Weekly Forecast: December 11-15, 2023 – Sagittarius New Moon

Cookies and CreamMonday morning the Sagittarius Moon squares Pisces Saturn and goes on to quincunx retro Jupiter in Taurus. Scorpio Venus perfects its sextile to Capricorn Mercury midday. The pace of the mood is choppy, but that can work to your advantage if you take the opportunity to pause and make sense of things as you go.

There’s a lot you could miss under a Sadge Moon if you don’t stop and smell the roses. It’s in smelling the roses that you deepen your understanding of why roses matter.

The Sadge Moon conjoins Mars overnight and goes on to trine retro Chiron in Aries by morning. When we know better, we do better; so it’s off like a shot when we do!

Tuesday afternoon, the Sagittarius Moon conjoins the Sun, the new Moon. This new cycle of meaning and understanding takes place in applying square to direct Neptune in Pisces for a bit of fog and possible confusion. Not sure what to make of things? Don’t fret, this flavor lasts the week. Just consider it built in and part of the excitement and charm of the season. A little mystery is tantalizing and a rousing prompt for the imagination.

By mid-night, the Moon-Neptune square is exact… just after Mercury stations retrograde and Venus conjoins and passes over Pallas Athena. Keep your head in the game, your eyes on the prize, even as the game board takes a 90 degree turn. Just because perspective shifts doesn’t mean the goal is changed.

Wednesday the Moon moves to Capricorn and a sextile to Cap-ruler Saturn. It goes on to trine retro Jupiter and conjoin retro Mercury. Metered and under control, the mood keeps us up to speed with the world around us, moving us methodically to make sense of things. It’s possible to take this turn with grace and gravitas. Pay attention to the differences in perception.

Thursday’s Capricorn Moon sextiles Venus and squares retro Chiron, going on to trine retro Uranus and sextile Neptune. Just because we’re in new territory doesn’t mean we’re adrift. Anchor in early to what you’re after, your underlying wish for the day, and obstacles become learning opportunities. Expect to master them and you may (with hidden help). But also expect the unexpected.

All week long, Mars in Sadge trines retro Chiron in Aries (exact Friday). Our weakness has the ability to inspire our strength. There’s no special moment to monitor here as just going along, moving forward, and living life trains us up to fullfill the promise of this week’s new moon.

On Friday, the Cap Moon conjoins Pluto then heads into Aquarius on its way to square retro Jupiter in the afternoon. Self control, a deeply affecting mood, a darkly glittering intensity give way to spacing out as we actively dissociate. Luckily action is on intelligent cruise control, so our auto-pilot covers our collective butt. So yay! Party! I guess?

The new moon takes place at 20 Sagittarius on Tuesday afternoon/evening. Mercury stations retrograde ovenight Tuesday into Wednesday at 8 Capricorn. Where do these hit your chart?

7 thoughts on “Weekly Forecast: December 11-15, 2023 – Sagittarius New Moon”

  1. 2nd house for mercury retrograde. What does that mean?
    3rd house for the new moon… conjunct my natal Neptune. Any thoughts?

  2. This new moon hits my natal sun-moon-mars in the 11th. New friends, new social perspective, I guess?

    Mercury goes retro on my birthday, so it shows up in the solar return chart. I don’t like it but it is what it is, lol.

  3. I think there is a bug or something, Mercury is at 8 degrees Cap, not Sag, right?
    (the last bit of text).

    Waiting for a very important and possibly impactful message this week… Can’t help but think the final decision will not be until mercury goes direct….

  4. The new moon sits between my natal sun at 25 sag and saturn at 17 sag in the 3rd. And like everything transiting 20 to 26 degrees sun and moon move on to connect to my natal mars at 26 scorpio and my jupiter at 26 libra. Next week Monday is my birthday, with Mercury traveling backwards from Cap into Sag to conjunct my Sun twice again.

    It’s a special retro run I think, because my natal Merc is retro in Cap and progressed in very similar way back into Sadge to conjunct my Sun twice, just that this period lasted from my 16th to my 23rd birthday. It was a hell of an adventurous time of growth and learning!

    So I will be quite diligent to watch this time and am actually excited about the retro merc in my solar return.

  5. It is happening right on my natal north node at 20 degrees sag in the first house…I feel the arrow pulled back just waiting for the archer to let it go ……

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