Pluto In Capricorn: Collective Depression

bowl of cherries“I don’t know anyone who isn’t struggling at this time…”

I’ve lost count how many times I’ve said that over the last few months. Let’s face it. People are suffering. They’re struggling. They’re disillusioned. They’re scared. They’re upset.  

It’s getting harder and harder to offload problems onto other people or to avoid having them in the first place.  Very few people are getting their way. If a person is getting their way, it’s pretty much a given, they’ve probably suffered to be in their position, whether it be visible or not. No one seems to think that “life is a bowl of cherries” anymore.  It seems almost comical to think so many believed that for so long.

Remember the Jupiter Neptune conjunction?  Big fat delusion?  Anyway, I’ve come to realize the collective is depressed. YOU may be okay, but it doesn’t matter because the people around you are not and you’re pulled down by their weight.  Even if you’re not pulled down by their weight yet, I bet you’ve seen enough people crash, you realize that you’re at risk too.

Try to figure out how you’re going to consolidate your losses, and come up with a plan that will solidify (Saturn) your happiness in the future (Sagittarius). There is a path, I’m sure of that.

To update in 2019,
people seem a lot more grounded in their problems or their depression or their lack or their hardship. It’s become more real and settled.

It doesn’t seem that long ago, people thought they could be anything or have anything. Many thought that just the act of wanting something would bring it into being.  I don’t know anyone who thinks this any more.

This does not mean that people has lost hope, necessarily. But what they hope for is a lot more modest and realistic.

To update in June 2020, Jupiter is now conjunct Saturn and Pluto. The collective depression is deep and widespread.  Worldwide.

Jupiter brings hope, though it may not be readily apparent. All three planets are retrograde at the moment.  They’re sort of gathering nearer which is… scary.  I see this like a storm cell, which will eventually break up.

When Will The Social Unrest End?

Jupiter will turn direct @ 17 Capricorn on September 13, 2020.
Saturn will turn direct @ 25 Capricorn on September 29, 2020.
Pluto will turn direct @ 22 Capricorn on October 4, 2020.

Update – October 30, 2020

The planets in the stellium have all turned direct.  From what I can tell, the “collective depression” has spread around the world. Jupiter, right?

Mid-December, Jupiter and Saturn will leave Capricorn for Aquarius.  On one hand, I think we’ll see things lighten up. But on the other hand, Jupiter tends to offer protection and Saturn functions well in Capricorn.  It’s as if things are somewhat controlled.  In fact, the word “lid” is being used.

Capricorn keeps a lid on things. Aquarius does not!  Consequently, the future is highly unpredictable. Luckily (Jupiter), Saturn is also at home in Aquarius so there should be some limits. Hopefully, they’ll be beneficial (Jupiter)!

And what about the depression?

I think the depth and breadth of our collective depression will lift, however if Pluto in Capricorn @ 26 – 29 degrees is aspecting personal planets in your chart, you’ve still going to be nailed down in some way.  This goes for people will planets in the late degrees of Cardinal signs, but also for those with personal planets in Fixed signs. 0-2 degrees, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio… and Aquarius as well.

Update – December 9, 2021

Most everyone is suffering some level of depression. Be sure to note, everyone means everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re on top (or think you are) or on the bottom (or think you are).

Last year, we had Jupiter conjunct Pluto to keep people a bit more buoyed. This year, relief can be found by detaching. I come to this conclusion because Saturn is square Uranus. But the fact is, Christmas is coming and people aren’t feeling it.

This isn’t going to last forever.  Keep that in mind.  Jupiter’s ingress into Pisces will help but the main defense at this time is to work with the Saturn Uranus square.  While you can’t do anything about the events around the world, when it comes to your personal life, you can have quite a bit of control and autonomy. I know this for sure. I cracked the code and have shared it with a number of people.  This can be managed in a way that benefits you.

