What happens when Pluto transits your Moon. Square, trine, conjunction, opposition…

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Do Transits To A Child’s Chart Affect Their Parents?

Hi Elsa, Would you care to look more into important moon/Saturn transits in a child’s chart and to what degree the aspects involved affect the parents? e.g. if transiting Saturn opposes the natal moon in a child’s chart, would this affect the child, or the parents or both? Best regards, Been Thinking Dear Thinking, It’s

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Pluto Transit To The Moon – Mine: Trauma – Specialists, Audiophiles, Bliss, Death

In regards to assimilating trauma / Pluto transits – shell writes on Will It Take 10 Years To Assimilate: “Is that kind of like when something happens in your life that is painful, and you think you’ve learned a lesson and will be better equipped to handle it the next time around; yet when it

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