Will The Real Pervert Please Stand Up?

Pisces dishI was scanning last years blogs and came up with a very popular one about how people see you in the world. It’s not always accurate. If you have Neptune on the angles (obscures) or have Pisces rising like the soldier, it can go like this:

“Well I look like I’m a pussy,” my husband said. We were in the car.

“You do not. What are you talking about?”

“Yes, I do. What are you talking about? People have thought I was a pussy my whole life.”


“Yes, really. Look at me. I look like a pussy, wouldn’t you say?”

“Well, no,” I said, chuckling. “That has never occurred to me.”

“Well you’re biased. You’re in love with me but I am telling you the whole world thinks I’m a pussy and I don’t care long as they just think it. You can think whatever you want but if you’re going to come up to me and talk to me or treat me like I’m a pussy, well that’s a different story.”

He waited for me to say something but I kept quiet. I don’t like to talk about his fighting, I never have. I asked him recently and the last time he got in a fight and he said it was four years ago. I would hope the next one would be four years out but know it could four hours away or even four minutes. He has this energy.

“So anyway, P, they think I’m a pussy and I’ll tell you what else they think I am.”

“What’s that?”

“A pervert.”

“A pervert?” I snorted. “You can’t be serious.”

“Hell yes I’m serious. Just think of the stories I’ve told you.”

Ten stories ran through my head. Oh yeah. Yeah, they do think you’re a pervert. You know that’s the strangest thing.”

“You’re telling me.”

Do people mistake you for something you are not? What?

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9 thoughts on “Will The Real Pervert Please Stand Up?”

  1. Yes…(12th House Neptune, 1st House Moon) It can vary.. but who I find especially hilarious are people who think I’m a total square (eg. “Sorry I said the F-word in your presence”. Or, “aren’t you vegetarian?” “Oh my god, YOU smoke?!”)
    I shocked an entire table of supposed hard-core punk rockers at the pub this summer by telling them I’ve done urine therapy.
    (“Again…whhhhat? You!)

  2. I think I’ve said this before… but, constantly. I think it’s the libra ascendant – I end up looking like whatever people want to see at the time.

    I went to a concert the other night and the waiting beforehand was an absolute treat. From the looks and vibe I got, I think the rest of the crowd thought I didn’t belong there – the “too nice” libra ascendant thing I get was apparently shining through. It was sooo funny to me. Among non musically involved types, I get criticized for being dark or too intense with my music – and yet the people who listen to the same stuff as myself seem to think I don’t fit because I don’t look dark/intense/pretentious enough. In other words, even the freaks think I’m a freak. Another thing is that I’d say 97% of the people there were male, and well… there’s nothing I can do about my femaleness. I’ve heard guys talk about girls who go to heavier male-dominated shows only do it to get laid, too, which irritates me. I don’t understand why people can’t just like music and that’s the end of the line. but oh well, it was still pretty amusing.

  3. Yup. People think I’m a hardass, when I’m the furthest thing from it. But with Aries rising and Jupiter right on an angle, people see differently. It’s when they take time to get to know me that they see the playful Leo side. 😉

  4. Apparently people think I’m an easy target, naive. I look young with all the Gemini and nervous, flighty mannerisms I guess. Besides I can cut to the quick in conversations (Mercury square Uranus) which means I seem child-like and unsubtle.

    More so lately I’ve been described according to my Aquarian midheaven. A little disconnected, a little different, the cud chewers say with scorn…


  5. (As mentioned in an earlier, similar question.. don’t mean to be repetitive…)
    I’ve always wondered why strangers, even acquaintances, automatically think I’m a complete Goody-Two-Shoes…(OK, I do have curly blonde hair, pink cheeks & kewpie-bow lips, big green eyes & dimples- the whole package, I guess. I even wear glasses. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to be dark & sultry!). 🙂

    At first sight, people – STRANGERS – have always asked me to watch their belongings, kids, whatever, while they run & do something. I constantly get invited to church services for some reason. I’m ALWAYS assumed to be conservative, and a Christian, neither of which is remotely true. Strangers always try to involve me in conversations, presuming I’ll back up whatever Christian and/or politically conservative notion they happen to be pushing.

    As June mentioned happens to her, I’ve always gotten the oddest looks & giggles (even the not-so-occasional, “Do you REALLY like ___ ?”) at concerts… apparently I didn’t/don’t look like a fan of the decidedly NOT mainstream artists I’ve always loved.

    Guess it’s the Virgo rising (with North Node in Libra in the 1st, if that counts)with my sun & Mercury are in Pisces(Mercury opposing Ascendant). I don’t think that my ascendant has much to do with the rest of my chart – it’s weird how that can work!

  6. I am mostly one thing- but I do have another crazier side, and to be honest, it’s ok. my virgo appreciate the discretion, and my aq. rising appreciates the looks of shock.

  7. That I’m dumber than I appear, that I’m a goody two shoes. It never fails when I become blunt, sexual, intense and sharp people are shocked. I’ve got a lot between my tenth and fourth house axis, so what appears above the surface has a much deeper, watchful, grounded root underneath.

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