Pluto In Aquarius Effects In Each House

aquarius water bearer greenPluto will transit Aquarius for roughly twenty years between 2023-2044.  Most will see Pluto in Aquarius affect two houses in their chart.

This is not something to panic over. The areas indicated by the houses being transiting will be transformed but Pluto is a slow-moving planet. The changes take years to manifest fully. However, you may experience intense periods of change and upheaval, especially if Pluto aspects your natal planets during this time period.

Pluto transits aka the process of transformation tends to have three distinct phases.  First, something rots or ends or dies.  This event brings about a void period, akin to the forest floor after a major fire.

This is an ugly barren phase, but beneath the surface, healing and regeneration are underway. This can be a slow process, but eventually you see you can pick your head up as you begin to feel renewed and eventually empowered.

Here are some of the potential effects of Pluto in Aquarius transiting each house:

  • 1st house: Pluto in the 1st house can bring about a major transformation of your identity. You may feel called to step outside of your comfort zone and embrace your unique individuality. This can be a time of great personal growth as you learn to grapple with reactions to the powerful energy emanating from your person.
  • 2nd house: Pluto in the 2nd house can bring about a major transformation of your values and sense of self-worth. You may feel called to let go of possessions and other attachments that no longer serve you. This can be a time of great financial and material gain, as you learn to value your own unique gifts and talents.  Financial loss is also a possibility.
  • 3rd house: Pluto in the 3rd house can bring about a major transformation of your communication style and thought process. You may also become interested in taboo topics and prefer deep conversation rather than anything flitty.  This transit may also affect your siblings.
  • 4th house: Pluto in the 4th house can bring about a major transformation of your home, family, and roots. You may feel called to let go of old family patterns and traditions that no longer serve you, or if you have denied your roots, you may realize how these patterns play in your life, for good or ill. This can be a time of great emotional growth, though deep pain is a given at some point.  Family pathology surfaces to be healed or otherwise purged.
  • 5th house: Pluto in the 5th house can bring about a major transformation of your creativity, self-expression, and pleasure. If you work in a creative field, Pluto energy will show up in your creative product.  You may also kill off the current expression of your ego; your “character”, to be replaced with a more authentic version.  This transit may also affect your children, but don’t panic.  Your children may be born with Pluto transiting your 5th.
  • 6th house: Pluto in the 6th house can bring about a major transformation of your work, health, and daily routines. You may feel called to let go of old habits and routines that no longer serve you. This is the kind of transit that sees a person lose hundreds of pounds, as the focus is on physical and mental health.
  • 7th house: Pluto in the 7th house can bring about a major transformation of your relationships, partnerships.  You find yourself attracted to power as power is attracted to you.  It’s possible to develop obsession with “the other” of have someone become obsessed with you. Extremes are common as are relationship triangles.  You may have to deal with “shadow” feelings like jealousy, during this time. People often worry about their partner dying during this transit. It’s a possibility but it’s more likely your relationship deepens. If this is not possible, the relationship may end due to your lack of interest.
  • 8th house: Pluto in the 8th house can bring about a major transformation of your finances, sex, and power dynamics. Your gut sense and your and psychological insight will be keen, which you may or may not enjoy.   Secrets are likely to be a theme. You have to contain them for some reason. You’ll also be dealing with pathology – yours or theirs or the pathology of the collective.
  • 9th house: Pluto in the 9th house can bring about a major transformation of your worldview, philosophy, and spirituality. Odds are high, you find something you’re interested in, which you study at great depth,  emerging as a specialist, eventually.  You may also meet or be a powerful teacher who profoundly alters your perspective.
  • 10th house: Pluto in the 10th house can bring about a major transformation of your career, reputation, and public image. You may feel called to let go of old career goals and embrace new, more ambitious ones. When I had this transit, I flushed my career down the toilet… and became an astrologer, after a frightening void period. This can be a time of great professional success, as you learn to use your power and influence to make a difference in the world.
  • 11th house: Pluto in the 11th house can bring about a major transformation of your friendships, social groups, and hopes and dreams. You may feel called to let go of old friendships and embrace new, more supportive ones. You may also become a bit much for your regular friends, causing them to cut you out.  That void will be filled by people who better sync with your current energy.
  • 12th house: Pluto in the 12th house can bring about a major transformation of your subconscious mind, intuition, and spiritual path. This transit is difficult as you will experience your pain along with the pain of the collective and most likely your struggles will be hidden from everyone, for good or ill.  Good, because it’s private. Bad, because people keep stacking things on you, though you’re already on the ground.  It’s likely you will have to learn to transcend pain during this struggle… to avoid drowning in it. This can be a time of great spiritual growth, as you learn to connect with your inner wisdom and the divine.

Which house or houses will Pluto in Aquarius transit in your chart? How’s it going?

