Saturn Neptune

Saturn in aspect to Neptune, effects. Square, opposite, trine, conjunction.

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Neptune Mind Tricks & Blurred Reality

It’s been a long time since I wrote about my hologram, but Mercury is and will be highly emphasized over these next few months. Things come to mind and some of them seem worth sharing. I’ve used the phrase, “mistake of the intellect” which tracks to astrologer, James Braha, who I greatly respect. He states […]

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Your Inner Voice That Berates You

Do you have an inner voice that berates you? Some may find the concept, strange. Others are familiar.  It’s that voice in your head that tells you how stupid you are! I had this problem for a very long time. It’s in my stories and I recall my sister telling me one time, that it

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Saturn in Pisces Guide – Available Now!

Saturn’s transit through Pisces will be challenging for almost everyone. Sorry, but facts are facts. You can expect life to become disorienting at some point during this transit. Some will experience this throughout the entire 2.5 year period. If you’re not well versed in Neptune-flavored challenges, you can wonder if you’re going crazy. Saturn in

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