Mercury Mars

Mercury in aspect to Mars. Square, trine, opposition, conjunction…

Scorpio Woman Probes Gemini Man

Dear Elsa, Two years ago, I met a 42 year old Gemini man through work. We struck up a great friendship. At first I wasn’t attracted to him at all romantically, but he pursued me for 6 months and wore me down. I became very fond of him, and then what I thought was love […]

She Runs Hot… And Cold

Lots of Capricorn… and Mars conjunct Mercury speaks: “What are you doing, P?” the soldier asked. “Are you bootling?” “No, I’m lying here on a heating pad because I am cold. I am cold in my bones.” “In your bones, huh?” “Yeah. I get cold in my bones and mad in my veins, don’t you?”


Women Expressing Their Mars

“What did you do today, P?” the soldier asked last night. “Oh, well I am writing about tying down those air conditioners,” I said. “You are? What do people think about that?” “I don’t know. I suppose they think it’s strange. Foreign. Most women don’t want to work like that. I don’t think it occurs

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Mars Conjunct Mercury vs Virgo Mars… In The Car

My daughter has a Virgo Mars which is another Mars Mercury exchange. We were in the car on Friday, I was dropping my kids for the weekend before I left to meet the soldier. “Yeah, it’s going to be another longish trip,” I said. “So you’ll be spared that.” “Yeah,” she said before launching into

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Mars, Mercury and Motorcycles

The AMF bought a new (old) motorcycle on Friday and brought it by for me to ride yesterday morning, after picking it up at the shop complete with new tires. Woooooo! I haven’t ridden a motorcycle in more than 20 years! However, I could ride like hell when I did, and it all came me

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