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Looking Ahead At Saturn In Pisces

Saturn will ingress into Pisces in March of 2023. This may seem to be off in the distance but Saturn rules time which marches on! Pisces can sneak up on a person. It morphs, conceals and disappears. Don’t be surprised when you wake up under this transit thinking, where did the time go? Saturn with […]

The Stellium In Capricorn… Personally Speaking: The Little Match Girl

Kingsley wrote: “I think you mentioned the twelfth house previously Elsa. Things come from out of the blue in the twelfth. Its hard to say what might be “going on” in that hidden house. All will be revealed when one planet after the other crosses the ascendant. I guess you will have to trust your

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Pluto Transit To The Moon – Mine: Hard To Kill

Yesterday I wrote about Christopher Reeve, a man so buoyant that even when he’s dead, he’s still – UP. I mean, it’s just impossible to think of the guy and end on a down note. Lupa came on and said that like me, she could access happiness via focusing on the feeling of the sun

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