Do Past Lives Really Exist?

A client asked me about past lives in a consultation today.  I told her we’d discussed this quite a bit on this site, but not lately. Do you believe in past lives? Do you believe that you have had a past life? How did you draw your conclusion? Can this is be seen in a […]

Maybe I have had a past life?

I’ve said many times I have no knowledge of any past life. I believe in them. I have no doubt my husband has been ’round before but I’ve never seriously thought I was an old soul or anything. In fact, I’m positively childish. But then a few years ago, I got a book of poems

Pluto Transit To The Moon – Mine: Trauma – Specialists, Audiophiles, Bliss, Death

In regards to assimilating trauma / Pluto transits – shell writes on Will It Take 10 Years To Assimilate: “Is that kind of like when something happens in your life that is painful, and you think you’ve learned a lesson and will be better equipped to handle it the next time around; yet when it

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