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  1. Pluto has been in my 3rd house for a few years now. My sister and her son moved to another country during covid, she loves it and staying there. I’m sorry for not seeing my little nephew that often. I have Venus 1st degree Aquarius so I’m feeling this Pluto hitting my relationship hard.

  2. Pluto has been in my 10th since it left 26 Cap for good. Guess I’m not done in at Medicare age after Pluto in Cap took so much work, relationship and family wise while in my 9th. Its been the barren phase until quite recently, since 2018 more specifically. I could say it all began to accumulate since 2006. My 4th house Uranus is 1 Leo.

    1. we are close. my mc is 29 degrees Capricorn. retired last year, astrology is the hobby I would like to turn into extra income. uranus at 3° Leo

  3. half my kids were born with pluto in the fifth (and one with it six degrees away.) another one had two near death experiences in six months (but they have a major pluto transit of their own going on…)
    i feel like i’m already ramping up for it hitting the sixth, but that’s several years away?
    it also covers most of my marriage and divorce 😛 maybe i’m still working on some of that other fifth house stuff. finding authentic joy. what creative work am i actually supposed to be doing?

      1. i am trying. feels like it’s never enough. they are having a tough time. but that really clarifies the focus of my energies…

  4. Pluto has been in my 5H since I’ve been 2012. It was a rough time in my marriage, I felt. I also have Mercury and Venus there and when it hit those, I wanted to be someone else. So I did change part of my identity, go underground, on social media. It was a place I felt I could release, be myself, take out my frustrations, not be the person who never did anything right. So, I tried to shed myself and it was a long, long, difficult process. Not a recommendation, lol, but I was not aware of how Pluto was operating on me. It’s like I was sloughing through this dark thing, probably banging my head all the while, where I didn’t see clearly until it was passed.

    It definitely gives you more fortitude for the future, when you can piece it together. Pluto will be entering my 6H at 6 Aquarius so, that will be something new. Awareness makes you stronger 🤞

  5. It’s been in my sixth for a few years now, and yes health issues have popped up. The doctor is having a hard time getting to the root cause of it. Been having zillions of tests, making lifestyle changes. And yep, I’ve lost a bunch of weight (which is a good thing). In a nutshell, this has boiled down to “medical mystery” and “daily habit overhaul.”

  6. I find it odd that nobody in the astrology world (thus far i have seen) is really talking about…

    Pluto in Aquarius
    Aquarius/ Uranus/ Electricity
    Pluto dismantling electricity thru AI or cyber or technology – whatever, point being Pluto dismantling electricity

    1. Transforming electricity possibly. I read this week that UMass has found electricity (Uranus) can be produced from humidity (air). They’re looking at cloud accumulation of water.

      1. Nikola Tesla already found a way to create free energy from the air. He was doing experiments funded by company that pulled the plug on the funding because they couldn’t make money from free energy. I believe that technology has been purposefully suppressed that would be beneficial to mankind.

        1. Isn’t it ironic that Nicola Tesla wanted all of his findings to be a gift to all of society and today we have what he could foresee as that nightmare of abuse?

      1. What about a controlled dismantling (pluto) of electricity/grid?
        Bring it down in a very controlled way only to transform the grid and ‘build it back better’ to control control and control.

        1. Possible but I would not think so. They have us all plugged in. If they unplug us we might realize we’re free. I just don’t see what the gain would be. It’s going very well for them from what I can see.

        2. They’re beefing up the grid with solar, wind and battery storage here, taking out plenty of forest that actually mitigates climate change with its carbon sequestration. The plan is for everyone to be entirely electric. I wouldn’t be surprised if somewhere in the Pluto in Aquarius that our electricity becomes more regionalized rather than the two mega-corporations controlling the state now. That would mean a more sensible, cost effective means to generate that doesn’t require vast extraction of natural resources worldwide.

  7. Transiting Pluto is in my 10th H. Recenetly arrived there. For the past two years I had transiting Saturn in the 10thH. I feel now, that the experiences of the Saturn transit has set the stage,for me, for more and deeper change to who I am and how I “travel” through my life. Saturn “encouraged” me to let go of my anxiety, my many limiting beliefs, living on such a short leash,and finally seeing what the real relationship between my sister and I. It was nothing short of abusive. What was more concerning for me, how subte her attitude was and so painful for me was how I swallowed it all, hook, line and sinker. So now, I feel Pluto will help take deep dives into all the accusations that have surfaced about the relationship. I do some sellf help meditations and they have been oh so helpful. A long way to go. But for some reason I feel ready to go the distance now and get my thinking about myself in a much healthier place and then LIVE my life from there.

  8. As Pluto made its slow exit from my 8th house, I was relieved of a major debt. I got some assistance in having it lifted, but I definitely did my part and worked my tail off to get it done. I was impeccably honest about the whole thing and didn’t expect a handout, but definitely took advantage when it was offered. Life has showed me that if you’re straight with the outer planets, they’ll be straight with you, too.

