio (casa 10). Tengo Miedo de toda esa energia activada al mismo tiempo. Elsa ¿que opinas sobre ese transito?

      1. Im going yo try it. I have Uranus, Neptune and the Moon in aquarius and in the 1st house.When Pluto enters in aquarius in 2024, its going to make conjuntions to that, and also is going to make a sextil to my natal pluto, squares to my saturn(4 house, taurus) to kiron (10 house, scorpio) and also be opossit my mercury (7 house,leo). I dont know, but that transit scares me. What do you think about this? Sorry I dont know how to write in english very well, so just ignore the things that are incorrect.

  8. It will also be making the transits to Neptune and Uranus to millions a of other people. Pluto is nothing to fear, often the changes are so subtle you don’t notice them until they are finished.

  9. 2023 is around the time of my Saturn return. Pluto will enter Aquarius after squaring my moon. My 10th house starts at 2’47 Aqua.

  10. This is a very good article because it’s very darkly realistic. I’ve looked for a very long time (online) for astrologers who are willing to deal with the dark side of what Pluto indicates, and there are too few who are willing to go there. Mostly their articles are full of words like “challenges” and “a time of change,” blah blah. The reality is that Pluto’s ingress into Aquarius indicates 1) people coming together in groups for the purpose of survival and 2) technology being used to get rid of much of humanity. Anyone who studies real astrology (as opposed to popastrology) needs to study ancient texts, such as the scriptures of India. The 12th Canto of the Srimad-Bhagavatam refers to the end times and as we see, Pluto’s been in the last quadrant of the zodiac since 2008: It’s a time of cleansing the planet of those perverse elements that restrict growth into the next phase (Pluto in Pisces). It’s not going to be a peaceful time: Pluto refers to the masses, Aquarius to insanity and sorcery. Demonic possession will be seen, although professionals will refer to it simply as “mental illness.” I’ve seen demonic possession in individuals and I do not want to see it again ~ but then again, I (we) may have no choice. Pluto in Aquarius is also a reference to satsanga, and many will be coming together to open up the chakric corridor as a means of perceiving the Presence of The Divine. As well, many blood-oath brotherhoods will be forming (they already exist obviously) as increasing numbers of fanatics seek to destroy the country (U.S.). One needn’t be a prophet to see that we’re coming ever closer to civil war, the shutting down of the grid (Aquarius is electricity) and the need to know how to survive 1800s style like my grandparents did in Mexico. Some not-very-bright people are predicting an age of increasing electronic convenience as we move into the 2020s but they refuse to look at the flip side of all that. Aquarius has to do with synthesis, with artificiality. Yes, cyborg men and women to have sex with, to say nothing of movies and TV shows to support that twisted way of life. And I suspect a huge surge in the drive to violently rid the world of pedos; at the same time we will see a huge effort on the part of pedos to either go mainstream or to find better ways to hide their activities “underground.” By this time, transiting Neptune will already have opposed its own place in the U.S. chart, indicating much increased drug-use and an increasing need to live in fantasy. Some years ago the CDC said that they were seeing increasing numbers of people who “do not want to be present.” Yes, this is much on the increase now and the death rate among such people is on the rise. Also it must be pointed out that by 2023, The U.S. progressed Sun will be nearly opposite the natal Neptune, only placing even more emphasis on fantasy life. Pluto in Aquarius will begin to approach the South Node of the U.S. That node is a reference to our habitual way of doing things; it’s where we’ve grown comfortable, but if what we do there isn’t really bringing the results we need, then society is going to have to take a deep look at those tendencies, what Hindus refer to as “samskaras.” But there is also value in the ways of the past, IF those ways brought results. If we’ve discarded the old ways due to our arrogance, this will be a time to return to them as we see the value in them. Pluto in Aquarius will be a time filled with sudden and drastic occurrences, filled with surprises and big jolts. We’ve become lazy and comfortable. And though the shallow say, “Life is about having fun,” the reality is that life is about growth; we have no choice really. We can either grow or stagnate, move on or die. And Pluto indicates much of both. Pluto in Aquarius is the cleansing of humanity. The sick, the perverted, the overfed, and the stupid are not going to do very well during this transit. I could say much more, but maybe another time …

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    Ziltoid The Omniscient

    Interesting times (frightening but still interesting…) to be alive. I was browsing a planet’s position calculation site and noticed that 2023 Pluto will FINALLY leave my natal ascendant Capricorn (tough times but incredible teachings as well) and it will coincide with Saturn/Jupiter crossing my natal 5th Taurus (which also houses my natal Sun 12/may/88) I know these will be good news for me and the weight will be lifted off my back. Last time Saturn and Jupiter crossed my natal sun was 2010 and it was incredibly lucky times for me, everything seemed to happen without I ever moving a finger, it was pure magic!!! My question becomes this: how will I be able to survive until 2023? I’ve been basically been financed by my wife and within 6 months I lost 3 employment opportunities just because people felt like it (forced authority and power-play issues), just like it’s a trivial thing to take a person’s means of support like that from their feet. My charisma must be really low or something. Not one, not two, but three! At least now I feel more motivated to make it alive until 2023 in order to catch a breath 🙂 (I anxiously await for the author’s comments)

  12. hmm i dont know, i have an 8th house stellium and pluto 8th, and have aquarius too, and i have a love for humanity. I love people, because i have witnessed alot of kindness and goodness. They need love too, and we all do. But maybe its my sagittarius that feels that way. Its certainly not capricorn because thats the miser lol xD and loner too ^^
    I mean look at Princess diana, Aquarius moon with Aquarius jupiter. So loved by so many and she was always moved to love humanity. Her nemesis camila is also cancer sun but no aquarius placements wasn’t really interested in loving humanity from what i have seen. Even now she’s been married to Prince Charles (now King) for many years. Hmmm Princess diana did have Sagittarius rising. but still, she had those two important aquarius placements that helped it.

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