venus in Capricorn

venus and mars and cupid Giovanni Francesco Barbieri

Venus Opposite Saturn – It’s Not Just About Loneliness & Lack Of Love

It pains me that people with Venus opposite Saturn think this aspect is all about loneliness and lack of love. If this is what you think, you’re missing the boat. I’m pulling this post up after talking to a client with Venus in Capricorn this morning. She feels unworthy – I’d like to see her

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Venus In Capricorn: Reject Them Before They Reject You

This was a follow on to this post: Capricorn And Rejection. A lot of people weighed in around how they handled being rejected. I wanted to expand the discussion. Venus is currently conjunct Mars in Capricorn. People don’t feel optimistic about relationships going well, do they’re busting all kinds of defensive (Saturn) moves. Specifically, you

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