Pluto Transiting First House: How It Begins

Pluto god dogA lot of people have been reading commenting on my Pluto Transiting the 12th House series which I wrote over the course of fourteen years. I covered Pluto transiting my ascendant as well.

Pluto is now a few degrees into my first house. While the effects on my body (given to the ascendant) are still resolving, there is enough separation, I see how this is shifting.  It’s like being merged with death vs having it near.

With Pluto transiting my first house, people are attracted to me. I have some kind of pull but there’s a darkness to it. Having Libra, I’m not very happy about this. I’ve tried to get rid of it, to no avail. I tend to make a good number of people uncomfortable. There are so many of them, I know it’s me and not them.  I’ve tried address this too, but Pluto can’t exactly be hidden in my skirt.

Most who are attracted to me are also repulsed. It’s hard to trust someone with Pluto right there, front and center and staring at you. This is makes no comment regarding my trustworthiness.  It’s a phenomena that produces a feeling.

It’s akin to being a potentially dangerous thing. Like a loaded gun, for example. There are a lot of people who don’t want to be near a loaded gun, or even in the same house as one, on the chance it may harm them.  The gun has nothing to say about this.

Overall, it’s had a good effect on my relationships (7th house).  While this transit has stripped me of superficial connections, I am left deeply committed to the people I do interact with, both personally and professionally.  The first house is ME.  I don’t like to hurt people so I channel this energy into healing.

If you were to ask me if I like this transit – I don’t.  The first is a Cardinal house. The Pluto transit requires me to manage this freakish power. I think it’s pretty hard not to blow things up, including myself.

Do you have Pluto transiting your 1st house?  How’s it going?

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  1. A birth chart I have place Pluto in 3 rd house at birth? Not sure how to translate
    I too, confess, not sure can handle what I think or have to say, have learned for me keep it zipped, I seem to have a strong belief that it does not matter what people think of me or my feelings does an alter me

  2. I do as a zero degree Capricorn rising. Ya, it’s been good I think? Not in like the Jupiter sense but overall, as in Ive found a way to be honest. I finally understand honesty and authenticity. I think that’s really what is simultaneously attractive and repellent.

  3. Pluto will transit my 12th house in a few years…l reckon l can feel it now. Yes, there is fear.

    One good thing l have started drawing again. Words don’t seem to be enough.

    I manage a chronic illness and ageing is no longer ‘something that happens to other people’. It is here and now.

    I feel immobilised. I can’t seem to make anything happen. There are things that need doing, but l can’t make the phone calls or find the right people…Mars trans. the 4th (maybe).

    Honestly, l would like some magic person to say: There, there l can make everything better–let me fix it all for you.

    I am jealous of those that are lucky to have first class ‘helpers’ around them. Aries is getting up my nose in a big way. I know lots.(My south node)

    I am stewing in unlovely thoughts.

    Today, l will draw a grumpy ‘knot’. Me.

  4. Pluto will cross my ascendant for the first time, and just for a few months, in May this year. Thanks for your update, Elsa. I expect to continue to live a solitary life, which I enjoy. And to have interesting dreams while I sleep! Pluto in my 11th house was so different than the person I became as soon as it transited to my 12th. I was socializing in big and small groups of friends all the time when it was in my 11th house. I was very active in my community.

    As soon as Pluto entered my 12th, the effects of my MeToo activism 15 years ago (and a desire to upgrade my education) made me want to escape into seclusion, and not bother with people anymore, except for my community garden friends. I’ll always be a freak to the norm. I accept it. But I can’t see people being attracted to me when Pluto is in my 1st house.

    Today was the first time I ever felt like I had a normal problem that could be helped by a medical practitioner. I got a herniated disc from shovelling snow, so I went to a chiropractor. It felt like such a common complaint that normal people have.

    With Pluto in the 12th, I was supposed to dig deep, get professional help, resolve trauma. Well, I don’t waste my money on therapists anymore because when I tell them my history, they look at me like I’m a freak and they don’t know how to deal with this weirdo case that I present them with. Afterward, I feel worse and more freakish than when I first walked in.

