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Why are Water Signs Emotional?

On the post Are Cancers Manipulative?, Kri commented: Maybe difficulty with emotional self regulation is at the root of being manipulative. I think there’s something to that! Water signs are the signs most likely to be accused of manipulation, and that’s no accident.

Falco – Pisces Sun, Scorpio Moon: Must I Die To Live?

I first wrote about Falco, back in 2008. My husband introduced me to him. He was living in Germany when Falco burst onto the scene. He was fortunate to see him perform live, many times.  He’s really striking. Today we watched a documentary about his life, Too Young To Die – Falco.  It was interesting,

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Why Do Some People Grow On You?

I have a friend, struggling in a new environment. It’s not any fun but I think he’ll be fine longer term. He tends to get off to a rocky start, but invariably people grow to love him. I have a similar experience. I grow on people, often against their will. I’m thinking this is a

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