What I can’t do is make people feel Christmas-y when they don’t. I bought a poinsettia today. It’s for Christmas but also to remind me that spring is right around the corner… and when we get there, things will be different.

How do you feel with Pluto in Capricorn?

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    1. Yes, Capri ASC here and even though I’m “getting on my way, it’s pretty much a given, I’ve probably suffered to be in this position” like Elsa said, I’m being dragged by other’s weight.

  1. Thats nice Elsa! I hope so. I have fortunes to losses to recoup many times over. Who knows I feel a change like Scorpio in Saturn? I’m checking history here. Thank you !!

  2. Depressed, irritated, at times ready to walk away from everything. I thought this was just my Saturn in 12th house transit. But I had these feelings during Saturn in Scorpio too. The past few years have been hell and I wonder if anyone begins to understand what me and my husband have been through! (The family is only now getting their eyes opened to the degree of hell we dealt thanks to his caregiver’s alcohol addiction. The amount he could drink in a night would kill most grown men!!)

    I feel useless at work, useless to my husband, useless to God, useless to anyone, really. People ask for my help all the time, but I still feel this way.

    1. I agree on this Pluto in Capricorn, it is so incredibly difficult to feel God’s presence or to feel like you’ve done something contributory in life. I think Capricorn might make almost all areas more tedious or full of tension.

      1. Caps been dealing w. this ish since 2008!!! World events just another ho-hum Manic Monday! Welcome to our world! We are used to having to deal. Put on a mask and buck up! ?

  3. Pluto is right on top of my south node now. After an amazing trip to my home after colon cancer surgery May 6, 2014 and chemo up to end of December, I wound up in one of THOSE karmic intense WHAM and then it’s over and leaving me reeling relationships. A composite chart study shows all red, everything in opposition – intense attraction, yet love easily turning to difficult, wanting-to-be hate feelings! Wowee. Not sure where I’m at now. Hoping the mutual reception of Saturn and Pluto will allow me to rest mindfully and hold myself gently.

  4. Here is the very short story I wrote about the relationship:
    The Physics of Snow by Tracey Doherty

    The small house nestled in cold, clean whiteness that year of record snowfall, reverberating with memories that caught him there for a time. Life flashing before eyes in a mini transformative death.

    She became entangled in the heart of him and the house in a way like mitosis dividing, separating, all the strands spun in centrifuge. Parts of him let go of himself and he could continue on.

    Miraculously, those pieces fit inside her as gently as lovemaking had done. Knowing daily reality may not ever be theirs to enjoy, time-space registered the regeneration in a fashion that healed early death from her.

    Shared tears magnetically pulled years of stagnation and she would never know again a certain black hole mood.

    1. Nice courage in facing, even embracing, the deep issues being triggered by a Plutonian/South Node time. You will emerge stronger and I suspect you already feel that.

  5. Well, as Scorpio-Capricorn, I’m pretty used to harsh conditions of life. What really breaks my heart is seeing people close to me, who are not used to it, and they are suffering…

    1. Danka, I’m one of those Scorpio(sun)-Cap(moon) who is ‘pretty’ used to the harsh and long-suffering, but I gotta tell you, this bout is knocking the ‘pretty’ for a loop. A post Elsa wrote about Saturn going direct in Scorpio last July is helping me. I just finished reading that post, and then, she went and did THIS ONE. That is why I keep coming back!!
      Elsa :: high-fives :: and thanks, again.

  6. Avatar
    Warped by Wuthering Heights

    The losses I need to consolidate are all my own fault, due to unsound Uranian and Neptunian choices which have clashed with my Cap Rising and Scorpio Saturn.

    I’m wondering — does the quality of a major transit depend upon its condition in the natal chart?

    Ex. 1: Pluto is transiting my Cap ASC, will conjunct my N. Node next year — in my natal, my Leo Pluto in 7th makes 4 aspects, only trines and sextiles, part of a kite with Sun, Mars, and Neptune.