    Thankfully people are talking more about how Western psychotherapy is often too narrow, prescriptive, racist, classist, colonial, and not always helpful. (I just read Rachel Aviv’s excellent book, “Strangers To Ourselves”.) I prefer reading, dream analysis, astrology, watching bees in flowers, etc, instead of traditional psychotherapy.

    Please keep us updated on your Pluto in the 1st, Elsa.

  5. I’ve had Pluto cross my Ascendant when I was 29 … coming up to my 45th birthday soon, and guess what? Pluto is still in my 1st house! 😩😂 (using Placidus system, and higher Northern latitude so my 1st house spans three signs, Capricorn in its entirety).

    It will enter my 2nd (first decan Aquarius) when I hit 54 🤔

    Now its just like a background hum, or a recurring earworm stuck at the back of your mind. You get used to it eventually.

    1. Happy you shared this Mermaid. ❤️ I prefer placidus as it seems to describe our messiness as humans. What you describe, that big 1st house of 3 signs with Cap rising, is also my son’s. I like the clues to his experience through yours.

    2. Thanks for sharing. I’m in the same-ish boat. Pluto is the most elevated planet in my natal chart and if you use the Placidus house system my first house is huge! It covers some Sag and all of Capricorn and Aquarius. Add to that the fact that all my natal planets are clustered in the eastern hemisphere and it means that Pluto has already transited (by conjunction) every planet in my chart over my 40 years on Earth, except for my moon in Cancer and my Mars at 15 Aquarius.

      I’ve had Pluto reshape me so many times that I often call myself Kate version 17.2 or whatever as a (true) joke. In a way I feel relieved that I’m going get a break for a while, once Pluto moves beyond my Mercury at 28 Cap, since I have a little while until it hits my Mars in 2033 or so. But the funny thing is, Pluto is currently sitting on top of my natal Mercury AND squaring my natal Pluto at 29 Libra, but I actually feel great!

      I think it’s because I’ve just become used to the platonic energy and because I’ve learned so many lessons and transformed so much already. If you learn the lessons you’re meant to learn then a Pluto transit doesn’t have to be so rough. Like you said, it’s that background hum.

      I definitely feel the whole attraction/repulsion thing when it comes to how other people respond to my energy. But I’m grateful for it because after a lifetime of these powerful transits I now stand fully within my power and know who my real friends are. I’m actually starting to wonder what It’ll be like without Pluto’s presence until he makes his way to 15 Aquarius. Guess we’ll see!

      1. Oops. Meant to say my 1st house covers half of Capricorn and all of Aquarius. Maybe I was subconsciously including my 12th house, ha ha.

    3. Yeah . I am cap asc. My 1st house is going to be with me forever and more. I like it. I enjoy discovering My power. There is a lot of transmutations involved. Sometimes situations Are so deeply profound i start to think that i am not able to lift it, but i do and when im done lifting i see at My new muscles and i am surprised. There is less compromise then before because i consider going solo as quite ok. I dont feel Much anxiety as i felt before. I tried mushrooms , and i am 39 yrs old. I was met with huge criticism from My family but i stood by to one of the most transcendental episodes in My life. I Didnt hide, i didnt back down. With this transit i am learning to stop controlling things so much. To let life transform me and take it . Not resist. I like Pluto in the first. I better befriend it. Its going to be here for a while

  6. Yup I have Pluto transiting my 1st house currently. It is unsettling at first since you can see that you have more power than you used to. But I actually like it sometimes 😅. I think I have gotten used to it since it has been in my first for over 6 years now. Pluto demands you drop the superficial stuff. I am learning to be true to myself. It is a lifelong process. I think you will adjust to it Elsa. It is not all bad.

  7. Pluto is midway through my 1st house. A perfect example of how it is going; I woke up realizing how mean I have been in relationships. I see it reflected in my son’s actions and it makes me want to puke!
    I want to tell him that (I’ve taught you this; now I’m telling you stop it before it’s too late)
    All pretenses are off Alchemy is Pluto. This might be the way through to the other half of my 1st House to transform any meanness into meaningful and mending/healing
    It’s intense

    1. Another helpful story thank you Moki. My son has developed meanness which shocked me as hes always been gentle. I called him out on it the last day when I was visiting over the holiday season and into the new year.
      He likely needed the toughened up process. My soft boundarylessness caused problems when I was raising him. My rising is opposite his, late Cancer rising only now developing my shell.
      You also have a blog, don’t you?

