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Saturn, Capricorn & Posture Challenge

I was talking to a gal this morning; she would like to fix relationship problems. She has Venus in Capricorn and has to work not to denigrate herself and to feel worthy of love. I know many relate.  She really wants to flush her old ways but how? Where does she start. I had some

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Venus In Capricorn: Reject Them Before They Reject You

This was a follow on to this post: Capricorn And Rejection. A lot of people weighed in around how they handled being rejected. I wanted to expand the discussion. Venus is currently conjunct Mars in Capricorn. People don’t feel optimistic about relationships going well, do they’re busting all kinds of defensive (Saturn) moves. Specifically, you

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How Venus in Capricorn Can Help You Find Love

On January 8th, Venus will enter Capricorn. This is not a transit most people find particularly exciting. Love in a business suit. Oh joy. But there is another side to this placement. It means real, practical love. It reminds me of the old Grimm’s fairy tale, “Choosing a Bride.”

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