    Ex. 2: Uranus transit is closing in on my 3rd house Sun and squaring my Nodes and itself — in my natal, Cancer Uranus in 7th is conjunct S. Node and makes only 2 aspects, square to Aries Sun and square to Libra Neptune.

    All my issues center on where to settle for the rest of my life, which I simply cannot seem to choose. Am I simply missing the big picture of these transits?

  7. More than depressed, I see people are in a panic mode. Things are changing, they’ve only realized there’s no going back, and now they are there just standing and whining. And my Capricorn Moon wants to go and tell them to snap out of it.

    Yes, these have been hard times for me too, things aren’t moving the way I’ve expected, and I don’t expect that happening before Saturn comes over my IC again, in September.

  8. Yep. Struggling, and it’s going on longer than I could have anticipated. I just keep reminding myself it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Thanks for the heads up!

  9. Pluto leaves Capricorn in 2024…9 more years… I’ll be 41 years old. The 30s are supposed to be some of the best years of one’s life. Pass me a gun, please… I don’t even want to know what happens when it squares my Natal Venus and Pluto.

    1. Yes, I am with you. Nine more years is too much for me. I have tried everything I can think of to shake this with no progress. Pass the gun indeed. Not much point in anything anymore really.

    2. I just started my 30’s as well. It is some relief to be a 30-something during this time, but I just observe the struggles of myself and others and am in disbelief what this long, long transit has been like. It is good to finally see a thread that is open and honest about this Pluto in Capricorn transit.

  10. I kind of feel like the collective has caught up to my frame of mind. I’m equal parts Saturnian and Plutonian. Things have never been easy for me. I feel like I can relate to people better now so there’s the upside for me. People are feeling now, how I’ve felt my whole life. I guess that gives me a leg up in some way. I just wish I had more to give to others besides “I’ve been there”. I wish I had some nuggets of something to give to people that I’ve picked up along the way. But I think that’s how depression works. It’s hard or impossible to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe there isn’t one? What then? It’s a different way of living. Its just doing the journey to do it. Theres no freedom in this way of living. There’s no way out except through it. Now I can say I feel more understood than I’ve ever felt. That’s good for me in a way. It validates my existence in a way. Makes me feel like I’m part of a whole. Makes me feel normal! Hahaha. But rage and sadness begets rage and sadness. I don’t me and society are helping eachother by agreeing that things are shitty. It’s a downward spiral of epic proportions.
    And really the only positive thing that can come of it is people banding together. That is not happening. It’s our only hope. But I have no faith in most people (even myself) to do that. I don’t trust people so how can I expect others to trust me or anyone. I’d like to be the light shining in the dark. I’d really like to be that. My chart indicates I could be but I’m not. Maybe it’s not dark enough yet. Itll get darker yet. If what I’ve seen in my own soul is any indication.

    1. I totally thought the same thing too, with heavy Saturn in my chart, and the Pluto in Capricorn that now people feel how I’ve always felt!! Wow this is a great page.

      1. I am referring to the sense of heaviness, the long-hard road to success, the small successes after labors, oh it’s just so tedious with a lot of Saturn.

    2. I see it was the old post. Very beautiful. I like your post very much, Libra Noir. I do not reply much. Always enjoyed your wrightings. I always had fascination for people when they can express their feelings in woords. So you know now, you have a reader fan :)Blessings.

  11. Maybe we as the human race need to embrace the darkness. There’s not only strife. There’s a void. Maybe it’s part of our evolution to learn how to survive existential crises. We’ve mastered physical survival. Now our souls are asking for more. I guess the acknowledgement of that void that we feel is a step in the right direction. It’s moving forward. What other direction can we go in?
    And I never answered the question about how I feel. I feel like I’ve felt for my whole life. Confused. Frustrated! Angry. Lonely. Sometimes hopeful.

