Learn about the 12th house. Prisons, institutions, hospitals, sacrifice, suffering…

Marriage In A Rut – Feels Trapped

Dear Elsa, I got married about 8 months ago, and instantly we fell into a domestication that makes me feel trapped and angry. I am unaware of how to change the problem. I imagine myself expressing these concerns to my husband and asking for more of an open like relationship where we decide what we

Coping With The Current Saturn Neptune Opposition: Psychic Pisces Sun, Capricorn Rising Clues Me In

So how about another story? This one concerns my sister who is a Pisces (Neptune) with a Capricorn (Saturn) rising. She also has Saturn in the 12th (Neptune’s house) and Neptune in the 10th (Saturn’s house). I told you it ran in the family! Anyway, my sister is psychic. Think what you will. I grew

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Coping With The Current Saturn Neptune Opposition: An Introduction to Nifty Magic Available To All

I’m back on the Saturn Neptune thing, sorry for the delay! I spaced out (Neptune) my job (Saturn) there for a minute. I lost (Neptune) some time (Saturn)! ::grins stupidly:: But I meant to write about some of the positive manifestations of this combination because they are plenty and they are superb and sublime. And

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