Venus Opposite Pluto – Death Of A Lover Or Spouse

woman-with-mourning-shawl-Van-Gogh-A client asked me if her husband were going to die.  She’d read somewhere that the Venus Pluto aspect in her chart, indicated such a thing.

I am pretty sure, Stephen Arroyo mentioned this possibility around Venus Pluto. I’m sorry I can’t reference the book. I read it twenty-five years ago, but I’m pretty sure he was specifically talking  about women with Venus opposing Pluto in their chart.  Arroyo was a great astrologer who only wrote about things he’d witnessed firsthand. I have seen the same thing he has.

I’m not talking about women who lose their husbands via age or natural causes. I’m talking about traumatic separation.  I’m talking about women who find their husband dead via suicide. I am talking about women who wake up one day to find that their husband is GONE, never to be heard from again.  I am talking about your love being obliterated.

I know a number of women and stories of women who have suffered such a thing. It’s my packed 8th house. One thing I have seen is that if the opposition is prominent (say, lying across the ascendant/descendant), it’s entirely possible this happen to a woman more than once!

Women who kill their husbands might have something like this in their chart as well.  Their spouses keep dying, yes?  But what’s important to know is that this is not the only way this aspect can manifest.

With Venus opposing Pluto, you’re guaranteed intensity in your interactions with others. Also, if you’re 40 or 50 years old and this has never happened, you’re probably at less risk than a girl of 20.

Also, some people suffer traumatic loss of a partner when they are extremely young.  Like a twin, whose twin dies as a baby.

People wonder if the transit (Pluto opposing natal Venus) puts a person at risk for this.  It does but it’s only one possibility of many. I can’t see living in fear, because you have something like this in your chart. There is nothing you can do about it.

If you wake up one morning and your husband is not in bed. And if you go in your backyard, open the shed and find him hanging, there is nothing you can do.

I know this for sure.  I was out with that couple, the night before the husband took his life. We said goodnight at midnight. My phone rang at 6 am, when his wife found him dead.  The woman had lost her first spouse to suicide, five years earlier.  Things like this get your attention.

There’s another point to make.  Jackie Kennedy lost her husband in a horribly traumatic way.  She does not have Venus aspecting Pluto. This just goes to show you there are mysteries in life..

Do you have Venus in aspect to Pluto in your chart? Have you ever suffered a traumatic separation from a loved one?

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  1. Venus in Scorpio Square Pluto in Leo involved in out of sign
    T-square with Moon in early Gemini.

    Not only have I lost – traumatically and young 2 ex lovers..
    My extended family and friends and my Sister have all lost Children at ages 14, 16 and 26. I wonder if the Moon being where it is indicates this ?

    That is a part of my Natal Chart I would gladly give away…

  2. Oh and i almost forgot, I have an astrological “twin”, a cousin born same day as me with i assume a different rising sign, or perhaps Moon at Algol or Pliedes. Her Father died in a small plane crash when we were 11.
    As for how this Uranian influenced my life ? My Dad was a commercial pilot and Mom a Srewardess. She shared many of the losses of Children with me.

  3. My boyfriend not only has a tight Pluto/Venus square in his chart, he has his Pluto tightly conjunct my Sun.

    He is always afraid of losing me, or me leaving him. So far he hasn’t lost any spouses or anything, though he did lose three grandparents. He has also been in two traumatic accidents, though I chalk that up to his Saturn/Jupiter square.

    Maybe his Venus/Pluto square has more to do with his love of zombies and vampires?? LOL

  4. My mother has lost her partners twice. She has a venus/ Pluto / mars conjunction aspect in Virgo.
    My father lost his parents in a murder/ suicide. He has venus pisces opp very late leo Pluto.

    I inherited venus conjunct Pluto in scorpio. I attract tragic people? Or maybe I will be the tragedy anyhow I’ve come to peace with it. My daughter has the venus sq Pluto aspect.

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    My current FI and my previous FI both have Venus/Pluto conjunct, 12th house. They both self-isolated, it seems, from their small families. They are/have made themselves pretty much on their own from their 40s. Plus both had coldness from one parent or both.

    What’s strange, to me, is I have Uranus Pluto in 12th, not conjunct, and I think the Uranus “pulls” them out of their mental prisons. They cling like krazy glue to me even after breakup points and that’s the only thing I can think of.