    1. I can say today that I feel happy and hopeful (and often even joyful) 90 percent of the time and I have little waves of other more dense emotions, from time to time, that Im usually able to work through quickly. I was just thinking back yesterday to this time period and wondering how I survived. I think my will to live is strong, and I think that does apply to the collective as well. It’s the will of life itself that is strong truly. It’s not just about weathering the storm either. It’s about allowing it to change you and trusting that it will change you for the better. I think this also could apply to the collective. These things are archetypal.

  12. Yeah the gravitas is kicking my ass hard. Gravitas isn’t the correct word. I’m suffering. My friends are suffering. Buck the fuck up, buttercup. That is my inner goat talking. He’s a drill sergeant. I’ve got Mars at four and Jupiter at 28. Capricorn. Fifth house. Pluto is not allowed to smooch my sun at 29 Aquarius until I’m snuggled up with my soul mate in a candlelit bunker.

  13. As a natal Saturn conjunct Moon conjunct South Node I´m used to hard times. And depressed people.. But deep down I´m a happy spirit.
    I hope all beings will be happy and feel free.

  14. ===“I don’t know anyone who isn’t struggling at this time…”===

    So, so true. I am a double Scorpio with Moon in Cap, and am doing relatively well, but everyone close to me is suffering one way or another, some of them terribly.

  15. Avatar

    So relevant. So the bowl of cherries is empty. Okay… So, how do we plan to get back there? Be satisfied with less. Keep one’s own motivations in mind, not to react unnecessarily to others. Go back everyday, with love kindness and giving in mind. That’s how fear melts into the background. People are suffering… And are acting more ruthlessly, and being less forgiving. So act opposite to that, but not to be pulled under. It’s Scene I, Act I in a play, curtsy or take a bow if it’s over, but do it with grace…..

    1. I’ve also read websites about how Capricorn in this aspect is about getting by with less. It is really time to cut corners and decide what you don’t need. I want to say it is quality experiences over quantity, as an only recourse.

  16. I would like to add something I see as quite positive. I have studied astrology on and off for years. There may or may not be validity to it. I was raised by Catholic parents and rebelled against what seemed to be a demand for passive allegiance to the Church. I left that religion a long time ago because I ultimately felt that it simply wasn’t spiritual and rather an outdated and dogmatic social engineering agenda. At first, the Tarot and astrology was a breath of fresh air. Years pass, knowledge of the subject grows, and what….? You find yourself absolutely miserable and on your heals considering the endless array of transits that may or may not affect you. Undoubtably, autosuggestion is one of the most powerful aspects to human thought/action. If the zodiac encapsulates all aspects of the human condition, wouldn’t EVERY aspect be enacted over a course of time. The weather of a given day: how much do you care about the barometric pressure? The humidity? The change in temp after the sun sets? Subtly, you adjust for all situations, somewhat on the fly. But you don’t get hung up on it. And that’s the Sun or a winter storm, a tangible powerful thing that you can actually see impact your reality. But do you ask the weatherman, it’s going to rain tomorrow, will I get my boyfriend back? Seeking constant updates in astrology to prepare oneself seems affected and trivial. Why bother? I left Catholicism because I felt that (based on what my heart and mind told me) I would rather keep my own counsel on how to live my life. I am human, I don’t like anything or anyone telling me what to do. So, bye Jesus and bye ridiculous non-sensical wrathful absentee God. Then I find myself caught up in even more ridiculous notions of concerning myself with Saturn or Uranus or whatever. Again, some asshole entity that cares little about me and yet will affect me, discipline me, shock or awaken me. Dumb. On a given night I couldn’t even see the thing I am talking about. Kinda like Omega 3 fatty acids. Ever seen one? Heard it’s loaded with antioxidants. Never seen one of them either. So one day, after a hard Saturn transit, I said “what’s the difference between douchebag Saturn and don’t sin or else God. Both curmudgeonly assholes that are of no benefit. Teachers that explain nothing. Don’t have time or energy for them. I took back my own right to life and liberty and the pursuit of whatever the bleep I want. And I put those shitheads in the rear view mirror where they belong. People are scared and gullible. Astrology isn’t a bad thing,
    but keep it context. Go live your life, on your own terms. Accept what happens. Don’t
    blame Mercury Retrograde.

