Weekly Forecast: June 3-7, 2024 – Gemini Mercury, Gemini New Moon

nemSuper early, pre-dawn Monday, Mercury makes its move out of Taurus and into its own rule in Gemini. It joins Jupiter, Venus, and the Sun in the sign. Mercury heads into conjunction with Jupiter and actively trines Pluto in airy Aquarius (both exact overnight).

There is much to be made of Monday’s mental gymnastics as well as its powerful plethora of communications and insights. Just keep in mind that we’ve got plenty of options and the time to mull them over, as quick (or bombastic) mouths are also likely to sway us in one direction or another. Keep your senses nimble and your picker on a safety switch.

When you’re presented with two options… are you aware that neither is also an option? Or extend yourself the grace of education, and take things apart for complete understanding before you build a case for the fully realized deal. Definitely Google it. Honestly? It’s probably as good (or bad) as you think it is, but you’ll benefit from having the bigger picture.

The Venus-ruled Taurus Moon trines Mercury-ruled Virgo Juno on Monday. Titillating news brings back a burst of passion, and all possible impressions are met with a mood for tasty and tangible options. Are they jealous of you? Yes, they are. That doesn’t mean you both can’t get along and prosper.

Venus continues to move in conjunction with the Sun all week, but it’s exact on Tuesday morning. The current mode of desire is doubly hyped and actively courting options for one or more paths to specific, coveted outcomes. People telling you what you want to hear is particularly powerful on Monday. Make sure those words are backed by more than a declaration or a bribe. Maybe get it in writing.

Tuesday’s Taurus Moon sextiles Saturn, conjoins Uranus, then sextiles Neptune overnight. Take your time; while possible quality deals abound, keeping your own heart on ice for a bit (as far as they know) may tip their hand… and you’ll read every card.

Wednesday morning, the Moon joins the Gemini train: Moon-Jupiter-Mercury-Sun-Venus. It trines Pluto then conjoins Jupiter and Mercury… under a dark moon. Have you considered enjoying the ride? It’s a boundless mood of merriment, particularly if you don’t put yourself under any pressure to choose or perform. Mars at the end of Aries favors straightforward action: fill what’s empty, empty what’s full, scratch where it itches (attributed to Alice Roosevelt Longworth). More information and understanding builds your theoretical arsenal, and open agendas avoid the trap of boredom.

And then there’s Thursday… the Gemini Moon conjoins the Sun and Venus for the Gemini New Moon, then heads immediately into a square with Saturn.

“What does a yellow light mean?”
“Slow down.”
“Whaaaaat… dooooooes… a… yellow… light… meaaaan?”

Make sure you take the time to understand the deal, to fully address any barriers that pop up. Better to take it slow and steady and observe correct navigation markers than blow through the barricades and crash the train.

Overnight, the Gemini Moon sextiles Mars and squares Neptune (exact Friday morning). It’s like taking that slow but steady train through curves, up and down some hills. You’ve still got to give it gas and have faith that you’ll track around the (blind) corners. We’re into the new moon fresh start a bit by Friday, and both Venus and the Sun move in square to Saturn as well. What’s meant for you will find you; just be sure to exercise good judgement and high-minded practices.

I think I can, I think I can…

Later in the morning, the Moon moves to its own rule in Cancer – cardinal and watery. It then quincunxes Pluto and moves unhindered through the evening and night. Cancer mood energy is having none of this prolonged drama stuff. Put the troubles to bed and come cuddle… or don’t. Cancer mood will have a good time cuddling and cocooning either way. You can decide which side of that door you’re on, but don’t wait too long.

The new moon takes place at 16 degrees Gemini Thursday morning. Where does it hit your chart? Consider also Saturn’s transit in your chart: Where are you having blockage, and what are your plans (so far) to address it?

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