  9. Avatar
    Hildegarde's Noviciate

    Pluto transiting my 5th but Aquarius spills over into my 6th which starts at 29 degrees aquarius
    Which house should I pay attention to?

  10. curious.

    just realized as Pluto has moved through my first house over these last years, I have become more and more of a hermit.

    I would have thought the opposite.

      1. @elsa Ah! I actually like this. And I can see it.

        Of course, wow. Glad it’ll be back and forth into Cap a couple more times so I can own my secret swagger. 😉

        I had thought it would make me more outwardly powerful, in a Capricornish way. I was kind of disappointed in myself that I didn’t do something powerful and good, like save the world. That didn’t happen.

  11. It’s in my 6th house and then will be in my 7th (starts at 6 degrees Aquarius) I haven’t experienced any drastic health changes but I did finally start taking care of myself (doctor appointments, labs etc) which I’ve been neglecting for a while now

  12. Pluto in 11 and yes, over the past year I have cut out some groups that were dragging me further and further down. I know I have “hurt some feelings” in doing so, and as a Cancerian with Pisces rising this bothers me a little, but I also have Moon in Capricorn and can be cold and decisive when I make decisions I have to make for my own sanity and growth.So there it is. I am feeling more alone, and missing some of the activities of the groups, but the individuals had become so toxic, I mean in really mentally ill ways. I am reviving some old goals and dreams,dredging up some very basic, deep truths about my talents,skills, and dreams (even if I am an elder,I still have dreams and goals!!) and lo and behold! New friends and social connections seem to be appearing on the horizon, although I am in no hurry to commit to any groups these days..I am taking it one on one, and very slowly.I am savoring a lot of ALONE TIME.. to write, think,meditate, and self-improve.Also,am RECUPERATING for 2 years of family stresses related to illnesses.. and I am beginning to find my strength and energy once again. Overall,I usually BENEFIT from the harder planets transits..I tend to rise to the occasion, when challenged. (Though these last couple of years almost bested me!!).. like the phoenix,I rise again! I mean, what are the options??

  13. Pluto transiting through the 1st. I have been experiencing health challenges since it went into my 1st house, first with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, then Sibo and this past year with Meibomian Gland Dysfunction, then past several mths with Gastritis and B6 toxicity. I feel very overwhelmed with so many health challenges. I’m hoping I will make it through. Gastritis has especially been hard because it makes it hard to eat and certain supplements I can’t take anymore. I feel very limited right now. Transiting Saturn has also been squaring Mercury, ruler of my 6th house so that along with Pluto have been doing a number on me. Uranus also conjunct my Natal Saturn, ruler of my chart. I wonder when I will see some relief? It has been a really dark time for me.

  14. With Pluto sitting on my DSC & NN and opposing my 1st house merc/mars, I’m waiting for it to clear these. Once that happens, I’ll be clear of Pluto transits that have been ongoing constantly since 2007 (when it entered Capricorn and crossed over my moon, when onto oppsose my sun, cross my jupiter, etc). Unless you count progressed planets.

    So my question is, do you count progressed planets for transits? ‘Cause if you do, then this theme will continue for the forseeable future, as all my Cancer placements are in Leo, moving to Virgo.

  15. I love learning of these experiences. First hand accounts are so helpful.

    This post prompted me to check when Pluto entered my 6th house: within a month of retiring, in 2018. Talk about changes in daily routine! I was diagnosed with a chronic GI condition not long after retiring. I’ve been on a severely restricted diet ever since. More 6th house issues. Pluto also aspects several personal planets and is transiting them now. Oy vey !

  16. I just went back and had another look at this. In 1997 Pluto was in Sadge, conjunct my sun & Neptune, opposite my natal Saturn. In my 4th house. I was pregnant and my long term boyfriend had dumped me, because I was pregnant. There was transformation in the home and pain, all right. 9 years later Pluto was in my 5th, conjunct my Venus and Jupiter, and I was happily married, gave birth to #2. Much happier circumstances. What a difference!

  17. Pluto in my 6H since 2008 and it’s been a nightmare. Major crises in employment, dead end jobs, casual work is all I had to endure. It’s the house of service and Pluto focuses on that. It’s not rewarding either.

  18. Avatar

    So how do we work with this? It is in my 9th house now. It will hit my midheaven at 5 degrees and change. I can see my current job is dying amd i am so tired of holding onto a dying thing. But the dying thing is still helping pay the bills. I want to make a career change. Not totally sure what but have a few ideas. Those ideas require training or volunteering with that path and then training.

    Do i try to start down that path now? So i can finish up and make the jump when it hits 5 degrees? Or how does one work the timing of this?

  19. Pluto has been in my 11H in Capricorn. Bad news: Made and lost a bunch of friends. Everyone I got close to, I inevitably had to grow apart from. There were random attacks from people I only knew of, friends of friends. Good news: Met powerful people that helped me with my long term aspirations. It always felt so fated. I held positions of power as well.

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