    1. I think astrology can explain a lot of trends. It’s definitely not to say you should live under it and stop living your life to your best potential. I would think that God would want you to try your best in all situations, which is what spirituality is all about.

    2. Pluto and Saturn are transiting my 3rd house. Both squaring my 20° Aries Mercury/Libra Mars opposition, (back and forth a bit due retrograde status.) I feel good. As in clear headed, and not full of delusion and unrealistic hope’s and wishes.

  17. Avatar

    Beautifully written. Poignant and ringing true.

    I’ve pushed back against the hollowness of efficiency at all (human) cost. As a slow-learner, I’m pretty much expendable on an economic level, in this age of non-stop layoffs… On a love-level, though, I am not expendable, nor are the people around me. Everyone deserves love and respect, even if they are still struggling to know what that means. This is how we survive: by recognizing each other, smiling at the lady at the cash register, or neighbors out on a walk, asking how people are doing, and having a relaxed moment we can be ourselves. To create a culture where we can show love and care, the things we need to be happy to feel loved and connected… Make it from scratch if you have to, from the nothing of post-Pluto. Hiding out feels great in the short term, and maybe it’s what we need to recover, but taking a risk to put in place a reciprocal-loving environment.

  18. I feel that the illusion turned into a delusion, and once we began to become wise after living in our folly, the delusion subsided and long-term planning took place.

    I see people seeping into communities, finding commonalities and differences that awaken them.
    Yet there are those holding onto their fundamental beliefs and actions, further separating themselves and becoming dangerous intrinsic and extrinsically.

    For a while, due to my Moon, pluto, Mercury and Neptune connections and transits, I felt disgusted about my situation and so did many I know. But what has happened is the joining of hands and minds and hearts to alleviate or issues which are VERY clear.

    1. Pluto and Saturn are transiting my 3rd house. Both squaring my 20° Aries Mercury/Libra Mars opposition, (back and forth a bit due retrograde status.) I feel good. As in clear headed, and not full of delusion and unrealistic hope’s and wishes.

  19. As usual, this comment doesn’t have enough to do with the post that makes me sad. I don’t know how much the sad side of Capricorn is covered when they *don’t* achieve.. it’s like, hero or pussy. I spoke to this Capricorn trans guy yesterday and we have similar charts and we discussed “performance anxiety” which can happen even if you don’t have a dick (also especially in terms of women). He told me about how he feels like a disappointment to people pretty easily, and I recognized the Dostoevskian angst a Cap feels at borrowing money. It’s not just the idea of a “hierophant” or boring boss, a failed Capricorn is a patsy, a thing to behold. When I am feeling this blues, I listen to a song that goes “pour me another drink, and punch me in the face, you can call me Nancy.” (great song by a Taurus stellium guy and one of the sexiest in showbusiness.. pardon)

  20. The Pluto in Sagitarius party could not be sustained. I’d be dead now. It’s good to remember where that bowl of delicious cherries come from.

  21. I am glad you put this out there. There has been a low grade thing in the background. The news scares me at times.

  22. Avatar
    James Slattery

    You are spot on! I see this dealing with clients finances and inheritances. Disappointments, restrictive conditions and time wasting red tape have wrecked havoc with many under various conditions. Death, divorce, broken contracts and bankruptcies. Scaled back expectations and writing off debt. Even I have to cut fees to stay afloat!

  23. I downsized from a large house as Tr Saturn was at the tail end of my Sag 11H. I settled into a smaller house as Tr Saturn ingressed the Cap portion of my 11H. Yes, realistic new dreams on the horizon.

