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Venus Opposite Saturn – More Than Loneliness & Lack Of Love

It pains me that people with Venus opposite Saturn think this aspect is all about loneliness and lack of love. If this is what you think, you’re missing the boat. I’m pulling this post up after talking to a client with Venus in Capricorn this morning. She feels unworthy – I’d like to see her

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What Chart Markers Indicate Age Difference In Relationships?

Hi, Elsa. What are the markers of attraction to older men in a chart of a woman? It’s a general question, so I’m not including any birth data. Studying Hi, Studying. There are people who fare well by partnering outside their age range. There are clear markers of such a tendency, shown in chart. It’s

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Would You Marry Someone With Saturn In The 7th House?

“Hey Elsa, All else being equal, how would you feel about marrying someone with Saturn in the Seventh?” Boy, that’s a good question. The traditional interpretation of Saturn in the 7th house (or any other Venus Saturn exchange) is that relationship are burdensome. There are other manifestations of course. People marry older partners, controlling partners,

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Venus In The Natal Chart: Love & Money You Keep

I’m continuing to sort through old content on the site. I ran across a post someone wrote; they’re all excited about a “new man”.  I thought to myself, oh no!  Because I know that a new man is usually followed by another “new man” and then another and then another and another after that.  You

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