    What’s beautiful though is that astrology allows that 3rd eye of true awareness; by that I mean that I see that members here, all of us, we all have some fked up aspects, and yet we all aren’t at the aspects’ whim like those we know. We can piece together, day by day, the possible ‘whys’ something is happening to those around us/with us. For that, I am forever thankful for Elsa, Satari, everyone here and other astro blogs.

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    It seems like in instances like this with Pluto in Leo, there’s a publicizing aspect of the deaths

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    When my Mother died in 2009, I had Venus opposite Pluto (Venus in Tau house 5) Amazingly enough, Mars was at 29* Cancer (Literally the end of mother) and her midheaven was 29* Virgo (The end of her terms of service perhaps?). My N.Node is at 4* Pisces, so it is no surprise that Chiron was at 4* in Cancer…guess our charts were pretty tied together…
    She spent the night with my all female family and the next morning, she died from a heart attack…Must have been that leo transit right before (Got Michael Jackson and many others)

  8. I have natal venus opposite natal Pluto. When I first started learning about astrology in my late twenties and discovered this aspect, it put me in a very dark place as I became obsessed with the prospect of meeting men who might leave or die on me. I did not realise at the time that the depression/anxiety/feelings of loss were connected to the loss of my twin at birth. She was my soulmate. I have had short relationships but never married.

  9. Also, just before my daughter was born her father walked away and literally disappeared. Twenty years later he resurfaced (through my ‘excavation’) and he now sees her and helps her financially.

  10. Thanks Elsa. I now have progressed Venus conjunct my natal Venus opposite Pluto. I have Venus retrograde natally and now it has gone back to its original position. Am wondering about the effects …

  11. I have venus inconjunct pluto in my chart. Venus in 1st house but not laying across the asc/desc. I lost one love of my life through AIDs- he had it when I met him and I didn’t know it. I lost my fiance last year suddenly in a motorcycle accident when Pluto was square my venus, saturn opp my sun and uranus conjunct my venus. He had a mars uranus opp and a sun conjunct mars in his chart and sat, pluto and uranus were aspecting his sun and mars.

  12. Sorry to hear of your losses Lila. How painful for you. Mars/Uranus people are risk takers and like to live life in the fast lane, as you probably know. Venus is also in my first house opposite Pluto in my seventh. Fortunately I have some good aspects to Venus – trine Neptune and conjunct Jupiter and asc., but inconjunct Saturn.

    1. I think we have similar stories. I have my Venus in Taurus in my first house and Pluto in my 7th. I also have the Venus trine Neptune aspect. I lost my father right after I was born.

  13. have just discovered with software, that (slow moving) transiting Pluto has been going in/out of opposition to my natal Venus for a couple of years now!…during this time, my wife has left me and my finances+career have taken a nosedive. (only)2 more months in direct opposition. what an awful transit!

  14. My ex has venus opposite pluto and while we were together his ex before me took her own life. The ripple effect that followed was so tragic and devestating that things almost instantly fell apart for us after this.

    1. Wow, k, coincidentally, I know two male friends who have Pluto opposition to Venus in their charts and they both had a close female friend or lover commit suicide and both are haunted by that. One of the friends is a graceful and eloquent Aquarius who’s close female friend committed suicide and while it haunted him he still had long committed relationships with women (he moved to Seattle from Buffalo NY with the girlfriend he was partnered with for 7 years and she was so jealous and insecure he broke up with her and he’s been with his current girlfriend for 5 years- they were friends in Buffalo and she moved out here to be with him), a healthy self-love and self-respect (and respect for women without overstepping boundaries so it seems all women are attracted to him or feel comfortable with emotional intimacy, meaning he fits into a group of women talking about their feelings as if he’s a woman but at the same time provides a safe platonic connection and philosophical conversation everyone loves. People just love being around him and relax in his presence so it’s funny to see him sometimes because he attracts gorgeous creative women and he’s creative too, but the heart chakra connection between everyone is so deep and sincere. I love hearing his voice because it’s so crisp He annunciates so clearly, and the philosophical thoughts are profound and even though anyone can see the depth and sensitivity in his eyes he always holds himself (posture) in such a dignified manner, it’s like he would naturally be suited to wearing the robe and crown of a king, speaking lovingly to his court inside the walls of the castle, never objectifying people or women. He holds eye contact with people and everyone feels a connection with him but he’s unpretentious and introspective yet a true thinker and philosopher who enjoys engaging people. He’s just easy to care about and love as a person and has a softness yet also masculinity that he’s secure with so he’s just a very balanced and stable guy.