  24. I guess I can make a list of my
    Worries or troubles or fears
    But,why? I will fix my list and the next list is in preparation ,so
    I just gotta smile, and in my mind
    I know I did the best to survive
    Yesterday and I will give myself
    Prompts ; first get a coffee then
    …all the time I am humming, K sa ra
    Sa ra… keeps me smiling

  25. Very, VERY heavy … in the sense that “stuff” keeps (metaphorically) piling up on my back and I feel like one more thing will break it. I’m also physically exhausted (6th house).

    I also have a Capricorn moon–specifically 23 Cap, so I think that’s making it feel heavier since Pluto happens to be sitting there at the moment.

    My mother has a Capricorn sun and moon (but only barely; she hasn’t experienced the exact pass with Pluto or Saturn yet), and at least Mars and Saturn in the sign (making it Saturn Return #3 for her). She’s been struggling, too.

  26. anonymoushermit

    Collective reaping. It’s not punishment, it’s the universe saying, “Are you going to past the test this time?”

  27. Sending best wishes to you, Elsa, look after yourself.

    Jupiter and Pluto are moving back into an opposition with my Cancer ascendant conjunct Cancer moon. Even though lots of people are out and about again in my area, I am focusing on my partner, pets, and plants at home and am looking out for other loved ones from home.

    I kind of think that’s my role at the moment, the airy fiery elements have been put on hold for now.

  28. Only getting this now.. with Saturn in Aquarius I feel alone together.. it took me so long to understand .. wtf.

    Nature seems to want to slough us off. It’s had enough of us. I’m so impressed with gen z dealing with the inequalities in the status quo and not giving up shouting rather than navel gazing.. it’s a thing to behold. There is an Aquarian chink of light there and I can’t help thinking fierce governmental suppression highlights inequalities we’ve been ignoring.. I don’t know what’s up. But I sure feel sad and also bitch slapped by nature and the AI shit that is coming.

  29. the phrase, “what they hope for is a lot more modest and realistic.” can also mean, “what they hope for is deep and meaningful”

    1. J i am not being facetious when i say maybe get your thyroid levels checked. A simple blood test ordered by a GP could tell. Many suffer depression to find this culprit. Remember the stars do not compel! Good luck.

  30. My Sun is 23 Capricorn. I just feel stuck, mired, like I can’t break free no matter what I do. Doldrums; depression – seems about right.

    1. Know that it’s temporary.
      Listen to your breathing, control your breathing a bit look around see what you’re grateful for.

      It’s okay to be stuck right now You’re supposed to be learning something interiorly.

  31. My experience so far, with a Capricorn Mars squaring a Pisces Sun and Virgo Pluto – so an opposition thrown into the mix to balance – is a whole lotta projections reclaimed (eurgh, though 100% necessary, and long overdue). Also, with Jupiter in Cap, and merging with Pluto, unrealistic expectations for future plans or out the window. Optimistic realism!

    1. What has your mars Pluto transit been like? Have you been very active?

      My Mars is in the 12th so I’m struggling.

      1. Very, and tough work on the 1st house/7th house “Me/Thee” theme. Relationships across the board, especially professional. I say professional at the MC is at 7 Scorpio, and Saturn sits at 18 Taurus squaring the Lunar Nodes (NN in Aquarius conjunct Venus – clarifying self-value etc).

        1. Ahhh Now I get it. Check out Tumblr North node and Aquarius. You are definitely working with me and z and you should be. And you should be all about the Lee. During this incarnation. Check it out work for the community anonymously step back you’ll be much happier I think. I’m North not an Aquarius also in my fourth house where is your North node? What house??

          1. 2nd house, at 23 Aquarius, conjunct Venus at 16 Aquarius – and squaring Sat3utn in Taurus in the 4th at 18 Taurus. Family inheritances…psychological roots etc.

  32. I have to say I’m happier, more relaxed and even joyful, than I have been in years. I haven’t dared to admit this to any of my friends or family because they are sincerely struggling emotionally.
    For some reason, I have adapted very well during these last months.

