Control! Who has it, who wants it, who can give it up..?

My Father Is Taking Drastic Steps To Keep Me From Man I’m Attracted To

Dear Elsa, I have known a man for 3 years and the chemistry – both intellectual and emotional – was intense, as was the physical attraction. However, due to geographical/career constraints we went our separate ways but always stayed in touch, helping each other through turbulent times by talking/writing to each other. Although frustrating for

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Dealing With A Man You Can’t Dominate

For a client who has recently graduated to a new way of relating… “When I look at these charts, the phrase that comes to mind is “balance of power”. This is a masculine man you’ve got here which is very good. You’re not going to be able to dominate this guy which may be hard

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Love & Delusion: People Who Want To Marry You When They Don’t Even Like You!

In 2009, I claimed, correctly, that at least forty men had proposed to me in my life. Bella asked on Venus Neptune Getting Married. I was asked, “What is the astrology for that level of proposal mania?” I stated, I had to dodge weddings as if they were bullets! I am reposting this because it takes

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