      The other male friend is an Aries who’s girlfriend committed suicide and he also is a guy that everyone loves to be around. He’s successful in his career and always makes everyone laugh. He’s the kind of guy who has an intense fiery energy, not really any soft feminine energy like my Aquarius friend. Yet there is this intensely profound way about his fiery energy. He’s like a conscientious flaming bonfire that is mindful of not burning anyone. I mean in groups of people he can be so funny yet deep, and a few young people loved being around him and he was always encouraging and sweet to them in a fatherly way that was gentle and kind, and they always seemed so grateful of any nuance he might have of emotional support without becoming emotional himself. It’s hard to explain. He seemed protective of people and yet never overwhelmed by anyone’s emotions or vulnerability and if someone ever felt awkward or insecure, he would never make someone feel disconnected and estranged as if he had something to prove to himself about his own masculinity or his own sense of knowing who he was or what he values. For about two years he was my neighbor and he only had groups of the same friends over all the time and then dated someone briefly who didn’t want a relationship and he was disappointed by that, but then the next woman he dated was the ONE and they started out seeming sweet and shy and lighthearted but they fell hard for each other and you can see it in the photos as the years went by. They got married and just had a baby this past year. When I saw the photos of their announcement that they were getting married I cried because they looked so in love and I never saw him so happy and it just moved me to tears to see them in such a healthy relationship. They are so perfect for each other. He’s very fiery and masculine yet has a stable solid authoritative fatherly demeanor everyone looks up to (I think everyone projects the alpha male ideologies onto him) and his wife is very soft and feminine. They balance one another in such a lovely way. You can see they’re completely opposite yet they appreciate one another for who they are, without wanting to change them or make the other more like themselves and over time you can see their faces glow in the photos. They look like fire and water, and there is a magical magnetic quality to the mystery in the dance between them. I can tell he respects and reveres her, and I feel like they will together for the rest of their lives in happiness.

  15. I have Venus in the 8th in Aries opposite Pluto in the 3rd in Libra, and have, as some others also have mentioned, always had a fear of the person not being there, or with me, like something might happen to him and he will just be gone. This causes me to ‘check up’ on people as soon as I start a relationship with them – why aren’t they responding to my texts or calls? Why aren’t they calling? I expect them to disappear from my life. And they do – because, I think, this makes me look clingy and a little nuts. I also have a Grand Trine with Venus trining Saturn trining Neptune, and the Venus-Pluto opposition forms a Kite. Does that add a positive aspect to the whole thing, or is it the opposition that is causing tension to an otherwise positive aspect?

  16. Oh wow, my ex has his asc conjunct venus at 12 degrees cancer, and I have my moon at 12 degrees cancer… when pluto rx opposed us, we broke up in a traumatic way. Very painful. So I know for him was devastating. But things happen for a reason.

  17. I will experience the Venus (natal) -Pluto (transiting) opposition at 21 degrees Cancer and in the 9th house in a few/several years from now. I already have read some about this aspect. This may be simple, but as for everyone self-love has been a roller coaster ride for me. I haven’t been in a long lasting love partnership for ten years now which I see as a refection of this inner struggle for self acceptance and learning how to communicate in a way such as to encourage staying power in my relationships. The absence of commitment and the presence of a man in my sexual connections with men has been something I’m also learning to grieve… to feel into the disappointment, to cry my tears so that I can move forward and leave “that” disconnect behind… and little by little to rebuild my relationships from the ground up. I see the coming opposition I’ll experience not necessarily as a death of a partner, but possibly as part of this process of learning how to create, “stay with” and protect my intimate connection. Basically, to show up for him and for myself in greater ways. Ironically, my mother suddenly lost her husband, my dad, when I began to feel and experience an unable to sustain commitment/intimacy.

  18. I have Venus opp Pluto. All my romantic relationships have ended abruplty or never really get off the ground. Even since I was in grade school. I am about to be 28 and never had a romance. Just a bunch of short lived fwb. I also have a twin and now im afraid of losing him. Im closest to him and mom my mom….those are my rocks Im terrified to lose them. Is there anything good about this placement?

    I just lost my cuz this past summer…abruptly

  19. You know what’s interesting, is this is for a female, yet my father has this aspect in his chart and left his wife one day saying he was going to the market , never to return. He would also leave home and just disappear for months at a time, also had a difficult childhood and losses….very interesting….