    1. I think this is okay to admit.

      Mean girls are only mean because they haven’t gone through any tough stuff yet.

      People are only afraid of this because they haven’t gone through tough stuff before. It seems like maybe you have? So you know it’ll be fine.

  33. I know I can die, not just because I’m mortal, but because I have a serious illness. I could die at the end of this year or somewhere during 2021. I also know I probably won’t die because there’s a safety net called organ transplantation. I could also heal, I believe this can happen. Living with such a disease (for a very very very long time) makes me both depressed and hopeful: let’s make something beautiful, because we can! Let’s give out some hope to others and spend our time well.

  34. Let’s see the update in 2021..the turning of planets into aquarius is concerning (even if jupiter aquarius is one of my fav placements and could lighten things up) unrest, rebellion and strikes on a grand scale. If you count uranus in taurus too where mother nature is in turmoul and we could get have more agressive earthquakes, tsunamies, the middle of a pandemic. And with pluto it’s a personal complaint- this fricking pluto transits my 1st house for 30 years.

    1. 2nd house, at 23 Aquarius, conjunct Venus at 16 Aquarius – and squaring Sat3utn in Taurus in the 4th at 18 Taurus. Family inheritances…psychological roots etc.

  35. Avatar
    Sag with Cap rising

    I didn’t see this post in 2015 or 2019. 2015 I was right smack in the middle of what you were writing about. Without the details, I made a momentous decision and then a great job saved me. Had a good five year run there until recently. That job allowed me to resolve the issues I was dealing with then. 2019 was hard but a cake walk compared to 2020. Now, it’s more of a life review for myself and the US and neither are standing up well to the scrutiny.
    For me personally, the past 10 years – 2010 to 2020 – have been the worst decade of my life, but I’ve also had Pluto and Saturn transiting my 12th house (and more recently, Jupiter, too).
    From my POV, 2020 is a year where no one has escaped hardship on some level in some way. Americans are very tired from the Trump administration undermining our democracy and the world is watching warily. So there’s definitely universal depression or angst anyway, not only politically but due to COVID, obviously. 2020 has been a watershed year of loss in America from disease, natural disasters, and indifference to basic human rights.
    When Jupiter and Saturn move into Aquarius, they’ll be transiting my 1st house at that point, thankfully. For me personally, I predict a new job and increased freedom. Or maybe I should say at this age and after all I’ve lived through, I’m no longer going to be a doormat for other people and plan to prioritize my own needs and wants.
    But what these changes mean for America and the world, Idk. If Joe becomes President – please God please – then I see increased human rights and a new structure with more diversity, opportunity, technology. If the Traitor in Chief steals the election again, I’m not sure what that means for US and the world. If that travesty happens, all I will say is many people won’t make it through the next four years, particularly if ACA goes away.
    My elderly stepdad was just diagnosed with cancer and given 4-6 weeks to live. He told me Wednesday, “Just take it ‘One Day at a Time.’” Along those lines, if you’re on Instagram, a woman – IamRakaiel – has a Full Moon sound meditation on her IGLive that is good, free, and will be up until 11/4. ????

    1. What goes up will come down rather predictably, but politics aside, I believe we all sense we are in some deep manure at the moment- more than the usual, so I would not be surprised to see a financial downfall. We don’t make anything anymore! I am blessed with a little Aquarian elf who takes much delight in Christmas festivities. I try to hide my rather bah humbug moods. My heart aches to know when Pluto exits Capricorn it will further affect her young life and Aquarian’s in general. She has had rather a year from hell already. Christmas in the age of Omicron and the worst political climate and corrupt leadership from all sides of the aisle I have ever personally witnessed. Hooray for the poinsettia.

        1. Got my poinsettia! Did I go out and buy one, ole cheapo me? Nooooo …So funny – I rather won it at an event as a luck of the draw take home the centerpiece. If I didn’t know better, I would think the cosmos and Kriskringle were up to some mischief and sent that to me directly from you, Elsa! I don’t know why, but I got such a kick out of winning that darn thing. It made a nice addition to my little eighteen-inch Charlie Brown tree! I think you wished it into being here for me. A regular Ode to Christmas Miracle ?

