Saturn Transit Your 8th House: Fear of Dying Etc.

Cemetary statueScared is right. Saturn is associated with fear, difficulty, hard lessons, also mastery and wisdom.
8th house rules death and transformation and power, etc. All things dark side and unspeakable. Psychotherapy. Trauma. Pathology.

Transit of Saturn through the 8th makes a person afraid of death. You’ll be made to face your fear. In fact you will be paralyzed until and unless you do. You want to face death like an adult.

This is a 2.5 year thing so you don’t have to get it today but this is what’s on your plate. Saturn wants you to “grow up” about death and dying. To be responsible. Time to learn about death.

Commonly a person does have someone die near them. Could be a co-worker for example. Someone does a face plant in the cubicle next to yours. They just happen to be similar age and sex.  It’s normal to wonder if you’re going to be next. It’s scary.

Sometimes a parent dies, which gives the same result. All of the sudden you say – “Hey! I may die. Yipes!”

Now the low thing to do here is to act like it is not happening. That’ll hold you short term. The wise thing to do (and Saturn likes wisdom) is to get with the program and take responsibility around death.

Making a will is a good example. This equates with facing your fear. It’s smart, because as a matter of fact you will die, so how about being a class act about it? In the adult sense of that I mean. Pick up your toys instead of leaving a big mess for someone else to clean up because you were too afraid to come to terms with the reality of dying. That’s class.

old jewelryNow, when you do this, the process gets much easier. The universe backs you. Saturn says “do the right thing” and when you get on board, you’ll find yourself supported as you wise up around these issues.

This takes many forms by the way. If you’re looking for the theme here. “Grow up about death”, as in you don’t quit calling because your friend is dying or however else it might manifest.

I knew an antique dealer who went to an estate sale where obviously the deceased was their age and had similar interests. You can imagine the impact. This dead guy’s stuff is everywhere, people poking through it and it could have been my pal’s. Hello? There are any number of ways you can get this message. Yes, you will die.

On the non-tangible level, there is more to gain.  I once told a gal once to visualize herself dead. I did this because she was so afraid of dying she could barely live. You know. If she breathes in too hard, it may kill her.

I told her so go there and hang out awhile, see the people at her funeral or after or whatever. I asked her to stay there long enough to become accepting. In other words – face the fear! Because once you do, it unravels for you. Until you do, you’re stuck!

If you can come to understand that yes!  You will die at some point, and if you assimilate this, you can opt to really live. If you think you’re going to live forever then you can postpone life can’t you? But if you really know you’re just passing through and I mean, really know it emotionally, because the 8th house is not an intellectual place – this will become an empowering situation.

The wise thing to do is live on all cylinders, right? I hope you can see that is a sense you’re fortunate that this is in your face to learn. Your life will be better other side of this, not that it’s some walk in the park to get there, because it won’t be, but it is good to know that the time to live is now.

This is tip of the iceberg on this. Other themes include power in all forms, other people’s energy as in, goods of the dead. This transit is also concerned with the collective resources. Lotteries, insurance companies, taxes. These things pool people’s resources together akin to sex. Sex where bodily fluids mix. That’s the tie if it isn’t obvious.

Merging, as opposed to this is you, and that is me and there is clear separation between us. It is intimate and intricate.

To do well, do the right thing. Exchange energy with others. They give to you, and you give back as opposed to gather and gather and gather and hoard (opposite sign Taurus / 2nd house). Empower others, and become empowered.

Note – I wrote this in 2001.

Is Saturn transiting your 8th house? How’s it going?

10 thoughts on “Saturn Transit Your 8th House: Fear of Dying Etc.”

    1. It depends on how you’re doing. The opposition lets you see 360 degrees – the 14 years behind and the 14 years ahead. So if you do a pretty good job minding Saturn principles, you could very well get a pay off.

  1. Elsa, both what you’ve written today hits my husband’s natal chart with a resounding bang. He’s got a Stellium mostly in scorpio(neptune , true node and moon) along with Jupiter in libra in his 8th house
    He’s got Mars and Venus ( V at 29 degrees) both in the 12th house IN AQUARIUS with that Chiron thing and then Neptune and Mercury at zero degrees in his 8th. His Saturn, like mine is in the 10th. His Chiron is like mine in the 12th. He has the biggest heart of any man I’ve ever known, and is just one of the strangest people I’ve ever known – and I guess that’s why we hooked up.

    Elsa, after reading todays offering from you – could it be David is more of an enlightened dude than I knew? I really was beginning to think he had mild retardation – but it must be due to this full house, incredibly weird chart? Perhaps it isn’t so weird – It never appeared that way to me, until I started following you and learning more.

  2. Avatar
    Anette Bjerregård

    Pluto/Saturn conjunction in Libra, 8th house.

    Sun, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter in a stellium in Scorpio.

    Moon in Libra, 8th house.

    I usually sense death. Not only in regards to people but also business, trends, situations, relationships etc.

    I have two dying parents and when I talk to people about difficult choices I tell them how I imagine myself lying on my deathbed thinking back, going over my life choices:

    “What would I do if I was old and and dying and looked back on this situation/choice from an old woman’s perspective?

    So, what is the right thing to do for me and my life at this point?
    The core point is: would I regret this choice looking back at my life?

    When you have gone through enough of these choices, what you gain is wisdom (spoken like a true 9th house native :p )

  3. Tr Saturn was conjunct my 2* Libra Sun in my 8H the day I filed for divorce. (Divorce is also an 8 House event as joint assets are divided.) This 8H conjunction was exactly squaring Tr Pluto, too! Irrevocably dissolved.

  4. Yes I did a will when Saturn was transiting 8 th had never thought of one before and was also preoccupied with death and clearing out. We live on property and have a big shed full of stuff just stuff sitting there needs to go. But my partner is reluctant he is having Saturn travel thru the 7 th Mayb when it hits his 8 th will have the big clean out🙏

  5. My Father is declining. The Dementia is prominent. My partner inherited some money and I began having heart concerns. I awake to pounding in my ears (blood pressure) and immediately it gets worse as I freak out because Im not fully awake and its dark. I took out life insurance to keep the roof over my childrens head IF I die. When I die.

      1. Thats the nature of the Transit. No worries I have a double Grand Trine in Fire to my Saturn+ Asc and Moon and fifth house Venus that includes . I have had a charmed motherhood that made the bumps in the road worth it. My children have taken to obstacles by getting high marks. No ones dodges this lesson. Saturn won’t let you.

  6. And here it is. I should have looked here first. I googled Saturn transit to the 8th…. boom. I just went through it, but I wanted to see another take. Of course it’s here!!!!!
    I was looking because my youngest son is going through it right now, and badly. I feel bad for him… it was hideous for me, but he has to go through it. I can only listen.

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