  20. Hi, read this with interest.
    I have a grand cross… Pluto in 4th (Cancer) opposite Venus in 10th (Aquarius) squared to Mars in 12th house (Taurus) and Saturn in my 6th house in Scorpio.
    My father died abruptly when I was 14 years old. My relationship with my mother was difficult, much pain, and I was very grief stricken for a number of years. I only came out of the impact of grief in my mid-thirties well 40. I worked hard on myself to pull myself out of this.
    I have not had a love relationship that has been ‘happy’ / good. I have been cheated on and I have learned to cut through that. I have accepted the blows and would rather be single than not in a healthy relationship .. I feel pretty balanced now ironically (grounded deep down) and would be able to have a good loving relationship I believe but not come accross someone for that…. so that’s the way it is.
    I have a sun and moon in the 11th house (Aries).
    Tough, sometimes lonely, miss affection and loving… and I am very affectionate by nature but … I have no close family alive now so… one has to adjust.
    To top it all now I am going through my second Saturn return (!) and to my dismay I am afraid, not looking forward to the fact that Saturn (transit) is going retrograde from today (I am in the UK) in my 6 house while Mars (my ruler) started going retrograde yesterday in my 5th house.
    Someone give me a break… I have navigated a pack of tough years… but I work with cancer patients and they remind me that I have to be grateful … as I am still standing.

  21. Fortunately, I have never lost anyone close to me through death. However, I have never had a long lasting relationship or friendship in my 18 years of living. I can never seem to make that connection with people. These relationships also end very abruptly. Mainly over petty things and arguments.. This could be because I am very young and children burn bridges over the smallest problem but I can’t seem to connect with family members either. It’s truly distressing. I feel like I have taken after my mother who doesn’t have Venus/Pluto but is very fond of burning bridges with those closest to her. I will have to do some soul searching to try and find the true source of my dilemma. In the mean time I hope that I will one day find a group of people I can connect to and who will be there for me and vice versa for a long time. 🙂

  22. Hi Elsa, I just came across your article. Interesting I have Venus 21 degrees and Mars 28 degrees in Aquarius and they both oppose Pluto in Leo in the 12th house. My Venus is in the sixth house and my Mars is placed in the 6 th conjunct the 7 th house Descendent opposing Pluto which is also conjunct my 29 degree Leo Ascendent. I have had many surgeries. I also had separation through family members. Two Scorpio Sisters and actually a Scorpio sister in law. I always run into jealous people even at this stage in my life. My husband is a Scorpio and we have had our ups and downs. Venus…issues with love, money and sex. I was told by an Astrologer this is my theme to work on in this life. My Mother has passed when I was 43 my Dad is still alive at the age of 89. I have 7 siblings. I have lost cousins that I was close to other than that I can’t say anything about Venus Opp Pluto except that my husband has a gambling addiction. I recently had someone I was once engaged to die. I have run into many abusive people during my lifetime and was sexually molested by a brother twice. I had a serious injury when I was 10 years old. A young girl was running and pushed me into a steel beam. I was in the hospital for a week. The accident pushed my top teeth back up into my jaw.

  23. If I remember good Stephen Arroyo, in his book mentioned this possibility around Venus Pluto in men chart. Because Venus represent his wife. I think it makes more sense if men has this aspect in his chart or Venus conjunct Pluto.

    How comes that this aspect in women chart predict dead of the spouse, should it be the another way around?

      1. Good point. It just occurred to me that Pluto has to do with transformation. I wonder if a Venus/Pluto person transforms, or is transformed by their partner. May pose this as a question for the boards as well.

  24. I have my Venus in Taurus conjunct my Ascendant (7 degrees Taurus). My Pluto is in Scorpio and it is conjunct my Descendant at 7 degrees as well. So I have a Venus Opposite Pluto. Two months ago I lost my father who I was very close to. Not sure if it applies to loved ones in general or just lovers/spouses. Although I was reading the interpretations of my symbolic degrees and one mentioned about a divorce/widowhood. Interesting…. Mostly scared.

  25. Hello there. I am sorry to hear about your friends husband. I thought Venus opposite Pluto meant that they were opposing each other? Could you please clarify this as I am just starting to teach myself astrology (I have found this article very interesting). I do have Venus opposite Pluto, I did have a traumatic event, where things changed over night. My ex finance became schizophrenic, disappeared and came back a different person.

  26. My husband has Venus conj Pluto natally, and now Venus is in transit approaching his natal Pluto (10th). I am “in danger, girl” I guess? LOL. What else. If you don’t hear from me…..