      1. Good insight about needing to toughen up at this age(he’s 50) and raised during the 70’s when I was a baby disconnected from rootstock and often a doormat
        His progressed Sun is midway Scorpio with much Libra natally. My natal Scorp is getting a reverberated rerun as I experience a progressed Dun in Aquarius. Whew, exquisite life lessons
        I blog no more, mostly an acoustic granny

  8. I have Pluto in my first house, tied closely to my ruler Mercury (natal chart). I am well known as a barking dog, few know I try to avoid biting.

  9. Avatar
    Janet StraightArrow

    Welcome to deep self transformation. Pluto has been in my first house since Sag 23z my second house is 29.56 Capricorn. So a peek into my second and back for a while. You are an 8 house cookie too. So it’s something you can work with. I always see astrology as a help to understand soul and spiritual growth. You are in the cooker. Enjoy!

    1. Avatar
      Janet StraightArrow

      I just looked up the moment Pluto entered my first house. 2005. I sold my house and began an adventure in moving around and exploring a vagabond living. I lived at a lakefront and enjoyed a semi-sabbatical. The next year I moved to Woodstock NY where I had life changing experiences. I could keep going yet it seems after many tramas and challenges I am getting settled as Pluto is dancing on the entrance to my second house. Time will tell.

  10. Pluto is now just going into my twelfth so I may not be around for the transit in the first. Having Pluto natally on my Desc. isboth a blessing and a curse. Overall it helps me keep the valuable relationships for my growth and to remove those that aren’t.

  11. Full moon will be conjunct my natal Jupiter at 17 Leo, and will square my Uranus in Scorpio 16 degrees in my 2nd house. I don’t have any money . And no debts gladly. Wondering what to expect 🤔

  12. I had Pluto in the 1st from 13 to 27 years of age and it was the most intense and fast paced period of my now 65 years. I succeeded to move out of my parents home at 17, married at 18 and had two kids. Hubby and myself started to build a business that lasted until 96 and was then sold for a good price. Not an easy time but it really changed my life for the better, sex drugs and rock‘n roll included.

    I‘d immediately exchange the first house transit for the 4th house one that started with the passing of my husband and just doesn’t seem to end, looking forward to Pluto in AQ no matter what happens then.

    The 1st house transit is really a chance to reinvent yourself beyond your dreams. Good luck !

  13. My ascendant is about 5 degrees aquarius, so I consider this transit to be already building. Pluto in my 12th has been a trip. I feel like a whole new soul inhabits my body. Pluto in the 12th has been an exorcism and it finally feels good as I reach the end of the transit. All my worst nightmares came true and I’m kickin’ stronger than ever. I’m stoked about Pluto crossing my ascendant. Now, I don’t want to act all foolhardy but I’ve experienced Uranus and Neptune transit my ascendant and I feel it can’t be worse than that! PS: I like it when people are repulsed by me, then they stay outta my way! (venus conj saturn in scorp)

  14. Pluto smacking my Asc of 29 degrees Capricorn.

    On January 31, my husband was run over by a car. He was standing and someone (not looking where they were going) hit him and he ended up nearly completely under the car before she stopped.

    I had felt darkness coming towards us for a couple days. Couldn’t shake the feeling. Wanted to stay home. Husband wanted to go look at pups at the pound. I relented and regret not staying home instead. He wouldn’t have been hit. Long story. Don’t want to elaborate.

    Thankful he is able to walk. Miracle he wasn’t injured badly. He is in great pain at times but I want to cry when I think about it all.

      1. Thank you.

        I love some of what you wrote about this scenario transit with Pluto.

        My husband being lucky – Jupiter trining my natal Sun (10 degrees Sag) and his natal Ascendant (13 degrees Sag).

        Having been married 46 years now, our connection is such that I felt the impact from across a parking lot even before I knew what had happened to him.

  15. I could not have said it better. That was beautiful the way you laid it down. I feel the exact same way. And the situations that aim to test me, are daily as of late. I know that it’s a test from something bigger, it’s just a matter of if I can convince myself of that in the moment I suppose.

    Nice blog Mama!

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