  36. Well… 2nd degree Aquarius sun, 26º Capricorn Mercury… (both ninth house) communication issues I think! Pandemic, home-work related things, knowing people remotely, trustiness, etc… chaotic but not bad

  37. You are such a wise, compassionate, person, Elsa. Reaching into the deep, making sense of it, sharing it, something to help live with it. So glad you are around.

  38. Thanks for the update, Elsa! I haven’t been on your site long but it sure is interesting to go back and read over comments from 5 and 6 years ago during this grueling Pluto through Capricorn transit. I guess it could feel like being imprisoned and tortured (for years) in whichever house Pluto is in for you. For me it’s 4th. There’s been a lot of transformation & progress here with regards to home and familial related things. But it’s been painful and even when I do accomplish what I thought I wanted, it’s weird, I can’t seem to enjoy it. It’s like a dark cloud is hovering over despite any success. Why does Pluto seem so mean here? I hope someday we can all look back and see the necessity of all of this.

    1. Regarding “mean”, I’d say it’s also a collective humbling. Not that everyone needed this – that’s where the “collective” comes in. It’s like a bomb that hits. It does not discrimnate.

  39. Come to think of it, with the Venus conjunction to Pluto extended, it’s not at all unlikely we see a profound crash – financial. I mean, as far as I’m concerned this is already underway.

    And this would be depressing! However, it may be the only way.

    I also feel there will be a lot of death, before Pluto leaves Capricorn. This is also underway from what I can see.

    I’m sorry. I’m part of the collective and Pluto is conjunct my ascendant right now so hell yes, I’m sorry.

    All I get on youtube is poverty food recipes. As if I don’t have any of those, lol. Cripes, I grew up so poor I ate newspaper to fill my stomach. I think I get it!

    1. I agree with your predictions, Elsa. The ‘Let the dead bury their own dead, but you go and proclaim the kingdom of God’” (Luke 9:59–60). What about to come is the ultimate challenge for all of humanity, it will be hard, it is inevitable and we must go through this and become a ‘good’ human race. It’s all depends on level of our awareness. It is one of the changing fases in our evolution. There are only two choices: you go up or you go down. Everybody feels it, but how to deal with it? – to see it as an challenge.
      Hopefuly nobody will have to eat newspaper. You are one tough lady, Elsa.Blessings everyone.

  40. EVERYTHING you said , about decapitation,etc came true.
    Our Cheif of Defense Security,and many top Veterans along with CDS ,were brutally killed in a sabotage bombing.
    Our Whole Country is in mourning.
    I cannot help but feel depressed.
    However prior to this , I tried hard to get and feel the Christmas cheer.
    Besides the tree,lights all over the house , playing uplifting Christmas songs,on loud,and watching happy Christmas movies.
    Didva lot to cheer me up.
    Hope this planetary alignment changes quickly so we feel better.

    The whole World scenario is not helping at all either.
    But I will try to stay positive in the face of this.
    There is no other way.
    I refuse to feel down,no matter what.
    Its Christmas folks.
    Ho ho ho .

  41. It’s a total crash up – and good. Honestly, we were living in fantasy-land.

    I’ve followed this site since the early noughties when there were threads about women who were in love with gay men. Oh the drama. The pain, the passion.

    Pluto and Saturn just don’t do that. They do fundamentals. As Elsa has been saying, for a long time.

  42. Avatar
    the laughing goat

    All I keep telling myself is to just hang on. Saturn will cross my ASC (14 Aqua) and Pluto will finish scrubbing my Mercury (25 Cap) by Feb. 2022 and I feel like I will be able to breathe again. I have come this far for a reason, there is something beautiful up ahead and I just need to hang on. Thanks again Elsa, for the hope you give.

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