      1. Shall I be your crash test dummy? Nowm I am unlikely to off myself though my life is fifty shades of crap right now because my friends and I say “don’t kill your self, kill THEM,” eh? But…if I run for it or have a bad check-up, I will record it here. Most likely I will transform shortly into a person my husband won’t be able to cope with ( ie, myself, the me he deplores)!

  27. So what if Jackie had no natal Pluto/Venus aspect like that ? Maybe it came through another part of her astrology or maybe she did experience Venus opp Pluto during a solar return when JFK died. Or during a progressed aspect. I could look but so far haven’t yet.

  28. I have Venus oppose Pluto Natally. Venus on DSC, Pluto near ASC. Love at first sight in 2010. I lost him due to a conniving lying jealous woman spreading rumors about me. 5 years later, I still ache for “the one who got away.”

  29. My husband has Venus oppose Pluto Natally. Not on the Asc or Dsc.

    He also has Pluto almost exact (conjct) his moon (transit) right now.

    If all this is true I guess it wont be long until someone finds me dead!

    He has no relationship with his family at all but I have not known him to ever lose someone in a tragic way or even at all.

    So, guess I am dead man walking!!! If you notice me gone…well ….

  30. I have Venus (Cancer, 8th house) square Pluto (Libra, 11th house).
    Since early childhood I feared losing people I love (and I know how stupid it is to live in fear). My loved ones started dying early. My mom was the last to go, I was barely out of my teens.
    My husband has Mars (3rd) opposite Pluto (9th) and has had many potentially fatal accidents. Including drowning (Neptune in the 12th opposite Sun in the 6th).
    We have Venuses in conjuction and right now transiting Pluto is beginning an opposition with my Venus and will soon “touch” his…
    The bright side of this is that we have been feeling for a while that we need to change things, start a business together… I can only hope that we can use this energy for rebirth, new start of some kind.

  31. Hello, I have Pluto (rising) opp Venus (7th house). When I was a kid, one guy that was about to be my bf died. During my teenage years relationships have been very intense, guys always left me but somehow all of them wanted to keep contact with me until I dont want it anymore. Somehow I feel I dont deserve nothing stable with anyone, a real relationship and I always get infactuated or obsses with the “wrong” person. I have many Venus aspects like venus square to mars or venus sextile saturn and moon, also venus trine Neptune and Uranus. I do enjoy creating tragic love scenarios in my head… I havent live them and I hope not to.

    Thank you for the info!

  32. My Pluto is 7.38 degrees of Libra. My descendant is 28.53 degrees of Taurus. Saturn is in my 8th house-Cancer. My fiance’ was murdered in August of 2013. I am not a skilled enough astrologer to read my chart and see if there were any other warning signs.

  33. My father has Venus conj Pluto in the second. My mom died at 53yo. I got divorced when Pluto opposed my Venus in the 7th. Let’s just say burying the memory of my marriage has been very difficult. 7 years I still get angry or upset even writing this I feel it in my chest.

  34. A very good friend has Venus conjunct Pluto in Leo. Her husband suddenly decided after 25 years of marriage that he wanted to be a women. They are now divorced.

    Another very good friend has Venus in Aquarius opposition Pluto in Leo. She has been married to a Scorpio for 30+ years with no major issues.

    I had 3 other friends with Venus in Scorpio and they all seemed to have a habit of getting in very “heavy” relationships often with violence involved…..
    I stopped being friends with them because I was just sick of all the self-imposed drama!

  35. I remember when transit Pluto first opposed my natal Venus and squared my nodes… I walked out on my abusive ex and moved several states away without any warning. Even though it was necessary –it still felt like the death of a spouse.

  36. Does Pluto opp. Venus always have to mean a death? I was with my partner 7 wonderful years and and he is the only man I ever truly felt in love with. He is extremely independent, I think because he didn’t want to lose his freedom and yet we were together. It felt like we were made for each other and could feel each other’s thoughts sometimes. Until this year anyway. On almost the day his Uranus sq. Venus and during his Pluto opp. Venus transit, he very suddenly blew up at me blaming me for things I had nothing to do with, his taxes, etc. And now…total silence. He may as well be dead. I have been very depressed, had suicidal thoughts and cry easily. Thankfully, my friends at work have been a tremendous support.
    But I wonder, will it stop? Any of you who have had that transit, would he ever want to speak to me again and transform into a better way of relating? That’s what I thought Pluto did was make us wake up to ourselves and change for the better.

