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Saturn & Neptune In Pisces & All Those Tears

Do you find yourself crying at the drop of a hat?  It’s Neptune in Pisces, sensitizing people, combined with Saturn in Pisces which dissolves blocks and your usual controls. It’s getting ridiculous, in my case.  If I see or hear of the slightest kindness, tears flow, almost immediately. If the transiting planets aspect planets in your

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illusion of control

Saturn In Pisces & Illusion

The phrase, “fateful decision” ran through my mind. It’s a dramatic way of framing something, that’s not necessarily attached to reality.  How much control do we have over our fate, anyway?  It’s a lot less than I used to think. The illusion of control has been strong for a long time.   As one example of

hall of mirrors

Venus Conjunct Saturn In Pisces: Universal Law, Money Disappears, Feeling Rejected

Venus will conjoin Saturn in Pisces on March 21, 2024.  There’s a high side to everything but this is a tough one. People are sensitized.  It’s common to feel rejected; to imagine you’re being rejected or oppressed. The simple fear of this happening can disable a person. In some cases, this may be actually be

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