  37. When Pluto went into opposition with my moms Venus/Saturn my dad died suddenly from a heart attack. She has Venus sextile Pluto in her natal chart. He had Venus square Pluto in his. I have Venus square Pluto and have experienced painful separations.

  38. I have Venus in the 12th opposite Pluto in the 6th I have experienced this all my life with friends dying in traumatic ways. I am losing a friend a month lately . I have felt like the angel of death my whole life. Drug overdoses, car accidents involving alcohol, going into hospitals never coming out type of stuff. I have had 4 partners threaten to kill themselves but not go through with it. In my love relationships one of us usually leaves abruptly most of the time it being me because I can sense its about to be over! Thanks Elsa for the insight

  39. Venus square Pluto, and Pluto square the ascendant. Moon square
    Pluto, pluto sextile Neptune, Pluto conjunct jupiter and saturn (although idk if those apply)

    Yes, many lovers, always ending in dramatics!! And hell if I could just keep one, I wouldn’t have had so damn many!!?

  40. My Aries mother has Venus & Mercury in 1st house square Pluto in the 4th. Sadly, my Leo birth father died of suicide when I was 2-1/2 years old. She also has Sun in the 12th house square Pluto. The death of my father was a very hard blow to my mother and it colored the rest of our lives. But she remarried 4 years later to my Taurus stepfather and they have been together 50+ years, even though he’s going thru a health challenge now.

    I have Venus semisextile Pluto and I’ve been divorced for many years, but I don’t know if there’s any correlation with that.

  41. I looked at the 3 deaths that changed my life profoundly. I have an 8th house moon. Transiting venus was conjuncting my natal moon for both of my siblings deaths as well as the transiting moon conjuncting my natal sun (was my father’s Uranus in the 8th???). The third death is more austere, but the transiting moon was in the moon ruled 4th house and venus was inconjunct my natal moon.

    Anyway, that’s just a look at it. I don’t put a lot of stock in it. I’d go nuts living by a formula like that. Shit happens and sometimes it’s difficult. Very difficult.

    1. I have the Scorpio Moon in my 12th house today, so musing is kind of nice right now. Otherwise, yes, it probably would not be as interesting. Just saying.

  42. I do not have this aspect in my own chart. My cousin (she was born during the massive Aquarius stellium of Feb. 1962 which is a completely different topic but interesting nonetheless!) has Pluto (2nd house Virgo) opposite her Venus (8th house Pisces) and her husband did commit suicide. I can’t remember if she was 29 or 30 when that happened. I have venus square pluto in my own chart and I have not lost a spouse.

    1. Yes, Momof5, you can’t single out 1 aspect as Elsa says. You have to look at the other planets, too. I have Mars square Pluto and I’m not sure how that plays out in my life. Bruce Lee also had that aspect, but I never want to fight — I’m a Libra! However, my older brother used to fight with me when I was younger and a girl in jr high school got into a nasty fight with me (black eye, etc.), but I think it has to with the other aspects in my chart, too. I do defend myself and it has toughened me up, so it’s not all bad. 🙂

  43. Hi Elsa

    Look at this blog, so many sufferers. I am very familiar with this aspect, whew!
    I’m not going to go into details, but; from a very young age, I experienced this aspect. It shows up in the forms you mention,abandonment by death,its like clock work; 7 yrs, 14 yrs, serious stuff. This aspect goes beyond trauma, but you know what, it does make you stronger, or maybe I was just born this way.

  44. My ex-wife had venus opposed pluto and we had venus-pluto opposition in our composite. Six months after the death of her mother (and nine months after death of mine) she abruptly asked me to move out and then basically stopped communicating with me. (She also has Uranus conjunct ascendant oppose Moon in aquarius conjunt mars on the descendant.) It was brutal. (She had just started work as a hospice social worker.) Uranus in Aries conjunct both our suns at the time with pluto squaring — my sun conjunct nadir so Uranus on my nadir as well. So, lots of factors, but the brutality of the way she cut off communication made like she had died. So, I think this can take lots of forms and can be projected.

  45. Hello Elsa, Pluto (2. house Scorpio) opposition Venus (8. house) can be the death of a child. I have found this in two cases. Love, Micha

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    I have a 12th house Venus squaring Pluto in the 8th and Venus square Uranus in the 8th. I have read those are generally not good aspects for stable long-term relationships.

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